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Introduction – The Creed RTA By Geekvape

The Geekvape Creed RTA is from a brand that, over the past 3 or 4 years, has become one of the most respected household names in vaping, with sleek, innovative and utterly stylish devices, one thing this brand almost always delivers is Cloud. Oh wait, there’s a second thing too…flavour!

Now, Geekvape has delivered some of this and last years most popular, can’t-put-down gear. The Aegis and Aegis Mini Kits, the Nova Kit and, amongst some of the best RTAs around, the incredible Ammit and Zeus Dual tanks.

Now, this week’s item for review is set to in the ranks of these RTA superstars…it’s the Creed RTA, it’s big, it’s slick, it’s bad ass and it has an innovative deck cap array for changing the inner airflow dynamics of the tank.

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What’s In The Box

  • Geekvape Creed RTA
  • Spare glass
  • Spare parts
  • Allen key
  • 510 drip tip
  • 810 drip tip
  • User manual
  • Airflow chambergeekvape creed rta main contents


  • Size:50x25mm
  • Capacity: 4.5ml (spare glass), 6.5ml (Bubble glass)
  • 3 way interchangeable airflow system
  • Easy to build deck for single or dual coils
  • Top fill

Build Quality and Design

I’m not gonna lie, I find the Geekvape Creed RTA to be particularly sexy and if it was a boy, I would make out with it immediately and while sober. I’ve been wondering when I would get some good use out of my massive, old, iJoy Maxo Zenith mod, which is a beast but too bulky for most tanks.geekvape creed rta main mod

I was delighted to find that the blasted silver grey finish of my CREED tank compliments the brushed stainless of the Zenith and the two look absolutely pristine together. Every time I take that set up out of my bag, people nearby gasp and say WTF!!!


The base of this utterly large RTA has a neat, gold plated, removable 510 connection at the bottom.

Starting at the base we have a 6mm wide airflow ring, the whole of which tapers delicately out to follow the smooth and slight bulge of the tank (which becomes a massive bulge if you have the bubble glass on).geekvape creed rta main exploded

The ring moves incredibly smoothly, not a single catch, has 6 fine vertical grooves in it by way of knurling and has two 1cm long airflow slots which provide a smooth AF and highly adjustable DL airflow.

Through the massive, 6.5 ml bubble glass extension which comes installed on the tank, a one piece, sandblast finish, neat chimney and deck chamber cover can be seen, with CREED printed on it in big mean looking print.

Top Cap

Every bit of space has been used here for that juice tank, with a top cap that consists of an Uber-thin base and an upward sloping, really top class looking, cog-notched unscrewable top cover.

The stylish looking top cap has perfectly machined recess for fitting your perfect, stainless steel ring based, orange ultem, 810 drip tip.geekvape creed rta airflow caps

The recess has an o-ring embedded in so that the drip tip won’t require one. Its excellently made and fitting and removing is not too hard and not too easy, just right!

Breaking down the tank is easy, thanks to perfect machining and well decent o-rings, but the top cap has trouble coming away from the bubbles glass, due to the o-ring getting stuck so you have to stick your finger in the chimney and push it from that side.


Once you’ve revealed the deck, you’ll find a really thoughtfully designed, dual post system for two coils, with two well threaded, beefy screws at the post tops so you can unscrew from the top.

There is a silicon stopper included in case you want to use this deck with one coil instead.

What makes me say the deck is thoughtfully designed is the way the posts have been cut away at the bottom on either side. It creates room for you to run a full and fluffy wick down through the holes in the raised base, so that they get to soak up that yummy juice from the bottom.geekvape creed rta main hand

Two huge airflow holes sit directly under the placement for each coil and the three included internal deck caps each feature a different perforation system so that your airflow dynamic will be altered inside the deck chamber.

Interchangeable Airflow Caps

The caps are snug and will require you to cut down on your wraps if your using heavy coiling wire.

Once fitted, cover one restricts the airflow, pulling it up and through the coils.

Cover two has 8 holes in either side and what it does is divert the airflow so that instead of hitting the coils from below and over, it comes out the opening at the bottom of the cover and back in through the holes at the side, maximising flavour.

Cover three does the same thing but this time with a series of vertical slits which give a different feel to the airflow, making it more restricted than the coverless deck but also more flavoursome.

These airflow caps are a very, very nice touch.geekvape creed rta main deck

All in all, this RTA looks the absolute business, slick as f*** on larger mods and…since I dropped my mod and broke the bubble glass getting out of a car, I’ve found the tube glass to look particularly fly. Besides, the bubble glass was just massive and good juice, as you know, is scarce.


Well, Geekvape has spared no expense on accessories here, with an extra, 510 delrin tip, plus a disposable plastic one for when weirdos wanna suck on your things, these funky airflow caps, all your spares and a pair of decent looking fused claptons.

How Does The Geekvape Creed RTA Perform?

Well, that’s easy, it performs like the best damn RTA you ever vaped in your life.

Now, provided you lay those coils well, without shorting on the deck covers and your wick is full but not too full, you’re in for one of the smoothest, most powerful, most utterly flavourlicious RTA vapes you could ever hope to have.

geekvape creed rta main hand 2I find the airflow covers to be particularly effective, especially if you like a rich, warm, flavourful vape and you like to play around with unique airflow feels, as each one effects that ‘feel’ and flavour in its own way.

The drip tip is comfortable and the heat distribution such that the top stays cool as ice, even when you’re firing at 100W or, as my Zenith is voltage only, at 6-7 insanely hot volts, just to frighten passers by.

It’s just one of those wonderful situations where you’re searching for a single, tiny flaw like a leak or a splutter to bitch about but the beastie just impresses the hell out of you 24/7.

This is a killer RTA, with unparalleled flavour and vapour production and a level of airflow diversity that will actually delight you.

How To Fill

  • Unscrew the top cap
  • Fill through one of the ample fill portsgeekvape creed rta main fill

Ease of build

While the post configuration, terminal port sizes and massive screw heads make this deck an ease to install two nice fat coils in, the problem comes in if you intend to try out the little airflow caps as they fit, just, just around the deck.

I’m not complaining but fitting the included coils to sit right with my big wick…I wiggled those coils around so much that eventually I just decided roll my own fused captions, four wraps on a low setting so that I could space them slightly and still sit well within the cover perimeter.

Laying the wick was a treat and, after letting that baby soak for the first time I was simply blown away by the smoothness, the flavour and the vapour production.geekvape creed rta main build


  • Beautiful solid machining and design
  • A variety of effective airflow options
  • Massive tank capacity
  • Accommodating wicking system
  • Supernatural airflow
  • Absolutely over the top vapour production
  • Absolutely over the top Flavour production


  • The airflow caps sit tight and can make fitting a high wrapped coil very tricky

Final Review Verdict

No question, the Geekvape Creed is the best RTA I’ve seen from this brand or any other.

It’s big, its smooth, it chucks cloud and it offers you a wide array of really effective airflow options.

It’s sexy, it’s sleek, it has a cool name and any vape experienced enough to position their coils patiently will be very, very glad that they bought the Geekvape Creed RTA.

I’m currently vaping 0.12 ohms of Clapton at 4.2 volts and have to wait for the cumulonimbus vapours to clear before I can reach my keyboard again…go and buy one, it delivers.


Would I buy the Geekvape Creed RTA if I lost/broke the device? Absolutely

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Would I Replace If Lost?
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  1. Hello I have had one of these for a while But stoped using it as I was getting a very bad burnt taste after going through a full tank of liquid but my wicks was sacherated with liquid as I filled it back up before it got the lower limet I read that it was possibly the coils so I swapped them and same thing any suggestions?

    • hi there, Whaam! Thanks for reaching out and the answer is, no, it’s not a necessity and it should be 100% safe to vape without one of the three caps installed!


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