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I was stoked when I heard the Geekvape Loop RDA was headed my way. Geekvape is a cool as ice vaping brand that’s known for their top-notch machining and truly innovative designs, so hearing about the Loop RDA, with its all-new W shaped build deck and unique centralized ‘surround’ airflow ring… I was counting the days until this package arrived!

With designs like the Blitzen RTA, the massively successful Zeus RTA, the indestructible Aegis mod and the beloved Ammit series which has now had a delicious looking MTL version added to it, one can only surmise that with the Loop, we’re in for a vaping experience with a difference.

What Can We Expect From The Loop RDA by Geek Vape

The Loop RDA is a squonk compatible RDA with a 24mm diameter and 5mm deep juice well. The W shaped deck has been designed for ease of build (more on that later) and the top cap and barrel are built in one piece.

Well…let’s see what gives with this loopy looking W shaped build deck, shall we?

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Loop RDA
  • 1 x Ultem 810 Driptip
  • 1 x Bag of spare o-rings, 510 adaptor, screws and gold plated squonk pin
  • 1 x triple driver
  • Warranty card and user manualgeekvape loop rda box


  • 24 mm diameter x 34 mm height (with 810 drip tip)
  • Unique single or dual coil, W shaped build deck
  • Raised build deck with massive 5mm deep juice well below
  • Surround airflow design to enhance flavour and minimize leakage
  • Allows direct mouthpiece dripping with no leakage
  • One piece top cap and barrel
  • Available in SS, gold, gunmetal and blackgeekvape loop rda contents

Build Quality & Design

My initial words, on viewing the Loop RDA through its plastic Geekvape display box was…” that is one fine looking RDA.”

These sentiments, on extracting it from the packaging and dismantling, pocking and twisting its every extent, to see what the fuss was all about, just became more and more positive.

This RDA is built for dripping pleasure. By pleasure, I mean ease of build, ease of use, maximization of both flavour and cloud.geekvape loop rda exploded view

Looking at the Geekvape Loop with its cap on, you’ll see a sleek and seriously sophisticated looking 24mm wide RDA, with an all-in-one, shiny SS top cap and barrel, that’s 26 mm high without the drip tip and has an airflow ring that’s 6mm thick in a contrasting, sandblasted finish half way up said barrel.

The airflow ring moves on its own, easily, with 3 massive 7mm long, 3mm high holes …2 for dual coil builds and one for single builds.

The Loop logo sits between the dual coil airflow slots with the single coil slot opposite it on the ring. This is already looking like something that should have been done long ago. I LIKE that free moving airflow ring!

The top of the top cap tapers in for 2.5 mm to where the quality, clear orange, removable ultem driptip is fitted (I have the stainless steel version, other colours have different colour drip tips).Geekvape Loop RDA review

There is no visible base with the barrel/cap on…which gives this RDA an immaculate and extremely attractive aesthetic.

The cap slips off with ease, thanks to great machining and two perfect, large o-rings on the base…which I can now see is thick, 7mm thick to be exact.

5mm Of that thickness is juice-well (whaaaaat?!) which sits, taking up all that space, below an up-raised W shaped, SS deck which looks neat, tidy and absolutely flawless.geekvape loop rda deck

The terminal ports sit on the inner inclines of the W, with two terminals on either side the central, upside down V. Each terminal is closed off with a flat grub screw, two visible when you ‘read’ the W from either side.

The airflow posts sit on either side the outer legs of the W, so that the flow ports slant down at the bottom of your coils when they are fitted. So air will flow under the coils and up the other side of each coil, maximizing flavour. It looks…well, perfect.

The inside of the cap is beautifully domed, to make that airflow function even better.

The reason this RDA can afford to have its top cap and barrel in one, is that you needn’t remove the ‘barrel’ to drip here, you do it right through your drip tip and the juice hits that central point of the W and flows down to soak your coils and fill that massive and spectacular juice well.

It’s miraculous and I have no idea why we haven’t seen this design before.geekvape loop rda airflow


No coils or cotton were provided, which is a pity for beginners…and this RDA will suit beginners as well as experienced vapers. Otherwise, nice that there’s a 510 and adaptor, all necessary spares and a good looking squonk pin included.

How Does The Geekvape Loop RDA Perform?

Not only is building on this device an absolute breeze, even with then beefiest coils, but it does all that it’s advertised to do.

Flavour is exceptional, the airflow ring is easy to adjust, there is no spit-back and she vapes as smooth as Cindy Crawford’s bottom looked back in the 80’s.

I relish the fact that I can drip about 5 mls of e-liquid through my drip tip and experience no leaking through the airflow slots whatsoever and I really do appreciate the fact that I don’t have to drip nearly as often with this remarkably massive juice well.

Moving parts have been minimized here and the concept of an RDA, streamlined and, in my opinion, almost perfected.


The airflow is phenomenal, maximizing cloud and flavour to the utmost. It feels slightly restricted when fully open, with beefy big coils fitted. I did indeed fit some beefy ass interlocked Claptons and had no trouble with space whatsoever.loop RDA airflow

Smaller coils and it feels open as can be. Close the airflow slightly for the most beautiful restricted hits.

All the issues you might have with an RDA…like a too small juice well, a difficult top cap that stops you from being able to adjust the airflow smoothly, a deck that’s either great for beginners or advanced users but not for both: all these issues are ironed out here in an RDA design that is truly exquisite.

Squonking on the Loop RDA is a dream come true. You need to squeeze about 3 ‘normal’ times on your squonk bottle to actually fill this juicewell, it simply couldn’t be better.

Full freaking marks, all the way, no questions asked.

If anyone has experienced any kind of CON with this RDA, I urge them to comment…for me, it is utter perfection.

How To Fill

Simply drip through the drip tip, no mess, no fuss.

geekvape loop rda dripEase of build

The four flat head grub screws on the deck are deeply threaded, big and very accessible.

The two Vs of the W deck leave no question about the placement of your coils and straightening coils is easy to do…with no tricky placement of posts or the like.geekvape loop rda build

This deck can see a dual coil build done in less than a minute so it qualifies as a suitable deck for beginners, in my book!

geekvape loop rda pulseWicking is simple and the deep well means you can thread a lengthy wick and enjoy constant flavour without the need to drip excessively.geekvape loop rda wickThe placement of the screws, which close from the side, means that flat or fancy wires that aren’t perfectly round might get twisted when you tighten so it is important to be gentle on that front. You can tell from my pics that my interlocked Claptons got a little twisty…it didn’t bother me, however, since I still managed to clock out at 0.1 Ohm!

You also have to clip your wires beforehand, so building on this deck has a similar feel to building on a postless deck…only the wicking potential and juice well make it that much more effective for dripping and squonking.


  • Sleek attractive aesthetic
  • All in one design for easy dripping
  • Superior airflow for extreme flavour and cloud
  • Innovative and extremely effective, accomodating build deck for single and dual coils
  • Absolutely no leaking
  • Massive, 5mm deep juice well


  • Not a F*&!

Final Review Verdict

Every little issue that might irritate you about an RDA has been addressed here. Building on the  Geekvape Loop is easy, the W shaped deck accommodating and effective for dripping through the drip tip.

Airflow layout is phenomenal, hitting the coil at the lower side and rushing around the bottom to fill your lungs with delicious flavour and endless cloud. The surround airflow ring is a revelation and works smoothly and effectively.

There is no spit back, there’s a juice well the size of a freaking juice TANK and the thing is as beautiful as beautiful can be. The Loop RDA, is RDA perfection and I highly recommend it for both beginners and experienced drippers and squonkers. What a winner!


Would I buy the Geekvape Loop RDA if I lost/broke the device? Oh hell, yes…ten times over!

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Build Quality
Ease of Build
Likelihood I'd buy Again If Lost
Greetings Vapers! I’m a 34 year old writer, editor and massive vaping enthusiast (since 2015) based in the beautiful Helderberg region in South Africa. My passion for vaping has steadily grown since I started vaping in earnest (as has my scorn for smoking). See, I tried vaping years before that but returned to cancer sticks after a bad experience (PG sensitivity). When I finally got back on the vaping train I decided to make it my business to educate beginners and vapers in general, so that they don’t jump to the conclusions that I did. I visualise a world without cigarettes…not just for health reasons: I’m tired of picking thousands of cigarette butts up off my lawn every morning, tossed over the wall by passers by. I can’t believe I used to be one of those people!


  1. I just got mine last night and I guess I’m doing something wrong. I get spit back every time I hit it. So far I’m not too happy with it.

    • Sorry to hear that, Scott but I’s recommend first cancelling out the other possible reasons for spit back first, especially since I didn’t experience this problem at all on the Loop v1.5 : 1: Check the juice VG content is 80% and up 2: If firing at 80 W and up, your juice may be thinning out and causing spit back 3: If using an unusual alien wire or other fancy coils, you may experience spit back, I find I get less spit back with, say, a fused Clapton than a birds nest build, for example 4: Try changing your cotton brand. All the best and let us know how it goes!


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