The Geekvape Loop 1.5 RDA is from one of the brands who’s new releases I look forward to with the most anticipation.

Innovative, slick and thoroughly top notch, this Shenzhen vape brand has impressed me enough times to be classed amongst my favourites.
geekvape loop v1.5 rda main
Recent releases include the Geekvape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank, the Nova Kit, which I use on a regular basis and, of course, the all new Flint Kit. This review covers the second version of a Geekvape rebuildable classic, the Loop RDA…named V1.5.

What Can We Expect From The Loop V 1.5 RDA by Geekvape

I believe the new version is labelled 1.5 because the changes to the original are what might be called superficial…although I learned, during the course of the review period, that the ‘superficial’ changes actually have a marked effect on airflow and flavour.

Read on to discover the ins and outs of what is, for me, the best RDA of the year.

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What’s In The Box

  • Geekvape Loop V1.5 RDA
  • BF 510 squonk pin
  • Triangle wrench
  • 510 drip tip adaptor
  • User manual
  • Allen key
  • Hex wrench
  • 820 drip tipgeekvape loop v1.5 rda open


Geekvape Loop V1.5 RDA Specs

  • Size: 24x34mm
  • BF squonk pin and standard 510 pin included
  • Adjustable side to bottom airflow
  • Top cap location locking
  • W shape build deck
  • Multiple airflow holes in deckgeekvape loop v1.5 rda contents

Build Quality & Design

On opening up the standard, neat, black and red packaging, I was delighted to uncover the absolutely f***ing gorgeous Geekvape V1.5 Loop RDA. Damn straight, this is now the sexiest RDA in my collection.geekvape loop v1.5 rda top

I received the SS version but there’s nothing plain about the finish on this SS RDA, since all but the trademark airflow LOOP features beautiful , intricate, leaf like markings…almost like a collage of leaves with tiny veins on them, take a look at the pics to catch my drift.

At first I thought these were etched on but the surface is smooth to the touch, so this has been done with some sort of patina, I am guessing. All I know is that the effect is absolutely stunning.

Starting at the bottom, we have a gold plated 510 pin which is interchangeable with the included squonk pin, for all those squeeze enthusiasts out there…myself included.

The design is slightly shorter than the original loop particularly at the top, where the cap slants to the drip tip…the slant is less steep and the included Ultem drip tips are both shorter than the SS based ultimo drip tip from the original.

The 24 x 26 mm barrel is slick and simple, except for the beautiful decorative detailing, as well as that centralised, independently moving airflow LOOP, which, on V1.5, its 1 mm thicker.

That extra mm accommodates the updated airflow system, which now has ‘sieve’ like airflow slots cut into it, 2 sets of 7 slots, cut in a diamond design, with one extra set for single coil builds.geekvape loop v1.5 rda deck

The sieve design will improve flavour and also minimise the leakage which the large, original loop slot may have had.

The idea of the independently moving loop, as opposed to the usual, movable topical design of your average RDA, is that your top cap or barrel will stay in place so that your airflow shoots (there are ‘fixed’ slots cut out of the barrel, which sit below the movable ring or loop) is always in the right position, next to your coils.

Those who use RDA’s regularly know well the inconvenience of the moving barrel, which you often need to re one and replace, just to ensure that that airflow is aligned with your coils.

There airflow design of the LOOP V1.5 is absolutely immaculate, in my opinion…and that’s not just on the surface, I found out when I removed the barrel to reveal the gorgeous deck.

V1.5 also features the innovative and easy to use W shaped build deck we saw in V1, suitable for single or double coil,coil, slight or super beefy builds…with the addition of sieve like airflow holes which channel flow from the barrel to just below and to the side of the coils.

This design, once again, over the big cut out hole design, will further eliminate leakage and smooth out that airflow.

There are now drainage holes beneath the coils, so excess juice goes straight into the well, another effort to eliminate leakage and spitback.

Four well threaded screws sit either side that deck and below the W is a hidden juice well, into which an ample wick can be run.

This deck, with the floating W and decent well depth, will also be perfect for squonking!


Extra screws, a squonk pin, a spare 810 Ultem drip tip and all necessary tools and extra o-rings have been included.

How Does The Geekvape Loop V1.5 RDA Perform?

I was impressed with Geekvape’s first version of this RDA and I’m even more impressed with this one.

I quite simply cannot fault this RDA, from absolute ease of build to beautiful aesthetic and best of all, the smoothest, most flavourful vape you could ever ask for from an RDA: I’ve had a hard time putting V1.5 down, to be quite honest.

geekvape loop v1.5 rda buildThe all-in-one barrel/top cap is domed within and, despite its being slightly shorter than the original, actually allows for good circulation space above the coils, which makes for a smooth vape, with no spit back.

Perfect machining on all parts and on the airflow LOOP mean that removal of the top cap and airflow adjustments are hassle free.

Updates to the airflow system and internal drainage off the deck effectively eliminate leakage…especially since the sieve/multiple slit design on the outer loop doesn’t really allow thick VG juice through, no matter how much you over drip.

It’s a simple design which, for some reason, no one else has thought of, it’s slick A.F., effective and vapes like an absolute dream.

Ease of build

All screws are easily accessible and well threaded, terminal ports are huge and don’t bend your leads, wicking is also easy as can be.


  • Sexy like an early 1990’s supermodel
  • Easy breakdown and adjustment, thanks to great machining
  • Zero spit back or leakage
  • Easy build, for even the beefiest coils
  • Updated airflow system puts both flavour and vapour production through the roof
  • Squonks like a trooper


  • Absolutely no cons

Final Review Verdict

I’m someone who fancies convenience so often, as much as I love the flavour of a dripper, I tend not to use one all the time…as they do require slightly more effort than your normal sub-ohm tank.

That said, I’ve been having difficulty putting this dripper down. Damn…the Geekvape Loop V1.5 is a slick fun-bucket that’ll be a breeze for even the noobiest RDA noobs. This innovative and easy to use RDA is a smooth vaping beast and comes highly recommended!


Would I buy the Geekvape Loop V1.5 if I lost/broke the device? Dude, I would buy the other colours even without losing this one.

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Build Quality
Ease of Build
Would I Replace It If Lost?
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  1. Great review!!
    This is my fave rda as well. I own 2 of the original Loops and now the 1.5. I have MANY tanks and this is my fave by far (beats out my Goon, Cosmonaut, and DotMods, and many others). It is easy to build on and most def great flavor. I do like the Bonza (my second fave) but this is my number one!!Made me happy that someone likes it as much as I do!


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