The Peerless Special Edition RDA by Geekvape

Today we are looking at the Geekvape Peerless Special Edition RDA. It sports a few changes to the original Peerless RDA to offer a more aesthetically pleasing vaping experience.Peerless-Boxed

Geekvape are a company based in china well known for their affordable vaping devices, atomisers and accessories. They have previously released products such as the Ammit RTA, and the Medusa Reborn RDTA and the Karma Mech Kit.

The Peerless Limited Edition RDA is available in four different “luxury colours” which include stainless steel, gold, silver and black. Today we will be looking at the silver version.

Peerless-FullAs always my opinions are honest and my own.

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What’s In The Box

  • Peerless Special Edition RDA
  • Ultem Wide Bore Drip Tip (810 / Goon size)
  • Delrin Wide Bore Drip Tip (810 / Goon size)
  • BF / Squonk pin (Standard 510 installed)
  • Bag Of Spare Parts & Allen Key
  • Instruction Manual


  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Unique 2 Post system suitable for both large and small coils
  • Large Juice well
  • Adjustable side air holes for dual coil and single coil builds
  • Squonk compatible with the supplied squonk pin
  • 810 / Goon size drip tip system
  • PEEK Insulator

Build Quality & Design

We’ll start from the top and make our way down the RDA…


The Drip Tips:

At the top of the Peerless Limited Edition RDA you have the choice of two wide bore drip tips which are made of Delrin and Ultem. They are both 810/Goon sized and are held in place with an o-ring inside the top cap. Peerless-Driptip-1Peerless-Driptip-2

I much prefer the black Delrin drip tip on this model, the Ultem one looks out of place in my personal opinion. Maybe a matching silver drip tip would have been a better option?

The Inner Airflow Control Barrel:

Below that is the inner airflow control barrel and top cap. This is made from 304 Stainless Steel and is held into the outer airflow barrel with a single o-ring, far too tightly in my opinion, even after lubricating with e-liquid and a few weeks of use I am still finding the airflow extremely hard to adjust without removing the inner barrel from the outer barrel.

The adjustable airflow comes in the form of three diagonal slots cut into the inner barrel which close down the airflow on the outer barrel. The two slots opposite each other are for dual coil builds and the single one is for single coil builds.

Peerless-Airflow-1As said above, the inner barrel is extremely hard to adjust. There isn’t any knurling on the top cap to aid grip and the o-rings are far too tight.

As well as this, the inner barrel is difficult to separate from the outer barrel without using something to push it through from the inside.

The Outer Barrel:

The outer barrel of the Peerless Special Edition RDA is extremely simple. Again, it is made from 304 Stainless Steel.Peerless-Airflow

It has two lots of 9 diagonal holes on either side of the barrel, along with “Peerless” engraved into the centre. I think this sets the RDA off nicely.

The RDA Deck:

Well… Where do I start? This deck is a thing of absolute beauty!


You’re met with two stepped posts and four beautiful blue heat treated titanium hex screws, along with one of the deepest juice wells I have ever seen!

Each post has two sets of holes milled into it, the lower holes are elongated to accommodate wider and more complex coils if that is what you’re into, whereas the top hole is made for your smaller, simpler coils.Peerless-Build-1

If you are using the top set for the simple coils, I would recommend allowing a bit longer leg length, so that you can lower the coil closer to the deck. I also find these top holes a lot easier to build on compared to the bottom set.Peerless-Build-4

But getting back to the juice well… Blimey it’s deep! I would say somewhere between 9 and 10mm deep. It also has a channel running under the posts so that any e-liquid in the bottom can move around freely between the two wells.

This works extremely well when squonking, especially if you are prone to over squonking like myself.Peerless-Deck-2

At the base of the RDA deck are two o-rings which prevent leakage and secures the RDA base onto the outer airflow barrel. Underneath you have the usual Geek Vape markings along with your 510 pin which protrudes a nice amount.Peerless-Base-1

This 510 pin can also be replaced with a hollow pin to allow this RDA to be used with squonking devices.Peerless-Base-2

How Does the Peerless Special Edition RDA Perform?

On this RDA, I have been using a pair of pre-made alien Claptons made by Diamond Mist They have come out to 0.13Ω on the Coil Master 521 Mini Tab.

Ease Of Build On The Peerless Special Edition RDA

It’s not too hard to build on. The longer post holes at the bottom are slightly more difficult than the top holes because sometimes the coil legs pop out the slots. But when you get them in there, they are fine.Peerless-Build-2

Overall, I would say that the lower post design is a bit over complicated. I would have much preferred a velocity style post design on this RDA.

In the future I will be mostly using the top set of holes for my builds, as it is a lot simpler to use and you have no chance of the coil legs popping out whilst clamping them down.Peerless-Build-3

Flavour & Clouds

The flavour on this is pretty acceptable with the airflow closed down to about half. Anything higher than that, and it starts getting too airy.

With the larger, more complex coils, I was vaping around 70-80w with no problems whatsoever. This RDA could definitely handle bigger builds and higher wattages.

Every so often, I get a faint, metallic taste when I’m vaping. The RDA has been cleaned out multiple times and different combinations of coils, cotton and e-liquid have been used, but it hasn’t left. So I’m not quite sure what was causing this…

As for the clouds, you can get some HUGE clouds with this RDA. Wack a big coil build in there, some high VG e-liquid and crank the airflow fully open! as said above, this can handle high wattages with the airflow fully open, and in turn you will get some huge clouds!

The Peerless Special Edition RDA On Various Devices

Geekvape Aegis:Peerless-On-Aegis

Joyetech Ocular C:Peerless-On-Ocular

Lost Vape Drone BF:Peerless-On-Drone

See The Geekvape Peerless Special Edition RDA In Action With My Video Review

What I Like

The looks. It just looks beautiful!

The depth of the juice wells. Most probably the deepest juice wells I have ever seen on and RDA, and they function extremely well, especially with that channel under the posts to allow the e-liquid to move around.

The top post holes. These offer a better clamp on your coils compared to the lower set. As said above, I will be using these holes for the majority of my builds in the future.

What I Dislike

The airflow control is a major bug bare of mine. Extremely stiff and nothing to grip onto to adjust it.

The deck. Slightly over complicated in my opinion. A velocity style would suit me better.

Final Review Verdict

The Geekvape Peerless Special Edition RDA is a beautiful looking dripper, but it is not one that I will be keeping in regular circulation. It scratches too easily, the post holes aren’t to my liking and the airflow is just a ballache to adjust.


  • Great looks
  • Good flavour & clouds
  • Single & dual coil options
  • Deep juice wells
  • Squonk pin included


  • Sticky airflow
  • Prone to scratches
  • Bottom post holes slightly awkward to build on
Build Quality
Ease of Build
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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