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Geekvape Launched The New Q Series at the VAPEXPO LYON 2023, Equipped with the Breakthrough Technology Solution “VPU”.geekvape-q-launch

At the VAPEXPO LYON 2023 expo in France in April 2023, the world’s most innovative vaping technology company, Geekvape, made the official debut of their latest cartridge platform, the Geekvape Q Cartridge and features a ground-breaking technological solution: VPU.vpu-tech

VPU, which stands for “Vaping Processing Unit,” is a brand-new vaping technology solution that was just introduced by Geekvape in order to provide customers with a complete vaping solution.

Geekvape has created the cleanest, smoothest, and most delectable vaping experience that is currently available on the market as a result of their intensive research and painstaking development work on the VPU over the course of several

According to the product line executive Charles Li,“Geekvape Q Cartridge is a universal, systematic, and highly compatible cartridge platform. We will keep it universal and updated for a very long time. We can say it is so far the best leakproof cartridge with top fill.‘’

Geekvape Q cartridge has 3 resistances – 0.6, better choice for those who prefer bigger clouds. 0.8, wise choice for those who prefer a balance between flavour and throat-hit. 1.2, perfect choice for those who are a big fan of MTL.

Geekvape always has major announcements in the spring – Aegis Legend 2 in 2021 , Co-branding products with Paris Saint-Germain in 2022. This time around, Geekvape brought out the Sonder Q and the Wenax Q.wenax-q-sonder-q

To begin, we’ve got the Sonder Q, which is a streamlined pod with a classic stripe design that is intended for day-to-day leisure. It has the most comfortable hand feel out of the whole Q Pod Series despite being the lowest in weight. Because of how little it weighs, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.sonder-light

There is no button to press in order to go on a flavourful adventure.

The “SONDER” alphabet light is one-of-a-kind just like you. It breathes charmingly in different colours as you vape, which tells its battery status.1000mah-battery

The Geekvape Sonder Q delivers a constant output of up to 20 watts and has an incredible endurance of two days of use thanks to its 1000 mAh battery.geekvape-q-cartridge

The Geekvape Wenax Q is another brand-new device that uses Geekvape Q Cartridge, all you need is in the palm of your hand! Geekvape Wenax Q is better suitable for daily use because it is made of thicker aluminium, which is more resistant to wear, tear, and damage. Also, it is finely polished for a glossy appearance, a smooth touch, and safety in handling.

Wenax Q offers an exceptional vaping experience with fine-tuned airflow and output controls. You can personalise the Wenax Q so that it fits in the palm of your hand. Wenax Q offers exact control over output to achieve mellow flavour or powerful throat-hit, as well as accurate control over airflow to produce thin or dense clouds.power-button

The button of Wenax Q provides various functions – you can turn on or off the power, adjust the output, ignite and even lock up the device. With an HD OLED display joining, Wenax Q creates an unparalleled vape experience, a more intuitive way to let your own device display itself.geekvape-q-hd-display

Geekvape is equipped with the most recent VPU technology, which results in a smoother taste, longer battery life, and safer vaping experience. Together, let’s explore the future of the vape industry.

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