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This year, the World Vape Show was held at the Dubai World Trade Center from June 21 to 23.
geekvape-dubai-standDuring the vape show, Geekvape, the market leader in e-cigarettes, debuted two of its most innovative products, the Geekvape Wenax Q and the GEEKBAR Meloso Ultra, both of which feature cutting-edge VPU technology.

Potti Lan, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of GEEKVAPE, informed us of the current status and trends of the Middle East e-cigarette market as well as its current development.

GEEKVAPE is in the top three on the Middle East market, with a distinct segmentation trend

world-vape-show-dubaiAccording to Potti Lan, GEEKVAPE entered the Middle East e-cigarette market in 2019, and as the Middle East market began to develop rapidly in 2020, GEEKVAPE was able to acquire a large market share by 2023 thanks to its superior product strength.

According to his estimation, GEEKVAPE should position itself in the top three on the Middle Eastern market.geekvape-display-product

GEEKVAPE primarily promotes two new products at the vape show: Wenax Q and Aegis Hero Classic. According to Potti Lan, GEEKVAPE has a distinct positioning strategy for product development. For instance, the new Wenax Q is an advanced pod system aimed at entry-level users, with excellent aerosol volume and throat hit, which may satisfy entry-level users but also provides new options for advanced users.

Concurrently, the method they use for filling e-liquids on top of the Q cartridge is more convenient, and the automatic power matching function is
more convenient for novice users. The Aegis Hero Classic is designed to be more portable and lighter for professional vapers seeking convenience.vapers-geekvape-stand

Large puffs dominate the Middle Eastern market, with advanced and disposable products coexisting

Potti Lan notes that the number of puffs on the Middle Eastern market has progressively increased from 2,000 to 3,000 and 4,000, that the number of disposable puffs is now approaching 8,000, and that there are even products with more than 12,000 puffs. GEEKBAR has also introduced a disposable vape with 10,000 puffs in order to keep up with the latest trend in the industry.geekbar-display-stand

The Meloso Ultra is a disposable vape with a large capacity and a digital screen that is ideal for those who need to use it for an extended period of time or for long-distance travel. The Meloso Max’s gradient colour scheme and metallic embellishments make it more portable and suited for social gatherings.geekbar-product

Equipped with cutting-edge VPU technology for an enhanced vaping experience

According to Potti Lan, all four exhibited products have been equipped with GEEKVAPE’s most recent atomization system solution, the VPU, which is analogous to a “CPU” in the technology field. The VPU is a comprehensive solution to the main pain points in the field of atomization, including vaping experience, safety performance, and unit process control.

The VPU provides more uniform and reliable heat generation and ensures that the e-cigarette’s flavour remains consistent during continuous use.wenax-display

Potti Lan thinks that the Middle Eastern market has both advanced and disposable vape devices and that both are expanding quickly.

People started using advanced vape devices when the market initially started, therefore, introducing an advanced vape device was an efficient method for establishing a presence in the Middle Eastern market and shaping consumer preferences, according to him.customers-at-geekvape-stand

Although disposable vapes are currently gaining popularity, Potti Lan pointed out that these devices have a number of inherent faults, such as a high cost, a negative impact on the environment, and worries over compliance.

He stated that there are some product risks as well as issues with regulatory compliance, and that some disposable vape manufacturers do not have complete production and research expertise.

GEEKBAR’s products are built on GEEKVAPE’s well-established knowledge of innovative vape devices, which can improve the user experience while guaranteeing product quality and safety.

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