Gemztech is a very new Shenzhen vaping brand, with less than a handful of products on the market…the Lucky Star RDTA, Axis RTA and Fogcity RTA, all of which feature edgy aesthetics and cutting edge innovations.

Gems Prime Mover MainWith the release of the product I’ve been reviewing this week, it’s clear that Gemz is specialising in rebuildable atomiser gear…and, not doing too shabby a job, I might add. It looks like Gemz might be here to stay.

What Can We Expect From The Prime Mover RTA?

There Prime mover RTA is a beautiful thing, it features an interesting top cap design that allows for the length and look of the RTA to be transformed.

So can it match the best flavour RTA’s currently available? Let’s go in and take a closer look.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Prime Mover RTA
  • 1 x Drip tip for conversion
  • Polishing cloth
  • Bag of spares, allen key, coils, screws and o-rings
  • Spare glass
  • Instruction manualGemz Prime Mover Contents


  • Dimensions 24 x 53 mm
  • Comes in SS, Black, Gold or Rainbow
  • Locking, press and twist top cap features height transforming design
  • PEI and SS drip tip
  • Dual bottom adjustable airflow
  • Gold plated deck with PEEK insulator
  • Beveled dual posts with single terminals
  • Top fill
  • Gold plated 510 pin

Build Quality & Design

The Prime Mover comes in a neat little gold box with a display sleeve and when I opened it for the first time, I was pretty much delighted by what is a very aesthetically pleasing RTA.

The first thing I noticed was the intricate steam-punk engraving on the round edged top cap, which looks the business, along with a bunch of unique features I’ll have to explain…starting at the bottom.Gemz Prime Mover RTA review

The base features a neat, gold plated 510 pin and the first band, working up, is a thin airflow adjustment ring with good tension, which allows you to adjust the flow through two 1 centimetre cyclops style slots. The thing which irritates me is that this airflow ring comes off, I later found, when removing the tank from a juicy vape. It’s effective but I’d certainly like to have seen it fixed to the device.

Okay, above that you’ll find a 3 ml tank and with an easy twist of the pyrex, the tank can be dismantled to reveal the gold plated deck, with dual, bevelled posts, each with a diagonal screw shutting off a single large terminal.

There are two upraised posts either side which direct the airflow straight at the coils. Neat cut outs either side each of your coil positions will keep wick in place, much like the wick cut outs you see on the iJoy Combo RDTA decks.

It’s a neat design but it will certainly be a tight fit for larger coils, such, I guess, is the nature of most RTAs.Gemz Prime Mover Exploded View

Now…the top cap design is where things get really groovy here: The top cap consists of two 10mm bands, one sits on the inside of the second band but, with the help of a press and twist lock and a spring mechanism, the latter (the band with the steam punk engravings) can be made to sit above the former, a purely aesthetic transformation that makes for a longer RTA.

This may not be every one’s cup of tea but, flash as I am, I like big things, big shiny things especially and so this transformation actually floats my vaping boat. It not only extends the RTA but also gives it a stepped contour which looks unique and pretty, then again the RTA looks pretty when shorter too…on account of the engraving design and the smooth sided silhouette.

For the two different top cap settings, 2 different drip tips are included, one with a long stem and the other with a short stem. The longer setting, where the top band isn’t locked into place, requires a drip tip installed in order for the top cap to stay in place so be aware of that.Gemz Prime Mover Full Length

When set long, a press down of the cap will allow you to access the top fill and with the setting short, you can just remove the drip tip. It’s very fiddly at first, especially when you remove the top cap during break down and this big spring comes flying at you but once you get the mechanism and know what’s where and what to do…it’s fun, it’s good looking and its original.

The drip tip obviously cannot be replaced, however an o-ring on the inside of the included, specialised tips allows you to install your own 810 into the top of this one, making for a nice long drip tip and just taking that flash-factor to new heights…whether that’’s your thing is up to you. I for one, am currently enjoying the feel of puffing on a double length 810.

I’ve never seen this anywhere else and I’ve certainly never seen this fill method. Kudos to Gemz for original design.

How Does The Gemz Prime Mover RTA Perform?

First up… get to know the spring mechanism, how it works and how to fill up, otherwise…you might think this thing is a nightmare to use, as I did for the first few hours. Once you get around the weirdness of the design, you’ll start to properly appreciate performance.

Airflow is slightly restricted throughout and while I like a restricted airflow, there is something of a whistle when vaping that just doesn’t feel quite right.Gemz Prime Mover RTA on mod

I suspect it has to do with either the narrow, RTA deck, combined with those airflow posts that put the airflow very, very close to your coils, along with these drip tips which have a fairly narrow shaft, or just one of these factors alone. Difficult to tell which but, having tried a couple of builds and settings, I’m sure it’s unavoidable on this tank.

That said, flavour is excellent…those ‘just there’ airflow shafts are to thank, restricted flow also; both of which would account for a high flavour vape but also the whistle.

3 Mls certainly isn’t the best capacity but given this is an RTA, I understand that space is an issue…it would have been a killer innovation to have that top cap accommodate an extra 2mls though, instead of just a purely aesthetic change.

I’ve experienced a great deal of leaking through the airflow on this RTA, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve sworn as the juice began running down the side of my mod.

While I’m open to a little overflow here and there, a constant seeping out of the airflow becomes a bit of a hassle especially when you are filling with the  best e-juice you own!

Can be very expensive to replace.

As much as I love the aesthetic and flavour, the leaking and loose airflow ring resulted in an RTA experience that was anything from smooth. Sadly, you can’t love every vape you lay hands on, I do, however see a lot of potential for good things here: with a little tweaking and cleaning up of the airflow situation.

I find the refill method convenient so let’s look at that…

How To Fill The Gemz Prime Mover RTAGemz Prime Mover Fill 1

  • When in lengthened configuration, depress the top cap
  • Stick your nozzle into the opening and squeeze
  • When in shortened configuration, unscrew the drip tip
  • Avoiding the central shaft, fill through the opening on the sideGemz Prime Mover Fill 2

Ease of build

Triangular posts, raised airflow shafts and the RTA barrel which fits over the deck make for a tight squeeze.

However, me with my monster coil habits, was surprised that I didn’t have to tone it down with a couple less wraps on the alien wire build I installed, on my first build here, so it seems the squeeze isn’t that hard to work around. Manoeuvring and a little know how are necessary though.

Sadly, no single coil option here though.

Building is a relatively easy on this deck, the wick placement is made simple and neat by the cutouts in the deck for your cotton and once every thing is in place…the Gemz Prime Mover vapes pretty well. Gemz Prime Mover Build

The gold plated deck is good quality, sturdy and the triangular posts feature ample terminals with accessible screws to help make building a bit easier. While this deck is easy for an experienced user, the lack of space means things can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing, keep that in mind.Gemz Prime Mover Wick

What I Liked

It’s difficult not to appreciate the looks of this RTA, in both configurations, long and short it looks sexy, it really does. The idea of transforming the look is a great one…but it would have made more sense if the transformation was functional too (perhaps I’m expecting too much).

I enjoyed the novel fill method, easy build and beautiful flavour on this RTA.

What I Dislike

The airflow whistle is a bother, as is the loose airflow ring and the tendency to leak like a trooper through the airflow slots.

Final Review Verdict

This the Gemz Prime Mover to be a unique RTA with a great deal of potential but I feel that there’s still work to be done smoothing out those features and making the RTA a little more functional and smooth to operate. If you don’t mind some fiddly business, by all means, you’ll benefit from the eye candy factor and enhanced flavour of the Prime Mover.

I’ll only recommend this for experienced builders who know how to manage a compact build with some manoeuvring.


Would I buy the Gemz Prime Mover RTA if I lost/broke the device? Yes… but mainly for aesthetic reasons as it’s not the smoothest performer around.


  • High flavour
  • Easy, innovative fill method
  • Unique and changeable looks
  • Good quality, functional deck


  • Low capacity, especially in light of the next con
  • Leaks through airflow
  • Airflow ring slips off during removal
  • Whistles during draw
Build & Design Quality
Flavor & Clouds
Ease of Build
Likelihood of Buying if Lost / Damaged
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