Introduction and a Salute to the Avenger Baby Kit by iJoy
Today we are looking at the iJoy Avenger Baby kit, the innovative new battery mod from vape giants iJoy.

Yes, that’s right, this is a mini version of the Avenger mod by iJoy. This is a dual 20350 (more on this later) battery mod. It has also been paired up with the iJoy Diamond baby tank.ijoy Avenger baby review

This kit has everything from RGB lights to voice control! Yes, there is a lot of fun to be had with the iJoy Avenger Baby kit.

Disclaimer: This device was sent to me for the purpose of this review. This review is purely my own views and opinions.

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What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x iJoy Avenger Baby Box Mod
  • 1 x Dimond Baby Tank
  • 1 x DMB-DM Coil 0.15ohm (40 – 80w)
  • 1 x DMB – Mesh coil 0.18ohm (40-80w)
  • 1 x Replacement Glass
  • 2 x 30350 battery’s
  • User Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Spare parts

iJoy Avenger baby Kit contents

Specs and features

iJoy Avenger Baby Mod:

  • Size: 48 x 34 x 66 mm
  • Battery: 2 x 20350
  • Output modes: VW | TI | NI | SS | User| M1 | M2
  • Wattage range: 1 – 108 W
  • Voltage range:  1 – 8 V
  • Temperature: 200 – 600 F | 100 – 315 C
  • Resistance parameter: 0.05 – 3.0 ohm
  • Max output current: 40 A
  • Charging: Via micro USB
  • 510 connection: Spring-loaded gold-plated 510 pin

iJoy Diamond Baby Tank

  • Height:  37.13 (not including 510 pin or removable drip tip)
  • Diameter:  24 mm –25.5mm at the middle (if bulb glass in installed)
  • DMB-mesh Coil:  0.18 ohm
  • DMB-DM Coil:  0.15 ohm
  • Coils wattage range:  40 – 80 W
  • Coil material:  Kanthal
  • Adjustable bottom airflow
  • Twist and pull
  • Drip tip height:  11 mm
  • Threading: non-adjustable 510 pin

Available colours: Mirror SS | Mirror Black | Mirror White | Mirror Gun Metal | Mirror Rainbow | Mirror Blue | Mirror Red | Mirror Purple | Mirror Green | Mirror Gold | Mirror Orange

Design and Build Quality

First of all, the batteries.

These batteries are new to the mainstream vaping scene. These are 20350, they have 1400mAh capacity and a rating of 25A although recent Mooch tests did show reservations about the ratings.

I can confirm that the Nitecore D4 will support and charge these. Charging took around 1h – 2h.

This iJoy Avenger Baby kit feels like it has a decent build to it.ijoy Avenger baby in hand

Starting at the base there is a trap door style battery lid, this lid latches into place and doesn’t feel loose. A USB port is at the bottom front of the device, this supports firmware updates and charging (I would still recommend charging batteries externally, unless its urgent).

The up and down function buttons are located near the bottom of the mod under the screen, there has been zero issues with these. There is a firing bar on one side of the mod, this is very clicky and responsive. The 510 pin is located dead center at the top of the device, using calipers, measuring the top of this device it comes to roughly 30.5mm. Socan support up to a 30mm atty without overhang.510 thread avenger baby

The paint on this kit has slightly chipped at the base where the mod stands. I haven’t noticed any more chips on the device. The white version I have been using hasn’t been too bad with fingerprints, they are mainly found on the screen or on the firing button.

The iJoy diamond baby tank is an overall solidly built tank.

So, what can this baby do?

The iJoy Avenger Baby can fire from 5w to 108w. Temp mode is available for Nickel, titanium and steel.

The mod has 2 memory settings and TCR for manual input. There is also a POD mode, which as the name suggests is used for pods.

iJoy have been very creative in the world of POD devices and have come up with a 510-multi pod system, which in my eyes is truly brilliant. So, this mode will take you into voltage, from there you can set up and use the new pod system that we recently covered in the iJoy VPC kit review. (NOTE! NO pods or 510 pod system is included in this device)

Did You Just Say Something?

The Avenger Baby kit has a voice activation system. This was also in the original Avenger mod. The voice control has been worked on and improved, it’s better than the original but that being said, it has been a laugh.voice control-ijoy avenger baby

I have tried this out and had mixed results. I’ve even tried it with other accents with work colleagues. In the end, it works….Sometimes. So, don’t expect perfect voice control.

All commands are in the manual. This feature can also be turned off in the menu.

RGB time

Yes, the Baby has RGBs this can be activated in 2 ways, with your voice or within the menu. The light is in the up and down button. There is red, green, blue, white, colourful (random colours) and sound mode (reacts to sound).ijoy aveneger baby screen and rgb

The Menu

The Avenger Baby has a colour screen, which isn’t great in direct sunlight. On the screen you will find 2 battery indicators, voltage indicator, puff counter, coil resistance, soft/normal/hard setting and of course functions

The mod turns on and off with five clicks on the fire bar. Holding the up and down button will reset the coil resistance. I have yet to find a locking combination for this device. (not to sure there is one! So be careful if you pocket this device without turning off)

Right, three clicks on the fire bar brings up the menu. While in the menu the fire bar is used to select, up is right and down is left. On this screen you will see,

  • P = Power mode, this is wattage mode. When selected you will see 3 options, soft normal and hard. These modes change the characteristic of the firing mode.
  • Pod = Pod mode, this setting is for the new 510 pod systems (sold separately). This setting runs in Volts.
  • Light bulb = Light settings. When selected it will bring up the different light options (that we covered earlier)
  • T = Temperature mode. When selected you can choose the material type and memory settings.
  • TCR = manual set up.
  • Cogwheel = Settings. When selected you can change to another bulb, this allows you to reset the puff counter and adjust screen time. The other is a microphone. This allows you to turn voice control on and off.

iJoy Diamond Baby Tank

The iJoy Dimond baby tank comes with two very good coils. The flavour out of this tank is what you would come to expect with mesh (more on that below). This tank hasn’t leaked once for me during review. Easy to fill (twist and pull). Easy to clean. This tank is perfect for this kit.ijoy diamond baby Filling Point

How Does The iJoy Avenger Baby Kit Perform?

Day to Day Usage

As you can imagine, the iJoy Avenger Baby kit is very pocket friendly and the mod is self is comfortable in the hand.

That being said I am right handed so the fire button is on the outside with the screen and buttons face outwards.

For the left handers out there the fire bar can sit in your palm, and you can squeeze the device for it to operate. Or you can of course use your fingers to fire but the screen and buttons will be facing inwards, towards the palm.

The other main thing with this kit is the battery life (the two 20350 battery’s come to 2800mah which is around the average single 18650). Don’t be expecting to have much battery left after a day out of regular use, more so the higher the wattage you use.

The coils with the kit fire between 60-70w. This device was used at 70w in hard mode, and didn’t last much after a morning of regular vaping (I work outside and vape quite frequently). So, while not too surprising bear that in mind.

Diamond Baby Tank

For this I have been using Dough Bros blueberry jam 80% VG and Nasty Juice slow blow 70vg both at 0.3mg nicotine.ijoy diamond baby tank

When using a coil for the first time, please leave it 10-15min so the cotton can soak up the juice (this is to avoid a dry hit). During testing I was filling the tank up approximately every hour. This is down to the fact that I am a heavy vaper at higher wattage.

Both coils are best rated for 40-80w. After breaking both of them in, I went straight to 80w hard mode and left it there.

DMB-Mesh Coil 0.18ohm

This coil can produce some nice cloud. The flavour is decent as you would come to expect from mesh coils. Wicking seems to be keeping up although if you’re a heavy chain vaper you might see some signs of a faint dry hit. Other than that the coil wicks fine.

DMB-DM Coil 0.15ohm

The flavour is slightly less pronounced with this coil, but it’s still nice! This vape feels to me like its slightly warmer then the mesh version. The vapour production is on par with the mesh. Same again with this coil, if you chain vape it at max settings, it will start to dry burn. If you go easy with what I’d call normal vaping this keeps up with wicking well.

Neither of these coils disappoint me, vapour was good as was the flavour. The mesh coil has lasted me over a week, and only just starting to show signs of burning. But remember I had put that mesh coil to the test.

Just to mention again! Chain vaping at those settings will result in dry burn, so take it easy.


  • Pocket friendly starter kit
  • Comes with a decent sub ohm tank
  • Variety of colours.
  • Improved voice control
  • Responsive fire button


  • Battery life
  • Paint chipping at base (personal experience)

Final Verdict

The iJoy Avenger Baby kit is ideal for vapers out there that want to adventure into the world of sub ohm and having the choice to change tanks at later days. For the experienced vaper this mod is ideal if you need to pop out and don’t want to take you heavy big dual battery mod.

Overall it’s been fun vaping on this device.

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
0.18Ohm Coil Flavour
0.18Ohm Coil Cloud
0.15Ohm Coil Flavour
0.15Ohm Coil Cloud
Replace if Lost or Damaged?
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