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Vaping technology has the power to create positive change and today two of the world’s leading vape businesses have announced a new initiative to help the homeless community.
innokin-vape-dinner-lady-vape-outreachBoth Innokin and Dinner Lady, which are known for manufacturing vaping devices and e-liquid, have teamed up with Simon Community Scotland, to provide the outreach charity with hundreds of new vaping starter kits.

Simon Community Scotland works to combat the causes and effects of homelessness. Street outreach teams work within these communities to provide accommodation and housing support to people who are sleeping rough or are at risk of becoming homeless and have been doing so for over fifty years.

The firms hope this first donation can be the start of a long-term project that reaches vulnerable smokers across the UK.

The starter kits are to be donated in Glasgow and Edinburgh and feature Innokins’ popular MVP pod kit matched with a range of Dinner Lady’s best-selling e-liquid, including the iconic Lemon Tart flavour which is an international award winner.

A range of kits have been provided to help all types of smokers to switch to vaping, which Public Health England say is ‘…around 95% less harmful than smoking and has the potential to help smokers quit.’

George Xia, Innokin Co-founder said:

“Innokin’s mission has always been to help people improve their lives and offer less harmful alternatives to adult smokers. Many smokers in the UK don’t know how or can’t afford to switch from smoking to vaping.
Partnering with Vape Dinner Lady and a charity like Simon Scotland gives us the opportunity to make a real positive impact.”

Commenting on the donation, John Taylor, Dinner Lady Chief Marketing Officer said:

“This is our first collaboration with Innokin and we are delighted to be supporting Simon Community Scotland in this way.John-dinnery-lady-marketing
In the UK more than two thirds of homeless adults smoke and lack the necessary support network to switch. Together with Innokin, Dinner Lady can help by providing the very best vaping products the market can offer”.

Innokin aims to gather feedback from the initial donation, which will help gain an understanding of the specific challenges of the initiative and make further donations in the future.

As leading global manufacturers of vaping devices and e-liquids, Innokin and Vape Dinner Lady now feel it’s time to take action on smoking, especially in vulnerable communities.

Want to help? You can make life better for people suffering from homelessness in Scotland. Donate to Simon Scotland today.

If you represent a charity that could benefit from a similar initiative, you can contact Innokin at


Innokin Technology is one of the world’s leading vaping manufacturers, dedicated to providing adult smokers with affordable, reliable reduced risk products.

Dinner Lady is one of the world’s leading premium brands of e-liquids and disposable e-cigarettes. Made in the UK their products are now sold in more than 109 countries

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