The iTaste Kroma by Innokin – Introduction

I’ve been a firm fan of Innokin ever since I first started vaping! They really do make some great quality products. And their latest release is certainly no different!

So without further ado, Ladies & Gentlemen I present to you the compact and beautifully formed Innokin iTaste Kroma TC Mod with Slipstream Tank.

UPDATE: This kit has been upgraded to the Innokin Kroma A – Review here.


What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Innokin Kroma Temperature Control Personal Vaporizer
  • 1 x Slipstream Tank
  • 1 x 0.8ohm Kanthal Coil (Pre-installed)
  • 1 x 0.5ohm Stainless Steel Coil
  • 1 x 510 Adapter (for use of other atomizers)
  • 1 x 510 Tool
  • 1 x Stainless Steel 510 Driptip
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging cable
  • 1 x Bag of spare O-rings
  • 1 x User Manual



Innokin iTaste Kroma TC 75W Mod

  • 72mm tall
  • Inset 510 threaded connector
  • AETHON Chipset
  • Compact, fashionable mid-power mod
  • Fire button with battery level indicator
  • Internal 2000mAh Battery
  • Variable power output 6 to 75 Watts
  • 5 Amps Max output current
  • 5 Amps Max working current
  • 5 Volts Max output voltage
  • 150 to 315ºC (in 5ºC increments) Temperature control range
  • 1 Ohms Minmum atomizer resistance
  • Ni 0.1 to 0.2Ω, Ti 0.1 to 0.5Ω, SS 0.2 to 1.0Ω, TC atomizer resistance range
  • Recommended TC coil wire: Stainless Steel (SS)
  • OLED display on side of mod
  • USB charge port on front of mod
  • Comes with mini USB cable
  • 2A fast charge capability
  • Pass through, vape while charging facility
  • Press fire button three times for on/off
  • Comes with 15 sec cut-off, low volts, short circuit & overheat protection
  • Has built-in puff counter
  • Total TC Dry Hit Prevention
  • Ultrafast 0.2 sec from Fire to Vapor
  • Ultra-low Standby Power Consumption
  • Variable Ramp-up Wattage Pre-Boost
  • Easy to use vaping kit with advanced features
  • Fashionable design in 7 colourways
  • Available in Grey, Blue, Black, Red, White, Silver or Purple.

Innokin Slipstream Atomizer Tank

  • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Toughened Pyrex glass tube
  • Stainless steel tank construction
  • Standard 510 screw connector
  • Wide bore delrin drip-tip
  • Top airflow control (AFC) ring with 3 slots
  • Child resistant Press-down and unscrew top cap for filling/coil change
  • Comes fitted with a Slipstream stainless steel atomizer coil
  • Discreet, low profile tank
  • Fully TPD compliant

Build Quality & Design

The Innokin Kroma TC mod is an incredibly compact vaping kit packed with lots of great features that, in my personal option, put a lot of the more expensive devices currently on the market to shame.

003-innokin-kroma-slipstream-tankThe first striking feature of the devices is its sporty styling and very eye-catching look.

The main body of the mod is constructed from a light-weight alloy combined with a knurled plastic grip section covering the rear of the device.

There’s a bit of weight to the mod due to its internal 2000mAh lipo battery but it’s still very pocket friendly thanks to its compact size.

004-innokin-kroma-510The stainless steel 510 threaded connection at the top of the Innokin Kroma is actually recessed down inside the body of the mod, which gives the impression that the Slipstream tank is an RDA, had me going for a few seconds!!

009-innokin-kroma-510-adapterIn addition to the recessed 510 connection, Innokin have also provided a 510 adaptor which when attached to the mod allows you to use all your other RTA’s and RDA’s with the Kroma.010-innokin-kroma-with-510-adapter

Down the side of the mod we have a viewing window which matches up to the glass section of the Slipstream tank, allowing you to keep an eye on the level of your e-liquid.

Although personally I have struggled with this and have opted to unscrew the top cap of the tank to check juice levels.

Below the window we have are standard arrangement of ‘Fire’ button and the ‘+/UP’ & -/DOWN’ buttons all of which appear to be plastic in construction but provide a good solid click when pressed.

Below the ‘-/DOWN‘ button you will find the micro USB port for charging the mod.

Button Functions:-

  • Turn the device ON and OFF:            3 Clicks of the FIRE button
  • Cycle through Vape Modes:               Press & hold ‘+’ and ‘FIRE’
  • Adjust power (Wattage) in TC Mode:  Press & hold ‘-’ and ‘FIRE’
  • Rotate Menu display:                        Press & hold ‘+’ and ‘-‘

In addition to operating the mod, the FIRE button also provides a visual indication, via an LED, of the internal battery power level:

  • Green =  Fully Charged
  • Yellow =  Half Power
  • Red     =  Low Power / Charge required

When connecting the Slipstream tank, or any other atomizer to the Kroma, the mod will automatically detect that a tank with coil has been attached and will prompt you for your desired coil material selection.

Coil Selection Mode Menu:-

<SAME> – Same coil with previous settings
<Ni> – Ni200 – Nickel Coil
<Ti> – Titanium
<SS> – Stainless Steel 316L
<W> – Wattage

You can also select or change your coil selection by pressing and hold the ‘Fire’ and ‘+/Up’ button simultaneously for 3 second to enter the coil selection menu.

Then use the ‘+’ & ‘-’ buttons to scroll through the choices of coils, finally pressing ‘Fire’ to confirm your selection.

Likewise, in either wattage or Temperature Control mode, to adjust the wattage/temperature setting:

  • Press and hold the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ until the display begins to blink on & off, then adjust your power accordingly
  • Finally pressing the ‘Fire’ button to lock your selection.

Temperature Range can be adjusted from between 150-315°C and 300-600°F in 5° increments. Switching the Innokin Kroma between Fahrenheit °F and Celsius °C can simply be done by ‘Round Robin’.

005-innokin-kroma-menuMenu & Settings Display

The menu and settings display is located on the side of the Kroma mod.

Here you will find all the information relating to coil ohms, wattage & temperature setting, battery level and puff duration.

As a note, the puff duration of the Kroma is set to a maximum of 15 seconds after which the mod will cut out. This is non-adjustable.

And that is the Innokin iTaste Kroma mod. Now let’s have a look at the Slipstream tank.

Innokin Slipstream Tank

The Slipstream is very simplistic both in appearance and design.

At the top of the tank there is a standard black delrin 510 driptip.

A second stainless steel driptip is included in the kit if you prefer or alternatively you have the option of using your own.007-slipstream-tank

The top section of the tank has two features. Firstly it’s the Airflow control for the tank with twin slot type airholes located on opposite side of the top-cap.

These measure approximately 10mm x 1mm, so not masses of airflow but they do provide a very smooth direct lung vape albeit slightly restricted.

In addition to airflow the top-cap also provides access to the coil and for tank filling.

This is achieved by pressing down on the top-cap and then unscrewing anticlockwise, a bit like a childproof cap on a bottle as it were!!

Once open you will find the coil, 0.8ohm Kanthal pre-installed, attached to the underside of the topcap.

The tank section of the Slipstream is constructed primarily from stainless steel and has a Pyrex glass inner section providing viewing windows to enable juice levels to be checked.

As with a number of other tanks currently on the market, the coils for the Slipstream are attached to the top cap and not the base of the tank.

The coil only comes into contact with the base section once the juice has been filled and the top cap has been screwed back into place.

008-slipstream-tank-breakdownHow To Fill The Slipstream Tank

A note on filling the Slipstream.

The maximum capacity of this tank is 2ml and this is highlighted on the outer casing of the tank which happens to be level with the top of the glass window sections.

I know that there may be a temptation to add a few more extra drops of your favourite e juice when filling up, but believe me you will be wasting that precious juice.

The stock coil takes up a considerable amount of space inside the tank and will displace the e-liquid to make room for itself.

Overfill it and you’ll have juice pouring out of the topcap before its even had a chance to be seated in place. Been there, done it, have the t-shirt!!

And finally, the base of the Slipstream which has a standard 510 connection with a non-adjustable and non-protruding silver plated pin

How Does The Innokin iTaste Kroma Perform?


I’ve been using the Kroma and Slipstream on a daily basis ever since I received it for this review and I have to say that it’s a great little combo.

Compact, stealthy, extremely pocket friendly and aesthetically very striking without being gaudy!

Performance of the temperature control with the stainless steel stock coils was pretty much spot on, not a dry hit in sight even after vaping the tank virtually bone dry.

Battery life was exceptionally good for the 2000mAh internal lipo battery which pretty much lasted the best part of a day vaping at about 40w / 240ºC.

Charging the battery is very quick thanks to the 2A fast charge capability.

What I Liked


The simplicity of the Kroma mod & Slipstream tank make this kit a complete joy to use.

Attach a coil, pre-wick it, fill the tank, insert coil and you’re ready to vape!!

It’s also very pocket friendly so great to take with you when your out and about.

Battery life is very respectable for a 2000mAh internal lipo, which was lasting me the best part of a day while vaping at about 40w.

What I Disliked

There’s two issue I have with the Kroma, firstly the menu display is very dimly lit.

In normal outside daylight the screen can be a bit hard to read, I’m assuming this has been done to reduce the drain on the internal battery.

Personally I’d rather have a better lit screen and sacrifice a little bit of battery life.

Secondly, the 510 adaptor!

Attaching this to the mod can be a bit cumbersome especially with the provided 510 tool.

In the end I opted to screw my chosen RTA to the adaptor first and then screwed the adaptor into place.

The downside of this was that when I removed the RTA the adaptor would also unscrew.

Not the end of the world I know but it can be a little frustrating at times.

Final Review Verdict

012-innokin-kroma-kitThe iTaste Kroma kit is another greater little piece of hardware from Innokin.

Compact, stealthy and sporty in appearance this is an excellent kit for anyone looking to get into temperature control at an affordable price or looking for a pocket friendly setup.


  • Price point – Very easy on the wallet
  • Easy to setup and use
  • The internal 2000mAh Lipo gives great battery life


  • Dimly lit menu screen
  • 510 adaptor can be awkward to attach to the Kroma
Mike murphy
Mike Murphy

Smoker for 25 years but now a seasoned vaper of four years. Started my vape journey on Cig-a-likes before moving very swiftly onto CE4's and Ego’s, which were to remain my preferred vaping hardware for a considerable length of time. When the infamous Nautilus clearomizer was released I move completely away from my beloved CE4 and also dumped my Ego for a tube type variable wattage device. Shortly after this I was on to RTA’s, RDA’s, VW mods and rebuilding. Recently I discovered the joys of Squonking and have become completely hooked.

Build Quality
Ease of use
Vapour Production
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
Smoker for 25 years but now a seasoned vaper of four years. Started my vape journey on Cig-a-likes before moving very swiftly onto CE4's and Ego’s, which were to remain my preferred vaping hardware for a considerable length of time. When the infamous Nautilus clearomizer was released I move completely away from my beloved CE4 and also dumped my Ego for a tube type variable wattage device. Shortly after this I was on to RTA’s, RDA’s, VW mods and rebuilding. Recently I discovered the joys of Squonking and have become completely hooked.
innokin-itaste-kroma-reviewStriking features, eye-catching sports styling, packed full of great feature and all at a ridiculously affordable price! Another great piece of vaping hardware from Innokin.


  1. I recently bought a Korma taste but after 2 days of use I can no longer open the tank to refill,the push down and turn system seems to be a poor design I’m my opinion,back to the VIP shop tomorrow it is…and more £

    • Hi David

      Yes it’s a bit of a strange design, similar to the childproof cap on a medication bottles but a lot more temperamental 🙂
      Having larger hand/fingers seems to compound the issue as well. I’ve had this happen a few times since the review and the only
      answer was perseverance until the top-cap finally opened. Of course you could well have a defective tank so yes do take it back
      to the point of sale and see if they can provide a solution or replacement Slipstream tank!!


  2. I just recently brought my second kroma kit and agree it’s Very good however one needs to be very carefull with putting the top back onto the tank as it’s easy for the push down mechanism to cause the threading system to not work, hence the top is not on correctly so will not work.On a few occasions I was eventually able to get it off and put it back on level. However I have one slip stream tank that I filled and can not use because I didn’t put the top on level and cannot get off. Even with problem I choose to purchase my second one. My first Kroma mod still works well and I have had for 8 months

    • Hi Ernesto,

      There could be several reasons as to why this may be happening!! The most common is excessive e-liquid in and around the coil. Instead of the liquid being vapourised it gets heated up and then it ‘pops’ causing the e-liquid to spray out. Try increasing the wattage/temperature up a bit by about 5-10w and then vape it! If it’s still doing it then up the wattage again but be careful not to burn the cotton wicking inside the coil.

      Another work around is to fire the device for a second or two before placing the driptip in your mouth and inhaling! This will get rid of some of the excess liquid and hopefully reduce if not stop all of the spitback.

      Let us know how you get on with these and if any of them solve the problem


  3. Hi there, I am looking to buy a new vape and I am interested in the Kroma, one thing I can’t see in the review is does this leak? My Smok pen which I use at the moment the liquid comes through the vents when tilted – which isn’t ideal for keeping in my pocket!

    Does this little guy leak?

    • Hi Evie,

      Bottom line is this little guy did not leak during the course of testing and review! Of course if you over filled the tank then it’s going to leak when you fit the top cap & coil, but that’s user error 🙃

      Good luck with your purchase, lets us know how you get on with your new Kroma 😃


  4. I just got my Kroma a couple of days ago and the tank empties a lot quicker than my smaller vape. I fill it to the max line, using 300 degrees F. What am I doing wrong, this tank is supposedly 0.1 ML larger than my smaller vape but it empties twice as fast.

    • Hey Bob,

      What is the other vape kit you are using?

      It sounds like it could be that you other kit has less power and a coil resistance over 1.0 Ohm maybe?

      Also, what coil are you using at the moment in the Kroma? If you have the details of the coil wire type (Ni,SS,Kanthal) and the resistance (will be displayed as 0.5 Ohm or something similar) that would be great.

      In short, sub ohm kits drink juice quicker than regular vape devices, some a lot more than others.



  5. I have a kroma got it off a friend yesterday.

    He had it for about 2 months before giving up vaping, was working as sweet as anything yesterday, nothing wrong, then today I was using it and it started glitches out and doing things as if I was trying to change wattage but not doing anything wouldn’t do anything so turned it off thinking it’ll sort itself out, tried it throughout the day still nothing, tried it just now, and put it on charge.

    It seems to me that the – button doesn’t do anything, the plus button brings up the click x3 for on thing, and fire doesn’t do anything either, until I hold both fire and + then it comes up with a two lines of letters and numbers reading this H2GAJQJUMEBLHX, is this an error code, or product nber or something, or is my kroma basically useless now

    • Hey Callum,

      I’m not sure what that error message means. Have you noticed at all any juice leaking into the mod itself via the threaded connection on top of the mod?

      It sounds like you’d be best off trying Innokin customer services ( and/or leaving a comment on their Reddit page ( They are pretty responsive both ways.

      Let us know how you go on!

  6. My grandfather bought one hours ago and the metal is burning hot to touch. Not happy at all with it, can barely press the button for more than a second because it steams so hard and hot and strong. Have it on the lowest setting. The fact that the metal is actually boiling hot is worrying me.

    • Hi Maggi,

      Is it the tank that is hot to touch? Or the mod itself?

      Also, are you in wattage mode? If so what wattage settings have you used?

      May be worth trying a new coil and ensure the airflow is fully open if it is the tank that is too hot.

      Let me know

  7. I got my innokin itaste krome in december stop working now led say (too hot) email innokin no repley whot happen to 90 days limited warranty 🙁

    • Hi Graham,

      Sorry to hear about the issue you’re having with the Kroma! This is a safety feature Innokin have incorporated into the device to protect the printed circuit board (PCB). I had this issue awhile ago but it was down to user error. I had chain vaped on the device in very quick succession until the safety feature kicked in and stopped the mod firing 🙂

      First I would remove the tank, ensure the Kroma is fully charged and then try to fire it. All being well you should just get the generic ‘Atomizer’ missing warning on the screen. If not then there is a fault on the device.
      Also, check and see what coils you are using in the Slipstream tank as it may be they are kanthal and the mod is operation in one of the Temperature Control modes!! If they are kanthal then the Kroma should be set to POWER/WATTAGE mode.

      Let me know how you get on!!



  8. Just bought a red one and I’m hocked. It’s awesome. I’ve been smoke free for 3 weeks and started my vaping journey with a vype epen. Went to a local vaping shop and bought the Kroma and some lovely lemon cake juice and now I realise what all the fuss is about. One very happy lady.

    • Hi Emma,

      Congratulation on giving up the ciggies 🙂
      We were very impressed by the Kroma, its a great little setup!
      Lets us know how you get on with it and your quitting smoking. If you have any issues or question please feel free to ask.

    • Hi Alin,

      Very pleased to hear that you are enjoying the Kroma by Innokin.
      Keep us posted on how you get on with your new setup! Enjoy 🙂

  9. Hi thanks for your review. Very informative. I have a question regarding the wide mouth tip. I’m not a great fan of this. Is there a norow mouth tip accessory. ?

    • Hi David,

      The drip tip / mouth piece is a 510 connection. This basically means you can use any mouth piece with the same connection.

      Luckily, this is the most common size. They are quite cheap depending on what you go for so just a case of shopping around.


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