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INNOKIN has announced a product recall for the INNOKIN Kroma Nova. This recall covers all its production units.
innokin kroma recall

The Kroma Nova implements a unique charging solution with a specialized component supplied specifically for this model.

This innovative technology employed in the Kroma Nova was designed to enhance the user experience by accelerating charging speeds. Unfortunately, a defect in the supplier’s component has been identified, which may pose a safety risk.

To ensure the safety of INNOKIN customers, INNOKIN has decided to initiate a precautionary recall of the Kroma Nova device.

If you own this product, please turn off your device, remove the pod from the power unit, and stop charging it from now on.

INNOKIN prides itself on high safety standards and full transparency with customers. Customers are encouraged to contact INNOKIN whenever issues arise, so their team can implement resolutions in a timely manner.

Please contact for further instructions on the recall process.

Please contact your INNOKIN sales representatives.

INNOKIN values the trust and cooperation of its customers as it strives to ensure the highest safety standards and customer satisfaction through innovative solutions.

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