Introduction To The Innokin Lift STA

Today we are looking at the Innokin Lift STA (Siphon Tank Adapter). This was designed to let you use a bottom fed RDA on any device you wish! It screws on between your BF RDA and your vape mod, then with every draw you take, it creates a vacuum which siphons up e-liquid from the 4ml capacity chamber.Innokin Lift STA review

Currently priced between at around £15 in the UK, The Lift STA is available in two finishes; Black and Stainless Steel. In this review we will be looking at the Stainless Steel version!

As always my opinions are honest and my own.

What’s In The Box

  • Lift S.T.A
  • Instruction Manual
  • Spare O-Ringsinnokin lift sta kit contents


  • 25mm Diameter
  • Compatible with 22-25mm RDA’s
  • Capacity 4mm

Build Quality & Design

Overall there’s not really much to say about the Innokin Lift STA.innokin siphon adapter squonk

All the components of the adapter are made to a very good standard, the o-rings are pretty and all the threading on the male and female 510 connectors.

How Does the Lift S.T.A Work?

How To Fill The Innokin Siphon Tank Adapter

At the top of the Lift STA there are two large filler ports.

Simply fill up with your favourite e-liquid through either of the to fill the innokin sta tank

Then you screw on your favourite bottom fed RDA and you’ll then need to prime it!

innokin siphon tank adapter on modPlease make sure that the RDA is nicely screwed onto the Lift STA but not too tight. You need to make sure there is a suitable seal between the Lift and the RDA.innokin sta with bf rda


The way I have been priming the Lift STA is by closing off or blocking the airflow on your RDA. Then you need to adjust the airflow to fully closed and then take a few primer puffs on the RDA!

Take a look at your cotton and make sure that is starting to saturate with e-liquid. If it’s not, take a few more primer puffs to get it going.

Once it’s primed, you can then move onto the next step where we control how much e-liquid it delivers

E-Liquid Control

So you’ve got it all primed up, set your RDA airflow to your preferred setting. You may need to go for a slightly tighter draw than what you’re used to, but it depends on your rda on innokin lift sta

To control the amount of e-liquid that is syphoned up to your RDA, you adjust the airflow control on the Innokin Lift STA. You have three options to choose from, so choose either the large, medium or small airflow setting depending on how much e-liquid you like to be fed to your RDA.

I personally prefer it on the middle setting, as it gives you a happy medium between the two.


  • Innovative
  • Inexpensive
  • Great concept
  • Well made
  • 4ml capacity


  • RDA’s under 25mm looks odd.
  • Difficult to regulate juice flow
  • More suited to low airflow RDA’s
  • Limited colours
  • Basic instructions
  • Makes your setup tall

Final Review Verdict

Overall, the Innokin Lift STA isn’t for me. It’s too fiddly to get working and every now and then you have to re-prime it as it sometimes loses pressure. Plus it looks damn ugly on any setup you are using it with.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this is an amazing product in terms of innovation, but functionality wise and ease of use, it’s bloody annoying to use.

So I give Innokin 10 out of 10 for innovation, but functionality wise, it doesn’t work for me

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost or Damaged
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