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[Manchester, UK] – Flumlite, a pioneering force in vaping technology, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation: the Flumlite SNUGG.

Engineered with a steadfast commitment to safety and simplicity, the Flumlite SNUGG sets a new benchmark in the industry.Flumlite snugg vape

Designed for modern users who demand convenience without compromising safety, SNUGG boasts a suite of cutting-edge features:

**Battery Indicator**: Never be caught off guard with our intuitive battery indicator, allowing users to monitor power levels and recharge the device promptly, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment.

**Child Lock Technology**: With a built-in child lock mechanism, SNUGG ensures peace of mind for parents and guardians, preventing unauthorised or accidental usage by young children.

**Ultra-Easy Usage**: SNUGG requires only a quick liquid injection to get started. No complicated setups or technical expertise needed—just fill and vape.

Beyond its user-friendly design and safety features, Flumlite SNUGG offers unparalleled flavor and vapour production thanks to its innovative Hyper Mesh Coil technology.

Each puff delivers rich, satisfying flavours and dense clouds, elevating your vaping experience to new heights.

“We’re thrilled to introduce SNUGG to the market, SNUGG is going to provide a bridge between the popular but to-be-banning disposable vapes and refillable vapes,”

says Lawrence W., General Manager at Flumlite.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to create a vape pen that not only meets the awareness to our society but exceeds the expectations of today’s discerning consumers. From its ease of use to its advanced safety features and exceptional performance, the Flumlite SNUGG represents the future of vaping.”

The Flumlite SNUGG is now available for purchase at authorized retailers nationwide, including For more information, visit or follow us on Instagram: Flumlite.

About Flumlite

Flumlite is a leading manufacturer of vape pens and premium e-liquids, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the vaping industry.

With a commitment to quality, flavour, and customer satisfaction, Flumlite continues to redefine the vaping experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Wendy W.

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