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Jacvapour banana milkshake e-liquid review

E cig products themselves have seen a massive improvement over the few years since I have been using them and the same can certainly be said about a lot of the e-liquid we use with them.

The introduction of the Jacvapour Clear Steam line of e liquids is definitely something different to what many of us will be used to but at the same time a clever addition to the vaping arsenal.

If you haven’t heard, Clear Steam is designed so that they emit little to no vapour on the exhale.

Thinking about the way e cigs have boomed in popularity followed by a swift banning of use in certain places this is actually a great idea, get your nicotine hit without the disapproving looks of those around you. The places where this would come into its own are many, in the cinema, in the office, public transport, just to name a few.

The only thing with the latter two is you would probably still need to keep the hand to mouth motions discreet if vaping has been banned in a particular place.

Anyway… Lets get on to the review and see if this all works as would be expected.

Jacvapour description: “A brand new range of e-liquids, specifically designed to drastically reduce vapour production, while retaining the same great taste.

Produced here in the UK, our Clear Steam range is available in five of our most popular flavours – Real Tobacco Lite, Pure Menthol, Strawberry Chew, Banana Milkshake and Vanilla. Clear Steam liquids are the ideal choice for those situations when discretion is required.”

E Cig used in this review: Jac Vapour Wee Vim.

Vapour Volume

Now onto the whole point of the e liquid itself. Vapour volume, or should I say lack of it. I must say I like the sensation of big vapour but of course the whole point of this is to have as little as possible and for that it certainly works.

To get the full effect you need to inhale properly into your lungs, doing this gave me zero vapour on the exhale, or at least none that I could see.

Shallow drags I found do emit a very small amount of vapour but it’s hardly noticeable and I’m sure no one around would notice this. I have used this on a train and didn’t once feel like I was being given the old dirty look.

I vape by taking into the mouth and then the lungs but I found doing a straight draw into the lungs does actually create vapour on the exhale, still not a lot mind but worth a mention if you vape like this.

More experienced vapers may be thinking, ‘I can stealth vape with normal e-liquid by holding it in the lungs for a couple of seconds longer’, well you would be right as I do this myself when the situation requires but the effect isn’t as complete as Clear Steam.

This e-liquid allows you to vape as you normally would without the vapour rather than having to hold things in longer than normal without the guarantee that no vapour will be present.

The whole thing did take a little getting used to, the lack of vapour on the exhale doesn’t seem natural, even after prolonged use I found myself checking for an expected cloud.

Production Details

This particular e-liquid is part of the Jacvapour’s UK e-liquid range. These e-liquids are made in lab environments with high quality ingredients. They are also tested at the point of origin as well as batch tested independently by ECITA.

Final Verdict

Clear Steam certainly works if used correctly, there is no doubt about that.

If, however, I ask myself ‘Would I buy JAC Vapour Clear Steam?’

Then I would say only when the situation requires and the main situation for me would be when I’m in the pub. I would still have to be careful not to draw attention with hand to mouth actions but the fact that very little to no vapour is present on the exhale it would be easy to vape under the radar.

It’s certainly not one I would see anybody using all the time and Jacvapour certainly aren’t marketing this as your primary e-liquid. It is designed for specific circumstances.

For those circumstances there will of course be plenty of vapers that will find this to be a fantastic product. For example if you work in offices, visit restaurants/bars and travel frequently then Clear Steam will be perfect.

So while this product has depressed me slightly due to the realisation I should get out more I would definitely recommend giving it a try if your situation requires it. Maybe the Jacvapour slogan should be ‘Clear Steam: For Vapers with an active social life’

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Have you used the Jacvapour Clear Steam vape juice? It would be great to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below!

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