PicNic: How to Mix Your Own E-Liquids Easily and Cheaply With Jacvapour

Not only does Jacvapour create some of the best e-cig devices on the market they also sell a variety of e-liquids including the Jacvapour Picnic e-liquid ‘shake ‘n vape’ range.

The onset of the TPD has seen the rise in the home brewing and DIY e-liquid mixing scene – and the shake ‘n vape method is obviously the simplest way to go for complete newbies such as myself.

picnic 50ml

There’s no measuring to be done you simply choose the flavour – nicotine strength – base mix PG and VG ratio and mix it all up in the supplied bottle.

So simple even a bumbling old fool like me can make 50mls of juice with the least taxing of my aged brain.

So it all sounds good – but how does it taste?

I was sent x3 flavours direct from Jacvapour – Kitten’s Breath – Real Tobacco Silver and Fruits of the Forest – there’s currently a total of 46 flavours to choose from.

50ml mixed

Due to the TRPR I can’t mention what nicotine level I used so for the sake of argument let’s say it was zero.

OK as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and I guess as a safety warning I should suggest you wear gloves – eye protectors – white coat and face mask when dealing with nicotine [if that is there’s any in the kit you order].


For the fruit flavours I used my trusty old Doge III RDA with fresh wicks – and for the tobacco flavour I popped it into my Aspire Nautilus 2 on the Innokin Pebble.

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What’s Inside the Box

OK you will get:

  • x1 10ml Flavour concentrate
  • x4 10ml bottles of liquid base [nicotine optional and choose your PG/VG ratio etc]
  • x1 Empty 50ml mixing bottle

base mix 40ml

How to Mix the Picnic Kit

  • Taking great care [lol] empty the contents of the base liquid into the 50ml bottle.
  • Add the 10ml flavour concentrate
  • Pop on the nozzle
  • Secure child-proof bottle top
  • Shake it baby!

add concentrate

You can vape straight away – though as you’ll see later on each of the flavour reviews – steeping it for a few days will improve the flavour somewhat.

OK let’s take a look at the three flavours I received.

Jacvapour Picnic – Real Tobacco Silver


JAC Vapour says:

We dialled back the smoky intensity for this one. A smoother, yet still realistic tobacco flavour which has been steeped with real tobacco leaves for that added authenticity.

I say:

I have to say the first few days of vaping on this wasn’t that good – HOWEVER.

After 5 days the flavour suddenly pinged and I mean pinged!

I got that dark deep tobacco flavour with a hint of sweetness that is very moreish.

Just the right throat hit and a surprising amount of vapour for an MTL vape.

Very nice indeed.

Jacvapour Picnic – Kitten’s Breath

kittens breath

JAC Vapour says:

Liquid Zwo has joined the picNIC. There’s nothing sweeter than a kitten’s breath. Creamy, sweet and without the claws.

I say:

Not a lot to go on with the description but the smell from the concentrate was simply stunning and I was expecting big things from this one.

One the inhale comes a sharp citrus tropical fruit taste that is just sweet enough and I have to say very tasty indeed.

However, on the exhale comes the merest hint of cream that brings the whole vape together in a delightful way.

Think a fresh tropical smoothie and you’ll get the idea – very very nice indeed – and trust me its day 6 since I mixed this up and it’s getting better by the day!

Jacvapour Picnic – Fruits of the Forest


JAC Vapour says:

If you go down to the woods today, don’t forget this fruity treat. Packed with juicy berry flavour, it’s a JAC favourite.

I say:

Another mix that took a few days of steeping to really punch me in the gob with that juicy berry taste I enjoy.

However it’s not the biggest smack in the taste-buds I’ve had with a dark berry juice – it’s nice don’t get me wrong and extremely refreshing.

I just think the flavour is a little shall we say washed out and could do with a week or more of steeping – still highly vapeable though!

Final Verdict

I use a shake ‘n vape from my local shop – though the guys in there mix it up for me – they’re good to old folk like that lol.

The Jacvapour Picnic range has impressed me to say the least.

Simple to use and the ones I’ve tried are very tasty and give excellent vapour production – what’s not to like!

Well – the amount of rubbish you have to throw away to mix 50mls of e-liquid is alarming.

This is not JAC Vapour’s fault in the slightest – you can blame the EU and the TPD for the limit of 10ml bottles.


X5 plastic bottles and tops – all the boxes – instruction and warning leaflets makes for a pile that has to be disposed of – or preferably re-cycled.

Though there is some debate if any plastic bottles that once contained nicotine can be re-cycled but I digress.

Like I said it’s not JAC Vapour’s fault – just another thing the meddling EU busybodies failed to take on board.

Anyway rant over lol.

Would I recommend the Jacvapour Picnic range – yes I would in fact I’d highly recommend it as a brilliantly easy and cost effective way to mix your own.

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Real Tobacco Silver
Fruits of the Forest
Kitten's Breath
Neil H
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