The Joyetech Cuboid lite is from the well known Shenzhen vape heavyweights.

If you had to ask me what they specialize in, I’d say it was budget gear, geared more toward beginner vaper kits. I wouldn’t call their gear trendy but I’d call it functional, if that makes sense.

The Joyetech Cuboid Lite

The Cuboid Lite follows on where the Cuboid Pro left off and while it looks like a simplistic mini mod kit on the surface, dig a little deeper and you’ll be quite thrown by the impressive host of features beneath the surface.

Not only does this tiny frame support a 3000mAh battery and an 80W max output, it also has TCR and even a Nicotine counter!!!

What really speaks to me about this device, as a really great choice for beginners, is the fact that Joyetech have gone above and beyond where safety is concerned.

Here’s a MTL/DL device that’s smart enough to think for you when you don’t have any idea what you’re doing…absolutely ideal for beginners.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Cuboid Lite Mod
  • 1 X Exceed D22 Atomizer, 2ml
  • Ex 0.5 Ohm DL Head
  • Ex 1.2 Ohm MTL Head
  • Coil adaptor
  • QC Charge Cable
  • Spare, 3.5 ml Glass Tube
  • Manual, screws & o-rings


  • 3000mAh Built In Baterry
  • Wattage 1-80
  • Dimensions 26mm x 41mm x 67mm
  • Resistance 0.05 – 1.5 Ohm in Temp/TCR mode, 0.1-3.5 Ohm in Power/Bypass Mode
  • 1.45 Inch Color Screen
  • Available in Silver, Black, Red, Yellow, Purple
  • Modes: Power/Bypass/Temp (Ni, SS, Ti)/ TCR (M1, M2, M3)
  • 4-5.5 mm 510 Pin compatible
  • 2A Quick Charge
  • 30A Max Output Current
  • 9V Max Output Voltage
  • Preheat
  • Nicotine Calculator
  • Clock

Build Quality & Design

Joyetech Cuboid Lite Mod

Now, I’m never impressed with Joyetech packaging, the box on the outside may be good quality but they tend to, when packaging kits like this, put the tank loose inside a smaller box in the package without any kind of seating.

I’ve received broken glass components from them before and I wish they’d correct this.

Well, I was relieved that everything was in one piece.
Joyetech Cuboid Lite in handThe mod is a simple, curve cornered rectangle of very small dimensions (I got the black one) with a long, rectangular fire bar taking up one of the narrower sides…it only fires at the top though.
It’s a zinc alloy construction but the screen cover and other large rectangular surface (which has some minimal branding) is that sort of plastic which could collect scratches, indeed, mine is already scratched when it arrives in the mail without a screen protector in sight.

At the bottom of the 1.45 inch color screen there is a horizontal adjustment bar with + on one side and – on the other.

On the base of the mod there are 6 ventilation holes and a tiny reset hole. On the narrow side opposite the fire bar there’s a micro USB port at the top near the edge.

Then there’s a slightly springy, fairly deep 510 connection on top. Unfortunately there’s a slight gap between mod and atomizer, no matter which atomizer you fit.

The mod actually has a good weight to it, I’m assuming that’s the impressive 3000 mAh battery hiding on-board.

Exceed D22 Tank

This tiny little 2ml tank can easily be extended using the provided 3.5ml glass tube and included coil adaptor. The Exceed D22 boasts minimalist design with a bottom adjustable airflow that offers an excellent restricted vape or surprisingly breezy one given the size.Exceed D22 tank by Joyetec reviewed

The long, narrow, removable drip tip is very comfortable and really ideal for MTL, I’m not sure that it’s really right for DTL, it’s incredibly narrow.joyetech Exceed D22 Tank - exploded viewIt’s a top fill system and break down and coil change couldn’t be simpler.

How Does The Joyetech Cuboid Lite Perform?

One thing which really struck me during testing is the devices protections, I enjoyed the fact that, while the devices range is 1-80W, it wouldn’t allow me to exceed the recommended wattage for whichever included coils I had fitted.

This is an invaluable feature for beginners, if I think back on how many coils I burnt out prematurely in my noob days…not to mention lungs full of PAIN. This is a preset function which only works on the included coils though.

I was quite surprised by the fact that this mod has Temp and TCR modes. I fitted one of my smaller RDAs with some 0.5 Ohm SS coils to test out the TC and was impressed by its accuracy and the fact that I was able to save my settings to memory.

I find that the ramp time is really, really good for this size mod…which has a lot to do with that rather heavy 3000mAh battery. On the included coils I found the ramp to be next to zero and the vape really quite adequate for a mod of this size.

I also like all the hidden functions and extra features. The clock screen saver (fully adjustable), screen flip so that you can glare down at your settings while vaping.

I fitted the WOTOFO Flow tank to dabble in the higher wattages and was very surprised by the power provided to a much larger coil and tank setup, actually not a bad little mod at all.

Another thing I like is the screen layout, which has two circles, one within the other, one blue and one green. The green indicates your battery life and diminishes with use, the blue indicates your power.

Now, I’ve tested quite a few smaller devices lately, which have included MTL (Mouth to Lung) coil options and while I’ve never been an MTL lover, I still know when a device supports it and when it doesn’t.

This one definitely does…a really satisfying MTL on this device.

How To Fill The Exceed T22 Tank

Simply unscrew the top cap and fill..!

How To Change the Coil

  • Unscrew the top cap
  • Unscrew the silver filling component
  • Unscrew the coil head from the fill ring
  • Replace

Stock Coil Performance

The Ex 1.2 ohm MTL coils provide an excellent, flavorful MTL vape at 14W. Vapor production is what you’d expect t this wattage but flavor is very good!

Filling with Twelve Monkeys e Liquid the flavor on the Ex 0.5 ohm DL coils is even better and this is honestly one of the best 35W vapes you could hope to have. Combined with excellent airflow on the tank, you’ll get really nice flavor and good vapor production off these coils.

I noticed that both coils are very quick to burn dry when your tank is nearing empty, just because the design doesn’t lock in any moisture. One hit on an empty tank will risk ruining the wicking so be careful of that and keep your tank topped up with e-liquid.

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 Clicks on fire powers on or off
  • 3 Clicks to enter modes and then +/- to cycle through Power/Bypass/Clock/Temp and TCR modes
  • Once In TCR press – and then + to switch between metals or memory settings
  • In Temp mode press fire button 3 times and then – 3 times to lock/unlock resistance
  • Hold fire and + and then press – to set screen protection
  • Hold fire and – to toggle stealth mode
  • Hold _ and – to enable button lock
  • When off, press + and – simultaneously to flip the screen

Battery Life

A very impressive battery life with more than a full days vaping. Thanks to the 2Amp quick charge the battery can be ready to vape with a quick 1.2 hour charge .

What I Liked

I really enjoyed the quick ramp time on this device, as well as both the MTL and DTL coils. I enjoyed the long battery life and the host of functions and features, there’s more to the device than meets the eye.

What I Dislike

I don’t like the fact that tanks don’t sit flush on the device. I’m personally not a big fan of the screen finish and find it looks a little cheap and scratches easily.

I’d say the colored options look a little classier than the black but maybe that’s just me.Colour options for the Cuboid Lite kit by Joyetech

Also, I actually would have liked to see a tank that would allow us to explore the mod’s 80W range…instead, we have a tank with coils that can’t exceed 35W. I’m having a good laugh about the fact that the tank is called the Exceed 22.

Final Review Verdict

The Joyetech Cuboid Lite kit is a nifty little setup that’s perfect for beginners and stealthier vapers. It will even support TC when should you need it.

I get good power and solid performance and battery life from this little guy and although I’m not a big fan of the looks, this really is a good, affordable mini mod kit.


  • Plenty interesting features for such a small package
  • Good MTL tank
  • Excellent Ramp Time
  • Performs well throughout the wattage range, even with bigger tanks
  • I like the pictorial info display and full color screen
  • Protection features are great for beginners


  • Cheap screen finish
  • Tanks don’t seem to sit flush

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Design and Build
Battery Life
Tank and Coils
Overall Performance
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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