The Joyetech Ultex T80 is one of the latest releases from this vaping giant. It feels silly doing this intro as to most of us Joyetech will need no introduction.Joyetech ULTEX T80 review

For the new vapers amongst us, let’s just say that the Joyetech back catalogue is so extensive that since joining the vaping game in 2007 they have been one of the major players in the business. A new mod seems to be released every couple of months so if you’re a beginner or more advanced vaper, they have you covered.

Opening the box on this kit left me scratching my head. I’ve always been one for clean lines and simplicity in my tech, but holding the Ultex in my hand left me feeling like Dr Who clutching onto his/her sonic screwdriver. And that gave me a smile.

There’s a sense of playfulness in the design, an almost futuristic impression of how vaping would evolve if a vaper was asked in 2008 to design the mod of the future and I like that. It’s a million miles away from the clean lines of a mod like the Freemax Twister.

Ok.. Lets get stuck in and see how this performs.

This device was sent for the purposes of review. As always my views are my own.

In the Box

  • 1 x ULTEX T80 (no battery)
  • 1 x CUBIS Max atomiser (including 1 NCFilm heater)
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Spare glass tube
  • 2 x Manual (Mod and Tank)
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 2 x Warning cards
  • Spare parts (including and extra NC Film)

ultex unpacked

Features and specs


  • Size: 28 x 138.5mm  (approx)
  • Battery: 18650 (not included)
  • Screen: 0.49 inch OLED display
  • Output modes: POWER / BYPASS / TEMP (NI/TI/SS) / TCR
  • Wattage Range: 1W-80W
  • Resistance range: 0.05 – 1.5 Ohms (TEMP/TCR mode)
  • Resistance range: 0.05 – 3.5 Ohms (POWER mode)
  • Continuous firing time: 10s
  • Charging: via micro USB cable
  • 510 connection: spring loaded, gold plated 510 pin

CUBIS Max Atomiser

  • Height: 50mm (approx)
  • Diameter: 28mm (approx)
  • Heater: Joyetech NCFilm heater (Kanthal)
  • Adjustable top airflow
  • Threaded removable top fill
  • Drip tip height: 10mm (approx
  • Drip tip outer diameter: 14mm (approx)
  • Capacity: 5.0ml
  • Threading: gold-plated 510 pin
  • Available colours: Matte Black / Silver / Gold / Sky Blue / Dazzling

Design and Build Quality

On first impression the build quality seems good on the Joyetech ULTEX T80 kit. It’s a solid build with very good weight to it. After a few days with this kit my opinion changed from solid to rugged. The machining on the mod gave a good tactile feel in the hand and I kept finding myself moving it around in my hand to feel all of the different textures.

The weight of the material gives a feeling of quality that is reassuring given it’s a little more expensive than mods in this bracket.

ultex air flowI love the rustic/futuristic/industrial look the whole kit has, but compared to the rest of the materials the metal button has a contrasting texture. It feels almost plastic.

The battery charging port is on the back is directly behind the fire button. It isn’t covered, so this could allow for a build up of pocket lint over time. The addition of a blue plug would have complimented the overall look.

cubis max tank strippedThe CUBIS Max tank comes in a colour that compliments the mod and has the same sturdy look and feel.

Stripping it down takes me into unknown territory and I was a bit wary of the rather flimsy looking strip heater that promised “huge but flavoured clouds”. The 2 airflow slots on the top of the tank moved with ease. However closing the airflow loses you the sees silver metal shining through the AFC holes. I wonder how much extra effort it would have been to coat the inside of the AFC ring with the same colour as the outside?

Hand Feel

I loved how this mod felt in my hand and it’s probably the closest I’m going to get to feeling the luxury of a mech mod in the near future. ultex handThe coating gives a gorgeous tactile feel and the etching looks like something straight out of a light sabre design manual. The weight is nice and balanced. You certainly know it’s there, but that doesn’t make it uncomfortable.

How Does The Joyetech Ultex T80 Kit Perform

I’ve used the ULTEX T80 kit every day on my commute for the last 2 weeks and I’ve been more than happy with it. The flavour is great and the battery life is amazing. Although I was only running the tank at 40W (the recommended max), so this may have had a lot to do with it.

ultex nc filmFor the price I would definitely say that this is not aimed at the new vaper and the fiddly, tiny screws keeping the NC Film in place might also put off some people who are looking for simplicity.

The firing time was bang on and I got a full flavoured hit from the 0.29Ohm element each time I hit that button. The little pad of cotton kept the NC Film fed with e-liquid even when chain vaping.

Considering there are only 2 small holes feeding the cotton pad, this is very impressive.

Cleaning the NCFilm was the simplest thing in the world. Damp cloth…wipe…boom, your back in the game.

Being a bit cautious, I cleaned it every few days just to keep it going for as long as I could.

It’s been 3 weeks now and I might get another week out of it before I need to replace it.


The top level menu is accessed by 3 quick presses of the fire button.Joyetech ULTEX T80 screen

Being top level, it’s a simple press of the up/down buttons to select your options, a quick tap on the fire button and your selection is confirmed.

It’s a good job the menu is so simple as the screen is tiny. Saying that, everything you need it clearly laid out. Joyetech have definitely made good use of the screen real-estate here.

Holding the fire button sees the screen change to show the fire time, which has a cool progress bar and second counter.

Air Flow

The AFC allows you close of the air flow with an unnecessary quarter turn, long after the holes have been completely covered. It doesn’t impede performance, but you have to ask the question, why?

ultex airflow

Fill Me Up

Filling the tank is simple and smooth. The machining of the top of the CUBIS Max tank provides a mechanical click when you push at the red arrow to reveal the small kidney shaped hole. I noticed a fair bit of eliquid under the top cap.

It looks as though there is no O-ring to provide a seal, instead the CUBIS Max appears to rely on pressure to keep the seal. This got a little sticky after a while.ultex top fill

Clouds Bro!

The claim that the CUBIS Max gives huge clouds is well…a lie. The NC Film, which I assume is short for Notch Coil, is only rated to around 40W, so the clouds cannot compete with other sub ohm tanks rated to much higher wattages.

The flavour is there, yes. But not the clouds.

ultex cotton
Cotton pad sits under NC Film

What Did I Use?

When I was testing the Joyetech Ultex T80 I used a Twelve Monkeys vape juice.

With a 70:30, VG/PG mix I wanted to see if the CUBIS Max could feed the cotton pad as quickly as the wicks in my dripper could feed my complex coils.

The outcome?

Not quite, but it’s definitely an improvement on some of the stock coils I’ve used in the past.


With the CUBIS Max atomiser being top airflow I wasn’t expecting any leaking. And even though the kit found itself rolling around in the passenger footwell of my car from time to time, the tank stayed leak free…..awesome!


  • Stunning design
  • Interesting heating element
  • Good wicking


  • Price is a bit steep
  • NC Film wattage is a bit low

Final Verdict

I can’t find anything to really knock the Joyetech Ultex T80 kit. It looks cool AF. The flavour is good for a “stock coiler” even if the max wattage is a little low. If I’m being picky, give me a matchy matchy drip tip and a bottom fire button and it would be perfect for me with a single coil dripper on top.

I won’t be letting this one go far very soon.

Red Beard Vapes

I began vaping 18 months ago after circumstances saw me reaching for the cigarettes once again. I have a fondness for tattoos and piercings but my beard is my most distinguishing feature and you will regularly find it enjoy a decent pint in a decent pub. MY DTL set up is an SX Mini G-Class with a 24mm dual coil Dead Rabbit. Vaping has quickly become a massive interest of mine.

Build quality
Ease of use
Value for money
Replace if lost
I began vaping 18 months ago after circumstances saw me reaching for the cigarettes once again. I have a fondness for tattoos and piercings but my beard is my most distinguishing feature and you will regularly find it enjoy a decent pint in a decent pub. MY DTL set up is an SX Mini G-Class with a 24mm dual coil Dead Rabbit. Vaping has quickly become a massive interest of mine.
joyetech-ultex-t80-reviewFor looks, style and performance the ULTEX T80 kit is a winner. It's not the cheapest kit out there and considering the wattage range for the futuristic NC Film I would like to see Joytech push the performance of the "coil" higher. But as with all new tech, things are done in baby steps. I'm looking forward to seeing where these NC Film strips head to in their next outing.


  1. I bought one of these a couple of weeks back.

    The claimed life of the coil is apparently 3 months which which is actually partly the reason why i bought it, and did notice that it has a lower recommended rating (i started vaping a couple of months back after inheriting an Aegis Solo) so figured it would be ok on battery life.

    Youre correct that leaving it on the recommended settings it doesnt do much, but theres actually a couple of unseen upsides to this tank, but also, sadly a downside.

    Im actually finding it will happily run on much higher ratings than its recommending, and im getting plenty of flavour and cloud (im a cig replacer not a cloud chaser) having zero problems with taste, dry hits, or anything like that, and its not negatively affecting the coil at all it seems, so its easily outdoing the other couple of tanks ive collected along the way, (ofrf nexmesh, and a pair of vaporesso tanks)

    Next unnoticed upside – Its actually *brilliant* for taste testing. Unlike most pre-build coil tanks where you run out of juice, top it up with something different, then youve got to wait a while for your new flavour to come through, AND you need to keep it fairly well juiced lest you burn out the coil, with this, you can empty it out, unscrew the bottom, take the wick out and give the lot a wipe, slap another rectangle of cotton, pre-lube the wick, put it back together, fill it up again, and bang, youve got your new flavour hit instantly (means i didnt have to waste choking a few days on this horrible Mr Meringue stuff i got for a start!)

    The downside – The ‘it doesnt leak’ thing isnt exactly true. While its not coming from anywhere inside the tank, the er… doodad where you twist it to close of the airholes, is actually not very well fitted, and wiggles up and down a fair amount, and when it does, you start getting juice working its way out of the top of the ring leaving a greasy mess. Also the drip lip isnt very secure and every now and again starts to work itself a bit loose, although theres probably an o-ring replacement for it somewhere. Either way, im finding its actually one of the best additions to my slowly growing kit (quit smokes save money my a**e) and ill actually get a second one in the next couple of weeks.

    Current next tank im looking forward to trying is my Honeystick Oz-Ohm which will hopefully arrive today… if that does the job, that will be the end of tobacco in my house for the first time in 25 years.

  2. I have this kit for a bit more than a month now.
    Tank is leaking all around the seam of filling port

    I like the mod, idea behind the tank, ncfilm, simplicity
    But the leak is killing me


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