Does the Lion Logo Make the Kaees Solomon the Pride of All RTAs?

Kaees are a relatively new company on the vaping scene and one to be honest I’d only vaguely heard of.

The Solomon RTA is the latest release in line of tanks – firstly the Landmark 2 a kind of Kayfun look-a-like quickly followed by the Vane and the Pacer all of which were well – if a little quietly – received.

The Solomon RTA doesn’t bring anything new to the RTA party however it’s certainly a good looking tank suggestive of a prettier sister of the Wotofo Troll RTA.


So given the market is swamped with RTAs these days – and I have a few of them lol – how does this one stack up against the competition?

And given it has a lion logo on the chimney has this become the pride of my RTA collection?

Let’s take a closer look.

As always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Inside the Box

A basic no frills box and inside you’ll find:

  • 1 x SOLOMON
  • 1 x RTA coil
  • 1 x Glass
  • 2 x 0.2 ohm clapton fuse
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x parts bag ( Screwdriver+Japanese cotton + O ring)

solomon box

Kaees Solomon RTA Specs

  • Size: 46mm x 24mm
  • Capacity: 4ml
  • Material: 304 SS + Pyrex glass
  • Thread: 510


Key Features

This is a good looking 24mm diameter 4ml capacity RTA that could also be described as a GTA – Genesis Tank Atomizer given the deck is slightly raised above the ‘juice well’.

But for the purpose of this review we’ll stick to calling it a RTA!

kaees solomon rta

Its’ specifically set-up as a dual coil – I have tried popping a single coil in and whilst it is kind of possible you certainly don’t get the best out of this RTA.

The Kaees Solomon has dual Cyclops bottom airflow that is adjustable and even two weeks of constant use moving it is hard as it’s extremely stiff.

solomon rta

However it is a rather long airflow ‘slot’ [10mm] meaning you really can tailor the exact amount of air you want to get to your coils.

The gold plated deck is slightly raised above the base and is a pretty standard 2 post velocity style with plenty of room for larger coils and decent sized wicking ports.


It’s a simple screw off top fill and comes with a 10mm bore PEI – Delrin 510 – other 510 drip tips will fit but sadly not the Goon style 810s.

Design and Build Quality

Overall everything comes apart and fits back together very well indeed – so high marks for the build quality.

Out of the box and my first impression was this looked remarkably like the Troll RTA – a tank I finally bought back in the summer and have used pretty much every day for the past 2 months.

Unlike the Troll this one can’t really manage it single coil build – but please do try if that’s your bag – I just found the vape wasn’t anywhere near as good as in dual.


No innovation on the deck at all really – the old adage why change something that works springs to mind – however it is extremely easy to build and wick.

The barrel is raised above the juice ports and features a nice etching of a lion’s head – which design wise and given I’m a Leo I really like.

It’s ever so slightly domed before the vapour hits a reasonably wide chimney and is topped with a delrin 510 drip tip which feels a little odd after so many 810s recently!

Overall I have to say this is a good looking RTA – and comes in black and silver.

How Does The Kaees Solomon RTA Perform?

OK building on this is an absolute doddle with wide post holes and decent screws meaning you can wrench away to your hearts content with even the most exotic of coils.


As I’ve said it’s a top fill and wicking is an absolute cinch too – less is better here though and I found cutting the legs just above the deck and then angling them slightly before fluffing them out gave a leak free vape.

Yeah you read that right – leak free!

top fill

I have had not one leak from this nor have I had one dry hit even chain vaping – the Solomon wicks like a dream bubbling away quite happily.

However it is a bit of a drinker to say the least and I had to look more than once to check it is 4ml because after a couple of hours out and about it was running dry – so take a bottle with you!

Flavour and Clouds?

OK the coils that come with this are decent but I’ve been using a pair of staggered fused Clapton coils ohming out 0.27 and have taken the Solomon from 65watts right up to 100 watts.

It handled everything beautifully and I might piss off a few Troll fans out there – but the Solomon RTA gives a much better flavour in my opinion!


In actual fact the flavour is insane from this – absolutely spot on and I’ve been getting new levels of taste from a couple of my go to juices – wow – wow indeed this is a flavour tank!

And it can chuck out those clouds with the best of them too even at lower wattages you’ll enjoy dense satisfying plumes of sweet smelling vapour.

This is a cloudy tasty tank and one of – if not the – best RTA I’ve had the pleasure to use.

What I Like

No getting away from the fact this is flavour chaser and a cloud chasers dream RTA.

The flavour is intense and even at higher temperatures the vapour stays on the warm – not hot – side which really makes your taste buds pop!

I’m a big kid at heart so I love the cloud production too with really dense clouds literally for days.

Building and wicking on this is about as easy as it gets with generous sized post and wicking holes and they are solid posts and screws.

Despite it looking similar to the Troll RTA in design for me it looks classier and as I’ve said I love the lion logo.

solomon rta aleader funky 160

What I Don’t Like

I’m a big fan of the 810 drip tips however the 510 on this once you’ve got used to it works well and I guess the narrowness adds a little to the flavour.

Now this is just a little niggle but annoying none the less and that is the gold plated deck peeking through the barrel.

It looks to all the world to me like your juice level!

I know that sounds daft but you get a gold band around the base and even now I’m forever checking if it needs filling!

Like I said a bit of a niggle but one I have to mention as it really has become annoying lol.

Final Review Verdict

I have a number of newer and older RTAs with the Troll – the Merlin Mini and surprisingly the Ammit my current go to’s.

However since I first built and vaped on the Kaees Solomon RTA I haven’t used any of the others except when comparing the flavour and cloud production.

For me the Solomon is the best RTA I’ve ever used – hands down – even though it’s a bit of a drinker 😉

  • Easy to build
  • Easy to wick
  • 4ml capacity – though it is thirsty
  • Nice design
  • Good airflow control
  • Great clouds
  • Excellent flavour


  • A little thirsty
  • 520 drip tip
  • Technically dual coil only

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Build Quality
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost or Damaged
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