Kraken E Cigs: Squid Ink

A recent review of Kraken Minion Farts e-liquid had me jumping at the chance to try more of their creations. Next on the list is a flavour that is regularly raved about around the e cig community and one that made the final top 5 e-liquid flavours of 2013 in the Ecigclick Awards, Squid Ink.

Kraken E Cigs description: “Have you ever wondered what squid ink tastes like? Well, many believe that it is a noxious substance that’s used to scare predators off. This common misconception is acceptable, as let’s be honest with each other here. Only first year marine biologist students are made to taste it, and their taste buds are destroyed (thanks to the student union bar). No, squid ink is actually a very complex blend of fruits and is actually sublimely sweet!”

E Cig used in this review: Innokin iTaste MVP 2 set at 10W with an iClear XL Clearomiser


This for me was a really difficult flavour to identify, it is fruity and sweet but both combine to create a really subtle flavour that I have to say, I couldn’t put down! This could easily be a one sentence review “I can’t decipher the different flavours of Squid Ink but it’s bloody good, go and buy some!”.

I had to go and search out what others have said as it was starting to annoy me a little bit! Users had reported berries being present… yeah I can get that…

Then others have compared them to tasting like black Jelly babies and I do get that as well.

Others have detected a hint of citrus.. Maybe I can see that. Others hints of Menthol... I’m not so sure on that?

I don’t really know, all I can say is that it is a very easy to vape e-liquid, subtle, smooth and one that I went though in no time at all!

Vapour Volume

I was getting plumes of vapour with Squid Ink.

Production Details

Kraken e cigs make their e-liquid to order using USP/BP grade nicotine base, propylene glycol & glycerin sourced from the UK.


Very easy all day vape. Smooth, subtle fruit mix without any flavours overpowering the other. Found it annoying because I found it hard to decipher what it actually was. Highly recommended!

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  1. I purchased The Kracken from an e-cig shop in St. Louis, Missouri. I instantly fell for this flavor. But, in trying to contact them to make a purchase I have found they have gone out of business. I am at a loss as this soon became the only flavor that satisfied me. I am hoping that Kracken is Kracken, no matter where it comes from. I will try this from your shop and will soon know. Thanks! I so hope it is like my original one that I am hooked on, lol.


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