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At the beginning of 2022,VOOPOO, with a unique way in the process of designing the products, is looking to start the year with a bang.

According to official website, the Vinci Pod Royal Edition with the new relief design language will shine on 5th January 2022. While emphasising the retro design, it also demonstrates a strong aristocratic atmosphere.
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Craftsmanship and Relief process on the body of Pod

From the site of the “Sumerian Civilization”, one of the birthplaces of human civilization, a large number of high-quality relief art appeared.

In contemporary times, there are also a large number of artistic competitions using relief technology.

According to Vivian, the product development team leader of VOOPOO, this is the first ingenuity of the earliest relief of humans, combined with fashion and retro contemporary elements, inspiring us to develop Vinci Pod Royal Edition series. The Original intention is to deeply excavate our artistic value and cultural value of the Pod. In the process of using the product, it can show the users’ elegant artistic taste as well.

voopoo manufacturing steps

However, it is not easy to put implement delicate relief patterns on a tiny pod. A slight deviation in the manufacturing process will cause the product itself to fail to achieve the quality of art.

From what we have known that six products of the series of VOOPOO Vinci Pod Royal Edition were designed by experienced craftsmen. Furthermore, it also borrowed the design element of the retro jazz and cool graffiti.

In the product development process, it took 8 months and was meticulously crafted through 12 manufacturing processes and 68 craftsmanship. 80% of the steps need to be made by hand, bringing together the painstaking effort of more than 20 industrial designers, structural designers, and research and development teams.

In addition to the unique shape characteristics of the relief itself, the tactile experience brought about by the relief itself is even more impressive. Because the design of each relief is slightly different, users can choose different patterns of products according to their visual preferences, but also according to the tactile preferences of different styles. The “tactile beauty” of relief is in the hand, to personally experience the shock of an artistic masterpiece, the product concave and convex process is very hierarchical, the user can enjoy the noble experience between the fingertips touch.

User-centered, taking into account the experience of using the product.

In addition to the design of product’s high quality, the material and experience of the product itself are more suitable for the user’s daily habits. The VOOPOO product development team have used aviation grade 6061 aluminium alloy, which has excellent strength and plasticity, outstanding fracture toughness and fatigue resistance, as well as excellent stress corrosion and anti-stripping corrosion, the material has been widely used in aerospace, high speed rail and automotive industries.

It is worth noting that after 268 precise airflow adjustments, VINCI Pod Royal Edition optimised the design of the microphone head and airway, bringing unparalleled comfort to the mouth suction experience. Its ergonomically designed mouthpiece provides a better lip fit, and combined with the sensitive microphone’s automatic vaping mode, it instantly delivers a smoother and richer taste experience.

According to reports, this product from VOOPOO used a visual VINCI POD cartridge, allowing users to see how much vape juice is left. The VINCI Pod Royal Edition is also equipped with 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω atomizers, you can bring different levels of taste reduction and nicotine analysis experience according to your preferences.

The VINCI POD Royal Edition is also a perfect blend of breathing light and patch through a complex process. In the process of use, the user lights up when inhaling, and goes off when stopped, and feels the strong sense of ritual brought by the dynamic light during breathing.

WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Find out more on the VOOPOO website.

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