Liqua Review

Liqua are a brand I heard about a number of months ago that are based in Italy.

They use a mix of PG and VG (not sure of the %) as well as quality Italian flavours from what they state on their website.

I had a little search and found that Vape Escape are retailing their liquid.

The bottle I bought was their cherry flavour with 70% PG and 30% VG.

On opening the bottle you get a really nice sweet cherry aroma, smells good!

On taking a drag though this is where, for me, the ‘niceness’ kind of ends. I do like cherry flavours in general but this had a slight cherry/soapy taste to it.

Do you remember the cherry lips sweets you could get when you were a kid? Well they taste like that and I have to say they were one of the only sweets as a child I refused to eat!

Now taste is definitely a subjective thing and Cherry Lips may well have been your favourite sweets as a child, I won’t judge, I just never saw the point in them myself. I think I was made to eat them when I inadvertently swore in front of my mother as they were cheaper than soap itself.

The throat hit however was good as was the vapour volume, the VG helping out on this point.

The price of the Liqua e-liquids are £4.75 for a 10ml bottle and £9.45 for the 30ml so competitive when comparing with other brands.

The only downside is that on the Vape Escape site there is only one nicotine strength available in the Liqua e-liquids and that is the 18mg.

Overall – For me the Liqua Cherry flavour wasn’t very nice at all. It tastes too much like ‘Cherry Lip’ sweets I used to get as a kid ie: of soap with a hint of sweet cherry. If you enjoyed those sweets though you will like this particular e-liquid.

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