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I recently reviewed the Blueberry flavour from LiQuid and thought it was a fantastic flavour overall.

If you read that then you will know the story behind the brand and that all of their e-liquids are just £1 for a 10ml bottle!

Yup, that cheap and for a UK made e-liquid from experienced e cig brand Freshcig. Without question the cheapest e-liquid I have seen.

This review is another fruity one, their Apple flavour.

One Pound LiQuid Say: “A natural, sweet and juicy apple flavour with slight vanilla and caramel undertones creating a unique e-liquid that makes for an extraordinary vape.”

Device used in this review: Aspire Nautilus 2s


The apple aroma is there from the bottle but it’s definitely mixed with something else. As LiQuid state, it has caramel and vanilla undertones although I’m not sure if I’m getting that.

On vaping for me there is the initial apple flavour which is on the subtle side, this is followed up by the aforementioned caramel. This is also subtle an not sickly in any way like many caramel juices can be be, it’s only really noticeable on exhaling. As for the vanilla, my taste buds weren’t getting that one coming through.

Although I didn’t mind this flavour I would have preferred a more prominent, refreshing apple vape and this was just a touch too subdued for me on that front. That’s not to say you can’t taste the apple, you can for sure, it’s just other apple flavours I have tried are a lot bolder!

Vapour Volume

Very good on this front! With the 10mg strength they use a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, the VG helps give that extra in terms of clouds.

Throat Hit

A nice smooth vape with a subtle but noticeable throat kick. Just the way I like it.

Production Details

Apart from selling £1 e-liquids, LiQuid also do something else slightly different. They make their VG/PG levels in accordance to the nicotine volume. The higher the nicotine the higher the PG volume. This is done as they think a higher nicotine vaper will prefer a stronger throat hit.

When it comes to ingredients and manufacturing their e-liquid is made under the following conditions:

  • European sourced, pharmaceutical grade nicotine
  • Produced in Britain in an ISO Class 8 clean room facility
  • Chip compliant bottles, tamper evident
  • All ingredients are traceable
  • Regular batch testing


  • 10ml – £1

Postage Pricing

  • £1.50 – This price is set despite the number of bottles ordered.


While I would have personally preferred a slightly more prominent apple flavour I have to say these guys have produced another good fruit flavour.

Not as good as their Blueberry for me but still one I had no problem coming back to on a regular basis. If you like Apple then this is definitely worth a try. At £1 it won’t break the bank to do so.

Have you used the LiQuid Apple e-liquid? If so please let us know below!

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