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Following on from reviews of their Cherry Menthol, Apple and Blueberry I am trying my first tobacco flavoured e-liquid from ‘LiQuid’ who are selling from the website

If you haven’t read the other LiQuid reviews then their domain name should give it all away, yes, just £1 a bottle!

Things have been looking very good so far with no dodgy flavours.

This review, as mentioned, is their British Tobacco flavour.

One Pound LiQuid Say: “British Tobacco is one for the purists, this mellow tobacco flavour gives a gentle reminder of what we all used to love about smoking and works great as an all day vape.”

Device used in this review: Aspire Nautilus 2s


It has to be said that tobacco flavours aren’t my first choice, go to e-liquids when I sit down for a good old vape. The more I tried the variety of sweeter, fruity flavours the more I moved away from tobacco as an all day (or even occasional) vape.

So like most other tobacco flavours I review they aren’t necessarily the first ones I grab to fill up a tank. This isn’t to say I can’t appreciate the flavours that various e-liquids bring.

With that out of the way I’ll get back to this review!

The first thing that crossed my mind when vaping this e-liquid was ‘this isn’t so bad actually’.

The tobacco flavour is prominent while at the same time being subtle. A mixture of a nice throat hit with a smoothness that makes it really easy to vape.

The main thing here for me is that the flavour wasn’t overpowering which a lot of tobacco e-liquids can be.

I actually found myself vaping this as an all dayer no problem. Would I keep going back to it? If I fancied a tobacco flavour then for sure I would yes. I still have a preference for other flavours but British Tobacco is an excellent flavour.

Vapour Volume

Very good, the 60/40 PG/VG mix helps produces bags of vapour.

Throat Hit

Good, the throat hit sits perfectly well with the tobacco flavour while still giving a smooth draw.

Production Details

LiQuid manufacture their juice under the following conditions:

  • European sourced, pharmaceutical grade nicotine
  • Produced in Britain in an ISO Class 8 clean room facility
  • Chip compliant bottles, tamper evident
  • All ingredients are traceable
  • Regular batch testing


  • 10ml – £1

Postage Pricing

  • £1.50 – This price is set despite the number of bottles ordered, so don’t just buy one flavour, try a few!


I was pleasantly surprised by this flavour. After years of vaping fruit, sweet, drink and minty flavours I thought my tobacco vaping days had passed me by. If I had to vape a tobacco flavour then this would sit up there with Jacvapour Real Tobacco Lite as one of my choices when filling my tank.

As if I need to mention it again but £1 for a UK made e-liquid that tastes as good as more expensive options out there is definitely worth a try.

Have you used the British Tobacco LiQuid juice? If so please let us know below!

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  1. had to stop the fags as its stopping the healing process after an op ,this is the taste ive been looking for in all the other so called tobacco liquids,easy to pour/fill the tanks and has just the same belt off it as a roll up,,this will make it easier if you want to stop,cut down on real fags,, ill be sticking with this one,, well done the makers

  2. Quick delivery, seamless ordering , better than the best even some at fiver a pop. No after taste. Black tob’ quite nice but this is the only one I puff now exclusively. Other half has the menthol exclusively so order at 30 a time. Would use this brand only regardless of price. British tobacco @ 1.2 , menthol @ .6
    Was getting desperate to find a good juice in one flavour, tried this as cheap, nothing to loose and was really surprised as best out of forty or so brands. Rolls Royce quality at Ford escort prices.


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