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This is the third of my LiQuid reviews and so far so good, especially seeing that all their e-liquid are priced at just £1! At the time of writing my favourite has been their Blueberry flavour, lets see if that can change.

This review is kind of another fruity one, their Cherry Menthol flavour.

One Pound LiQuid Say: “The UK Lab put this e-cig juice together as it was the flavour that we have had most requests for and boy did the flavourists get this one right.”

Device used in this review: Aspire Nautilus 2s


A slight squeeze of the bottle releases quite a sweet cherry aroma with no menthol present, or at least to my nose.

The missing menthol smell is definitely rectified when vaping thought, my first drag was a bit of a “hmmmm… I don’t think I like this” kind of reaction.

All it reminded me of was Tunes, the sweet that was used to clear your airwaves. Is this even still made? So the first few drags were a definite no no for me.

I did however persevere as I have found with so many e-liquids that they can benefit from not only your taste buds adjusting but also being able to breathe a little.

My second try was definitely an improvement, the ‘Tunes’ flavour had settled a touch and the mix of cherry and menthol was balancing out for the better.

I took a while vaping this one, once I got the initial few drags out of the way I enjoyed it a lot more. Is it my favourite fruit/menthol mix? Not quite, Blackcurrant Menthol from ROK was more to my liking but the cherry menthol is still a good effort!

Vapour Volume

No problem again, in fact very good with the 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

Throat Hit

Noticeable but not overpowering, just right for me.

Production Details

When it comes to ingredients and manufacturing their e-liquid is made under the following conditions:

  • European sourced, pharmaceutical grade nicotine
  • Produced in Britain in an ISO Class 8 clean room facility
  • Chip compliant bottles, tamper evident
  • All ingredients are traceable
  • Regular batch testing


  • 10ml – £1

Postage Pricing

  • £1.50 – This price is set despite the number of bottles ordered.


It took a while to get my taste buds on side with this but after a little perseverance it did grow on me. I’m not sure I would personally use this on a regular basis but that’s just me.

If the mix of those two flavours sound good to you then I would say give it a go, just be sure to give it time as the flavour does change for the better.

Update: I went back to the clearomiser I had this juice in about a week after I published this review. I have to say it has improved a lot.

I think this just needs a bit of time to steep but it has turned out to be a really nice cherry flavour with a refreshing menthol hit! Very good indeed! If you go for this I would recommend taking the top off and leaving it in a safe place for a few days to steep.

Have you used the LiQuid Cherry Menthol juice? If so please let us know below!

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  1. I tried a few of the one pound LiQuids and most are pretty good if not excellent. The cherry menthol came top of the lot for me.Previously my favourite flavour using various companies was blueberry , but this one tops the lot. The only ejuice I like more than this one is Heisenberg by Vampire Vapes and that’s £12 a bottle (for 30ml) .


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