Lost Vape have been knocking the ball out of the park recently with their expanding line of vaping hardware.

Well known for their EFusion, Halcyon & DUO range of regulated mods and more recently their triple 18650 Triade DNA200 mod.

What Can We Expect From The Therion & Therion BF DNA75 by Lost Vape?

Now, they have brought us two more high quality devices in the form of the Therion DNA75 & Therion Bottom Fed (BF) DNA75.


The Lost Vape Therion is the first dual parallel 18650 device to utilized Evolv’s DNA75 board, while the Therion BF version is a single 18650 DNA75 device which incorporates a bottom feeding 510 connection for squonking.

Both devices combine an ergonomic form factor with genuine leather wraps and beautiful ebony wood panels on a very well machined chassis.

Before we get too engrossed, I would just like to point out that this is a review of the Lost Vape Therion devices and not the Evolv DNA75 board or the Escribe software, both of which have been covered in great depths by other reviews far more knowledgeable in these things than I am!

What’s In The Box

Therion DNA75

  • Therion DNA75 device
  • Retractable USB cable (charging & data)
  • Therion User Manual

Therion BF DNA75

  • Therion BF DNA75 device
  • Dilirum BF RDA
    • 24mm Diameter
    • 5mm Deep Juice Well
    • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
    • 20mm Spacious Build Deck
    • Two-Post, Dual Terminal Design
    • 5mm by 2mm Terminal Posts
    • Side-Secured via Hex Screws
    • PEEK Insulator
    • Dual Internal Airtubes Inside Chamber
    • Adjustable Dual Bottom Airflow – 8mm by 3.5mm
    • Adjustable Dual Top Airflow – 5 Mini Airslots per Side
    • 11mm Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
    • 12mm Delrin Slopped Drip Tip
    • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
    • Squonk-Ready 510 ConnectionUSB cable (charging & data)
  • 2 x 11ml squonking bottles (1 pre-installed in device)
  • Spare flexible tubing
  • Black Conical delrin triptip
  • Spare o-rings
  • 4 x Spare Grub/Hex screws
  • Tri-tool
  • Therion User Manual


  • Wattage Output Range: 1.0-75W
  • Dual 18650 Parallel cell setup – Therion / Single 18650 cell setup – Therion BF
  • Voltage Output Range: 0.6-6.0V
  • Minimum Kanthal Resistance: 0.25ohm
  • Minimum Temperature Resistance: 0.15ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200°F to 600°F / 100°C to 300°C
  • Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel
  • Intuitive OLED Display
  • Die Cast Zinc Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Genuine Leather Battery Door
  • Ebony Wooden Panel Inserts
  • Three-Button Operation
  • Patented Evolv DNA75 Chipset
  • Upgradeable Escribe Software
  • Cell-by-Cell Monitoring
  • Cell Balancer
  • Atomizer Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Low Voltage Step Down Protection
  • MicroUSB Port – Firmware Upgrades
  • Stainless Steel 510 Thread Point
  • Spring-Loaded Nickel Plated Brass 510 Connection
  • Dimensions: 90.5mm x 54mm x 27mm

Build Quality & Design

At the base of the Therion(s) is a well machined c-frame die-cast zinc alloy chassis and when I say well machined I really do mean well machined.

The die-cast chassis provides the Therion with a sturdy and weighty feel in the hand even without batteries on-board.

Therion DNA75


Therion BF


At the top of both mods we have our standard 510 connection with a spring loaded nickel plated brass centre pin. In the case of the Bottom Feed Therion, this pin is hollow to allow juice to flow from the squonking bottle up into the attached bottom fed atomizer.

Also on the top section of the device(s) is the Therion and Therion BF logo’s.


Along the front section of the Therion we have the fire button, LED indicator, OLED screen, the “+” & “-“ buttons and the USB charging/upgrade port.

The buttons appear to be constructed from zinc alloy and blend in with the chassis of the mod quite nicely. Button press is relatively soft with a very faint click but are very comfortable to use.

Just below the “fire” button there is a small LED indicator which illuminates on each press of the “fire” button and also during charging. The colour of the indicator is customisable in the Escribe software.

The very familiar OLED screen, similar to many other DNA devices, provides a wealth of information!

  • Battery level meter
  • Coil resistance in ohms
  • TC temperature
  • Voltage and wattage

With the Escribe software this is completely customisable.

In addition to this customisation also extends to screen time-out, brightness and screen graphics, which are made up from a series of replaceable monochrome bitmap files.


Alternative screen display items customisable through Escribe include:-

Battery Charge Output Current Average Output Power of the most recent puff
Battery Pack Voltage Output Voltage Average Temperature of the most recent puff
Room Temperature Material Name Total Energy of the most recent puff
Puff Count Board Temperature Duration of the most recent puff

As with the “fire” button, the “+” & “-“ button appear to be zinc alloy only slightly smaller in size. And button press again is relatively soft with a very faint click.

Typical button actions and combinations include:-

  • Wake device from power off state: Tap the Fire Button
  • Lock the device: Pressing the fire button five times
  • Stealth Mode: With the device locked, holding the fire and down (-) buttons together for five seconds
  • Power Locked mode: Holding down both the up (+) and down (-) buttons for two seconds
  • Resistance lock: With the device locked, hold both the Fire and Up (+) buttons for two seconds
  • Temperature Adjust: With the device locked, holding down both the up (+) and down (-) buttons for two seconds. Use the up (+) and down (-) buttons to adjust the temperature. To save temperature setting and exit, press the Fire button.

On the rear section of the devices we have a battery compartment door in the case of the Therion and a battery compartment / squonk bottle access door in the case of the Therion BF.

Both doors have a beautiful genuine leather wrap however, on the Therion this is a one-piece affair while on the Therion BF the wrap is two separate sections with a wide gap between both.

I’m not sure why Lost Vape decided to do this on the BF version as the wrap would not have interfered with access to the squonk bottle, however that’s the way it is.

There are several variations on the wraps when you go to purchase the device and I believe other leather wrap doors can be purchased separately so you can customise to your hearts content.

I opted for the Therion “Italian Job” and the Therion BF “Ostridge”. Whatever floats your boat!!


With the Therion device, beneath the battery door there is an extremely compact battery housing which, believe it or not, will take two 18650 cells.

It is a bit of a squeeze but both battery do fit very snugly inside. And remember, this is a parallel device, so you will be getting double the mAh from your 18650’s.


What’s The Difference Between Series and Parallel Battery Arrangements?

Just to briefly explain ‘Series’ and ‘Parallel’ battery arrangements, if you have 2 x batteries that are 4.2v and 2000mAh each, you will get the following from them:-

  • 2 x 4.2v 2000mAh cells in Series will give 8.4v & 2000mAh
  • 2 x 4.2v 2000mAh cells in Parallel will give 4.2v & 4000mAh

So a Series configuration will give double the voltage while the Parallel configuration will give double the mAh, which means it will run for twice as long, probably.

Make sure you understand the difference and stay safe.

The Lost Vape Therion BF is a single 18650 device. One 18650 cell has been sacrificed to make way for a squonking bottle and tubing, but it’s still extremely cosy in there with a battery, divider panel and bottle.

One thing you need to be mindful of with both devices is to be careful when installing and removing batteries, otherwise you will end up tearing battery wraps.

I have noticed that some Efest batteries appear to be a minute bit longer and therefore slightly fiddlier to install/remove.

The brown LG HG2 (20A, 3000mAh) seem to fit best out of all the 18650’s I tried.

Lost Vape Delirium Bottom Feed RDA

Ok, so that’s pretty much the box mods covered so let’s now have a look at the Delirium bottom feed RDA that comes with the Therion BF.


Aesthetically, the Delirium is pretty much a standard looking atomizer. The quality & finish are of a good standard.

Overall the Delirium looks & feels very sturdy & robust.

The deck of the Delirium uses the ever so popular dual post Velocity style design with 2.5mmx2.0mm post holes, providing good mixture when it comes to build styles.

Deck posts are fitted with hex/allen grub screws which personally I feel tend to strip far too easily.

On the base of the build deck we have two large 3.5 x 8.0mm air holes each with a raised lip to retain E-liquid in the deck and also prevent leaking into the air flow channels.

The juice well is reasonably deep with plenty of room for your cotton to sit. And in the centre of the Delirium base we have our hollow bottom feed pin providing a channel for e-liquid to travel from the squonk bottle to the atomizer, onto the cotton and up to the coils.


The Delirium consists of three main components;

  • Dual post build deck
  • Bottom airflow section
  • Upper section which incorporates an airflow control ring.

You have a choice of drip tips to use with the atomizer, either the pre-installed 11mm Delrin Widebore standard 510 Drip Tip complete with adaptor, or alternatively the 12mm Delrin Slopped Drip Tip.

You can of course use your own 510 drip tips by using the included adapter.

The Delirium has plenty of airflow. At the bottom of the outer sleeve there are two large air holes which you can adjust to suit your desired vaping style by rotation of the outer sleeve.

In addition to this there is also the additional top airflow comprising of two sets of 5 mini air-slots which can be fully adjusted by rotating the top section of the atomizer.

Personally, I prefer bottom airflow as it provided the best flavour from the Delirium.

Building on the deck of the Delirium is extremely easy thanks to the large amount of space around the deck.

I tested a number of builds on the deck with absolutely no issue at all.

How Does The Therion DNA75 & Therion BF DNA75 Perform?

In a nutshell, the performance of both Therion & Therion BF devices was top notch.

The menu system on the DNA75 board is relatively simple and straightforward to navigate and use.

As you would expect from a DNA vape mod, the temperature control/limiting performed flawlessly!

Lost Vape have also pre-loaded both Therion devices with a good array of wire profiles which include Kanthal, Ni200, SS316, Titanium, SS304, SS316L, SS430 & Ni200 No Preheat, so the devices are pretty much ready to go straight out of the box without having to connect to a PC and Escribe.

The DNA75 board also supports other wires types through custom TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) settings which can be configured through online resources such as the Wire Wizard on Steam Engine.

As I have stated before in a previous review, in my book, TCR modes on any mod is an advanced user feature and should only be used by the more experienced vaper.

As you can probably imagine, there was a vast difference in battery life between the two devices.

The Therion being a dual parallel 18650 device provided incredibly good battery life, lasting me two full days vaping at 40-45w before I even had to contemplate swapping the batteries out.

What I Liked

The Therion is a stunning piece of vaping hardware.

I have to say, the photos you see of the device on the internet do not do it any justice whatsoever. It’s not until you have it in your hand that you can really appreciate how well made it is.

The base device, a die cast zinc alloy chassis, is simple yet elegant. The genuine leather wraps around the battery door coupled with the ebony wood side panels provide perfect comfort while adding a touch of class to the overall appearance of the devices.

If I’m drooling please tell me.

Performance wise, I can’t fault either device.

The DNA75 board performs exceptionally well in wattage & temperature control/limiting modes. I appreciate that for some, the 75w and 6.2v maximum voltage output on the DNA75 board may be an issue, but don’t fret, as there is another version of the Therion recently released in the form of the 133w which uses the popular Evolv DNA200 board.

With regards to the Delirium bottom fed RDA, this falls somewhere between ‘liked’ and ‘it was ok’.

While it gave good flavour & vapour production there is definitely room for some improvement.

I found that I really had to crank up the wattage to almost 65-70w in order to get a good vape from the RDA.

Having said that, it was better than a lot of other popular atomizer currently on the market. For an all included squonking kit the Delirium is a good BF RDA.

What I Dislike

I can’t say that there was really anything that I disliked about the Therion(s).

There were a couple of things that niggled me a little such as the battery compartment being incredibly snug making the fitting of the dual 18650’s a tad tricky!

And the placement of the LED indicator directly under the firing button, where it can’t be seen while using the device.

Other than that I can’t really find anything that I would class as a Dislike!!

Now I know I said this wasn’t going to be a review of the DNA75 board and the Escribe software and its not, but I feel that I must point out that before you use the Escribe you should check out Google and YouTube for tutorials.

There’s nothing too onerous or overly technical about Escribe, but it will probably help you sort out any issues with connectivity and adjustment of the Therion device which I initially had until I watched a couple of tutorials.

Thank you Uncle Phil.

Final Review Verdict

If I had to pick one Lost Vape device as being my overall favourite I think it would have to be the Therion DNA75.

As much as I love squonking, the Therion with its dual 18650’s gives me sufficient battery life to easily last me two full days of vaping at about 35-45 watts.


  • Stunning design
  • Dual 18650 Parallel setup on the Therion DNA75 provides great battery life
  • Pre-installed Wire Profiles make the Therion ready to go straight out of the box


  • Fitting the 18650’s can be tricky (subjective)
  • Placement of LED indicator (subjective)
  • Delirium RDA needs a lot of wattage
Mike murphy
Mike Murphy

Smoker for 25 years but now a seasoned vaper of four years. Started my vape journey on Cig-a-likes before moving very swiftly onto CE4's and Ego’s, which were to remain my preferred vaping hardware for a considerable length of time. When the infamous Nautilus clearomizer was released I move completely away from my beloved CE4 and also dumped my Ego for a tube type variable wattage device. Shortly after this I was on to RTA’s, RDA’s, VW mods and rebuilding. Recently I discovered the joys of Squonking and have become completely hooked.

Therion Mods - Build Quality
Therion Mods - Design
Therion Mods - Functions
Therion Mods - Ease of use
Delirum RDA - Flavour
Delirum RDA - Vapour Production
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
Smoker for 25 years but now a seasoned vaper of four years. Started my vape journey on Cig-a-likes before moving very swiftly onto CE4's and Ego’s, which were to remain my preferred vaping hardware for a considerable length of time. When the infamous Nautilus clearomizer was released I move completely away from my beloved CE4 and also dumped my Ego for a tube type variable wattage device. Shortly after this I was on to RTA’s, RDA’s, VW mods and rebuilding. Recently I discovered the joys of Squonking and have become completely hooked.
lost-vape-therion-therion-bf-dna75-reviewPersonally I love both of these Therion devices! The price tag is higher than your average 75w device but your paying for quality, and believe me you're definitely getting your monies worth which ever of the two versions you decide to purchase.


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