Manabush e-liquids have been around on the UK vape scene since I can remember. Their original Nokomis range of e-juice was a huge hit when it was first release, it has to be said, for good reason.Manabush E-Liquid

Since their inception Manabush have created and co created a number or ranges including the Spiritwalker, Firewalker, Legio X and Bunkr.

With the Manabush Nokomis range of e-liquids the aim is to provide quality tobacco flavours with a sweet twist. They are made in 10ml options with zero | 3mg | 6mg | 12mg | 18mg nic strengths with a 50PG/50VG ratio. For those that like to add their own nicotine shots the Nokomis range is also available in short fills.

For this review I purchased 6mg nicotine strength and used with the Innokin Endura T18 2. Let’s take a look.

As always, tastes are subjective, what may be good for me may not be for you and vice versa.

Powwow Sauce

manabush powwow sauce review

Manabush Say:

“Powwow Sauce by Manabush E-Liquid is a sweet satisfying blend of dark and light tobacco with some added biscuity sweetness, and a familiar desert flavoured top note. With a good throat hit and excellent vapour production – Providing a moreish sweet all day vape.”

I Say:

My first draw on Powwow was a bit of a surprise. I was initially expecting this to be more of a tobacco flavour complimented by the additional flavours. It was the complete opposite though.

For me the sweet biscuit strikes as the slightly more prominent flavour backed up by a nice custard with a very slight underlying sweet/nutty tobacco. It really is a lovely vape.

Manabush recommend vaping at lower temperatures with Powwow and I have to agree. For my tastes 10.5W was my preferred setting, just enough warmth without being too much and I got the full dessert flavour experience.

Powwow sauce has been one of the most popular in the Manabush range over the years, the hype in itself can sometimes lead to disappointment mainly due to them not reaching the high expectations I’ve had leading into the reviews.

Powwow Sauce I’m glad to say deserves the praise it gets, the guys over at Manabush have done a fantastic job with this blend. If you’re not a tobacco flavour fan don’t let this put you off, it’s definitely not a tobacco heavy juice.

It’s an easy all day vape for me and a juice I would buy again without hesitation.


manabush nanabohzo review

Manabush Say:

NanaBozho by Manabush is a richly sweet deep satisfying tobacco blend of E-liquid with a subtle desert flavoured topping with added fresh tasting banana flavour

I Say:

OK, after vaping for around a week I have to say I really didn’t like it at first.

The creamy banana aroma from the bottle had me topping up my tank in record time but then I took a drag. It tasted too heavy, too sickly, maybe a taste thing, we all like different things after all.

Fast forward a few days and a tentative return coupled with playing around with varying wattage and I haven’t been able to put this juice down.

The sweet spot provided a perfectly balanced banana flavour that seemed (for my limited tastebuds) to have a hint of biscuit in there for good measure.

And while having a sweet richness it didn’t overpower like my original attempt. A few days settling down seemed to do this juice and me the world of good, so much so that the bottle didn’t last long at all.

While I had no problem with this as an all day vape I can see that for some this may be a dessert vape that is visited every evening or two. If you are a banana vape fan though this is a must try juice.


manabush waxahachie review

Manabush Say:

Waxahachie is the acclaimed Manabush Base with lashings of warm Gingerbread and a tiny hint of chocolate.
Perfect for Christmas

I Say:

The gingerbread aroma seeps from the bottle and smells amazing. So a good start.

I’m a fan of all things Ginger, especially gingerbread and Manabush doesn’t disappoint with Waxahachie, suitably named after the ‘Gingerbread City’ in Texas.

On vaping the gingerbread flavour hits with a warm spiciness to the throat, not overly harsh though and spot on for my tastes.

The maple tobacco base doesn’t take precedence here, it simply sits in the background as a subtle back up for the main flavour giving a slight touch of sweetness. They really do work amazingly well with each other.

This, for me, is impressive. I have been vaping this as my all day vape for two days now and not once has become too sickly.

This is definitely not a juice just for Christmas, if gingerbread is your thing then I would recommend this highly.

Chiricahua Sun

manabush chiricahua sun review

Manabush Say:

Chiricahua Sun, a mild tobacco base with an indefinable sweet nutty topping

I Say:

The smell from the bottle is very subtle with a hint of buttery nuttiness coming through, not much in the way of tobacco.

On vaping I get a smooth nutty flavour with a hint of sweetness coming through backed up by a hint of the Manabush tobacco in the background. The exhale almost seems to have a very slight hint of biscuit with my tastebuds but I could be totally off on this point!

The great thing is that it isn’t too sickly, the flavours combine perfectly to create a this smooth, balanced nutty vape that for me gets better as I go along.

Without sounding like too much of a Manabush fanboy this is another winner and an easy all day vape for me.

Final Review Verdict

So that was only four of the Manabush e-liquid range. I’ve yet to try Nokomis, Coyote Coconut, Ixcacao, Mojave Dessert and Omusa. So plenty still to go at but if the 4 reviewed above are anything to go by I’m looking forward to getting my hands on these.

Manabush have done a great job with this sweet tobacco range of vape juice that isn’t too tobacco flavour heavy.

Powwow Sauce
Chiricahua Sun
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manabush-e-liquid-reviewA top quality range of sweet tobacco e liquids that are highly recommended.


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