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MEMERS, a leading name in the electronic cigarette industry, is pleased to announce its continued global expansion following its successful participation in the TPE exhibition in the United States.

The company’s upcoming exhibition schedule includes prominent events such as Dortmund in Germany, Birmingham in the United Kingdom, and champs in the United States.
memers-staffMEMERS recently unveiled its flagship product, the MEMERS M18000, marking a significant milestone in its innovation journey. Additionally, the company is excited to unveil 3-4 more groundbreaking products, including disposable options and open-system refillable devices.
memers-customersThe products showcased by MEMERS at the VAP Expo Paris 2024 received widespread acclaim from European clients and consumers.

Positive feedback from attendees underscores the immense market potential of these products, with a unanimous agreement that they are poised for great success.
memers-standMEMERS is proud to introduce the HiSMOK platform as a testament to its dedication to excellence. This intelligent e-cigarette big data platform aims to enhance user experience and empower brands. All new MEMERS products will directly benefit from this platform.

Furthermore, the company is thrilled to announce plans to host the launch event for HiSMOK & MEMERS’ new products locally in Atlanta, USA, following the Champs exhibition. Details regarding the venue and time will be promptly communicated to consumers, inviting American clients and fans to participate in this exciting exchange of ideas.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported the MEMERS brand,”

said Adam, Sales Director at MEMERS.

“Together, let’s forge a healthier and more enjoyable electronic cigarette community.”

For further updates and announcements, please stay connected with MEMERS on social media for the latest news and developments.

Established in 2023, MEMERS Vape is the advocate and innovator of atomisation technology and applications and brings premium products and experiences to smokers and vapers to quit smoking while building a social connection and a better life.


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