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Birmingham, May 13th, 2024 – Fresh off successful events in the US and Paris, MEMERS, part of the SKE group, has now made its mark in the UK. Known for its pioneering work in vape technology, MEMERS is all about offering top-notch products to help smokers and vapers leave cigarettes behind.


A Bold Entrance at Vaper Expo UK

MEMERS didn’t just show up at the Vaper Expo UK; it made an impression with a massive 56 square-meter booth, decked out in eye-catching and original designs.

The booth served as the backdrop for the introduction of five exciting products, including the innovative Xeco S1 and MEMERS LIQ.

The lineup also featured three new disposable options: M18000, Switcher S22000, and Xsorb ME25000, reflecting MEMERS’ commitment to meeting a wide range of consumer needs across the globe.


Product Highlights and Industry Impact

The new releases, especially the S22000 and Xeco S1, were well-received, sparking interest and anticipation about their potential influence on the UK vaping scene.

memers customers standAt the same time, MEMERS rolled out the HISMK platform, a new venture by SKE into smart e-cigarette data platforms that promises to transform the vaping experience with AI-driven insights and enhanced user interactions.


Interactive Fun Boosts Engagement

MEMERS went beyond product displays, drawing in the crowd with fun, interactive games like a spinning wheel and a flavour recognition contest.

These activities not only made the expo experience more enjoyable but also deepened visitors’ appreciation of MEMERS’ latest innovations, boosting the brand’s profile even further.

busy memers standWhat’s Next for MEMERS

Thankful for the enthusiastic reception, MEMERS is not slowing down. The brand is on a mission to keep advancing with cutting-edge technologies that create unique and effective vaping products, aiming to foster a healthier and more enjoyable vaping community.

Looking ahead, MEMERS plans to keep up its momentum by attending major industry events in Dortmund, Germany, and Champs in the USA.

So, keep your eyes peeled for what they do next!

memers-vape-customersFor more information visit

HISMK platform (

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