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UPENDS, an e-cigarette brand that prioritises users’ experience and aims to become the favourite brand for vapers, has recently released a brand-new brand proposition of Mesh Coil Is The Future, and developed a series of products represented by UpBar RS and UpBar Air, together with the sequence of activities to demonstrate this proposition.


Why does UPENDS advocate the view of Mesh Coil Is The Future?

Since the second half of 2019, disposable products have once again become the mainstream of major markets.

Ranging from open pod system to disposable vape, the mesh coil has been widely favoured by sellers in terms of taste and safety. A special user survey carried out by UPENDS shows that more than 90% of consumers have made a good impression on the taste and trustworthiness of mesh coil devices. It’s believed that mesh coil will be expected to dominate the vape industry.

UPENDS develops a comprehensive blueprint for mesh coil

UPENDS has developed an enhanced strategy plan on manufacturing mesh coil products with the capacity ranging from 2mL to 13mL to cater the preferences for more consumers.

UpBar RS and UpBar Air are the representatives. UpBar Air adopts mesh coil for their cores to achieve a natural and smooth taste with a double-shot molding appearance, just as described in the slogan of “The Pure Taste Like Air”.

With the football-style design and clear lines, UpBar RS aims to “Score the taste in your heart” to demonstrate the ultimate energy and taste. It is worth noting that production automation is also a blueprint for UPENDS.

Technological breakthrough makes the mesh coil of UPENDS more competitive

“UPENDS has carried out dozens of technological innovations on mesh coil, and planned to obtain more than 100 patents”, said Doctor WU, the Chief Product Officer of UPENDS, “structurally, we have carried out hundreds of thermal field experiments and simulations to match the best airflow design, so that the atomising core generates even heat perfectly to restore the original taste of e-liquids.

Regarding technological innovation, we creatively use a bionic sawtooth and snap-on design on the mesh coil, which solves the problem of burnt smell and faded taste, resulting in the product consistency more than 30% better than other similar ones.

Compared with traditional coil, UPENDS mesh coil achieves an increase by at least 50% in product safety and a more than 40% improvement in smoke volume.

It brings a purer taste and thicker smoke. We are on the way to becoming the king of mesh coil”.

The global storm of mesh coil is the future advocated by UPENDS is coming.

Based on UpBar RS, UPENDS will carry out a series of events around the world to implement its new industrial brand proposition, including Intertabac Dortmund 2022, Vaper Expo October 2022, etc. Meanwhile, it has prepared several Campaigns.

So please stay tuned.


Founded in 2019, UPENDS is an e-cigarette brand dedicated to the field of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems. The good reputation of UPENDS as a leading e-cigarette brand in Europe attributes to its excellent manufacturing technology and quality, simple design, and cost-effective features. Currently, UPENDS is expanding its global development. UPENDS persistent pursuit is to prioritise users’ experience and to be Vaper’s favourite. For more information, please visit


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