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Middle Aged Brits Fastest Growing Group Taking Up Vaping

Forget that snap back cap vaper you see on the high street it’s the middle aged Brits who are the growing number of vapers in the UK!

However I’m a little miffed the study classes the ‘middle aged’ as between 45 to 54-year-olds – for the record I’m 58 this year [yeah I know hard to believe lol] so I guess I’m now officially an old and a ‘grey vaper!’

Or more cloth cap that snap back 😉

In all seriousness this is great news however the author of the survey reckons this rise in ‘older’ vapers is not down to health choices:

This increase in vapers among middle-aged Brits may be reflective of them joining what they consider a fashionable trend.

*Bangs Head On Desk*


Yeah you’re average ‘middle aged’ ex smoker has really decided he/she wants to look cool rather than I dunno prolong their life – get healthier and stop stinking like an old ashtray…

But I digress…

The survey shows that whilst the 18-24 year olds are more likely to take up vaping it’s the rapid uptake of vaping by the middle aged that’s catching the eye.

Mintel spokesman Roshida Khanom said:

This increase in vapers among middle-aged Brits may be reflective of them joining what they consider a fashionable trend.

Our previous research shows that 45-54s are the age group most likely to agree that vaping is fashionable.

The study also found that 62% of Britons want the vaping industry to be regulated, while more than half (55%) believe that vaping is addictive and 42% think it is a gateway to smoking.

However, only 1% of non-smokers vape, the poll indicates, suggesting that few non-smokers take up the devices.

It’s interesting that such a high number of people are looking for regulation in the vaping industry, despite the fact that it is already a regulated market. This is driven by the high perception that too many young people vape and that vaping is a gateway to smoking.

Vaping is considered addictive by the majority of adults. But whilst the nicotine content in e-cigarettes can be addictive, the NHS describes it as ‘relatively harmless’ – with the dangers of traditional smoking coming from other chemicals in tobacco smoke.

More regulation?

Jeez 🙁


EU Calls E-Cigs ‘Poison’

The European Union has almost from day one been extremely anti-vape and this week an official compared e-cigarettes to ‘poison’.

Yes really.

Speaking at a EURACTIV event last week EU Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis said:

There are scientific reports saying that e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes. But it’s still tobacco.

You can drink less poison, but it is still poison in the end.

I expect nothing less from those clowns in Brussels.


Trump Urged To Stop ‘War On Vaping’

President Trump has been asked to step in and stop the ‘aggressive’ war on vaping currently playing out in America.

A collective of Conservative and Libertarian groups wrote to the president last week urging him to ‘pump the brakes’ on the FDA saying it’s putting American smokers lives at risk and hurting:

…an innovative industry that is helping American smokers quit.


They accept young American’s are vaping however believe FDA supremo Scott Gottlieb has responded with “regulatory panic and significant government overreach.”

However Gottlieb doesn’t appear to be at all interesting stating last week that:

…it’s now clear that widespread and sometimes reckless marketing of these products has come at the expense of addicting a new generation of kids on tobacco.

Absolute crap as we all know…

One can only hope Trump talks some sense into him or he may have to use those immortal words:

You’re fired!


US Military Turns To Vaping

More members of the US military are vaping rather than smoking as more service men and women quit the cigs.

Numbers of soldiers – airmen – sailors – coastguard and the marines who have ditched lit tobacco and turned to e-cigarettes with the junior ranks showing around 20% now use e-cigarettes.

There’s a rise in navy personnel taking up vaping too despite a ban of e-cigs aboard its fleet and of all the services the Marine Corp comes out on top with over 16% of recruits now vaping.

vaping in the usa

Overall the numbers of servicemen and women smoking has plummeted and is now way below the national average with the take up of vaping soaring with data showing a 5 fold increase since 2015.

It’s little wonder given we ex smokers know the impact quitting the cancer sticks and turning to vaping has had on our lung capacity – a case of fitter if you’re a quitter!


US Kids Being ‘Vape Tested’ In Laboratories

Such is the continued hysteria around the so called ‘vaping epidemic’ among US youngsters worried parents are paying up to $150 to see if their kids have been using e-cigarettes.

One such laboratory is Any Lab Test Now in Plymouth Minnesota where ‘worried’ parents pay $50 for a urine test and $150 for a more detailed hair test.

The urine test shows if a kid has vaped in the last few days whilst the hair test can go back much further.

Other labs offering the same kind of tests are appearing all over America as the media fed by the FDA’s ‘war on vaping’ increases.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that Big Pharma will of course be supplying the kits needed for the tests…oops there’s my tin foil hat again!

Spokesman for Any Lab Test Now Alex Lamkin says the test might even act as a deterrent even if they’re not actually vaping adding:

They might not be vaping at all, but if they know that is available and that it’s an option then that might deter them from using altogether.

Crazy times we live in when kids are subjected to invasive ‘tests’ such as these based on fearmongering…

No news yet on any tests to see if kids have been smoking…


Financial Help Offered To Attend Global Nicotine Forum

Organizers of this year’s Global Forum on Nicotine are so keen to get more consumers involved they’re offering financial assistance to attend the event.

It will be held in Warsaw – Poland between Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th June 2019 and this years theme is:

“It’s time to talk about nicotine” and will examine how attitudes towards the use of nicotine are changing and at some of its more positive and potentially beneficial uses.


It really doesn’t get any more topical than that given the current anti-nicotine climate we’re living in 😉

Consumer Liaison Jessica Harding said:

The organisers are keen for as many consumers as possible to attend GFN 2019 and they have made a generous sum of money available to sponsor consumer advocates to go there.

Awards will be available to partially cover the costs of travel, accommodation and registration fees. You need to register your interest in applying for this sponsorship by writing to me, at jessica.harding @ by Friday 22nd March. Please state which of these you would like assistance with: travel, accommodation, registration for the conference, or all three.

In order to help as many people as possible we will, unless there are exceptional circumstances, only fund accommodation in apartments and hotels up to 3 stars or equivalent.

If your application is successful we will advise you of your award total. You will need to send us invoices and receipts for us to reimburse you, up to the agreed total.

You do not need to be in a consumer advocacy organisation to be considered for this sponsorship.

This is a very generous offer and if you’re at all interested then do get in touch with Jessica.

Contact: jessica.harding @

Checkout: GFN19 Global Forum on Nicotine for more info.

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