Introduction: Mrs Baker E Liquids from Vape Royale

I was lucky enough to meet the Vape Royale team at the recent Vape Expo and was blown away by the selection of e-liquids they had on show in particular the Mrs Baker juice range.Mrs Baker E Liquid Review

The Kent based company were extremely welcoming and generous and I took away a bag full of samples most of which I’m yet to open – watch this space lol.

For the record my ‘special friend’ is Mrs Baker – or should I say Ms Baker lol.

Like me she has a sweet tooth and whilst not a vaper she knows the smell of a good cake or dessert and whilst vaping these juices in her company her mouth was watering.

It could of course have been my presence but I doubt it 😉

If you like dessert or pastry e-liquids then you really need to try these – I thought they were good at Vape Expo – but after steeping for a while they are stunning!

The e-liquids were 70/30 PG and VG.

Mrs Baker Apple Cinnamon Muffin

They say:

A delightful sweet gooey apple muffin with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Just like grandma used to make!

mrs baker apple cinnamon muffin e liquidreviewWe say:

From the moment I opened the bottle the smell hit me and sent me into raptures.

The folks who blended this are nothing short of magicians.

The inhale gives you an uncanny taste of sweet apple muffin that seriously tricks the brain into wanting to bite down.

On the exhale the spicy cinnamon adds a tingle to your tongue – absolutely gorgeous.

Mrs Baker Orange Cream Pastry

They say:

A Belgian pastry filled with rich orange sweet cream and seasoned with brown sugar and cinnamon

Mrs Baker Orange Cream Pastry reviewWe say:

Oh Lord above slap my thighs and call me Cuthbert for I am in vaping heaven.

Once again the wizardry in the blending tricks the mind into wanting to sink your teeth in a sumptuous sweet gooey pastry.

Your mouth fills with the most awesome orange that cuts through the sweetness leaving you wanting more – oh my!!!

Mrs Baker Strawberry Vanilla Hazelnut

They say:

A strawberry cheesecake, topped with vanilla bean ice cream and a sprinkle of hazelnut

Mrs Baker Strawberry Vanilla Hazelnut reviewWe say:

If you like cheesecake then this e-liquid is going to make you an extremely happy vaper.

I’m vaping it right now and the fresh sweet strawberry is met by a sweet crumb before the tanginess of the filling comes in.

Just as you think it can’t get any better the exhale delivers the merest hint of hazelnut which leaves your tongue crying out for more – wow just wow!

Final Review Verdict

I’ve been lucky enough to get to taste hundreds of e-juice flavours over the last few years and have been privileged to review some of the very best and the worst lol out there.

Up until the last few months I’ve purely vaped fruit flavours with the Peach Iced Tea from Snap Liquids still my all-time favourite.

I never really considered dessert and pastry flavoured e-liquids until I tried a few at VapeFest and Vape Expo Birmingham.

Of that category Mrs Baker is a standout by a mile and if you’re a sweet toothed kinda vaper than get set for a taste buds overload – this collection of dessert e-liquids is definitely in my top 5.

Strawberry Vanilla Hazlenut
Orange Cream Pastry
Apple Cinnamon Muffin
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