Naked 100 vape juice, or The Schwartz as they was previously known, is manufactured by USA Vape Lab, in Southern California.

The brand launched in 2016 and have a staggering 38 flavours, spread across their 7 ranges (which includes a Nic-salt range).naked100 vape juice review

Naked 100 says: “Using only the highest-quality ingredients and striving to deliver only the best flavors and customer service, Naked 100 continues to grow and receive critical acclaim worldwide.”

USA Vape Lab Says: “Naked 100’s original line-up of expertly blended fruit flavors launched the brand to great critical acclaim. Naked 100’s Cream collection pairs delicious fruit flavors with bold helpings of rich, smooth cream.”

What Can We Expect From Naked 100 E-liquid?

I hold my hands up, I’m guilty.

I’ve always avoided Naked 100 vape juice, I’m not sure why, they have a huge Instagram presence. I suppose it’s something about their branding. Then again, I am quite a strange person.

I was sent 3 flavours for the purpose of review.

All Melon and Amazing Mango, which are from the Original Fruit range and Naked Unicorn which is from the Cream range.

The Original range: “Known for its refreshing, fruit-infused flavors, this collection of e juices has a flavor for everyone. “

While the Cream range: “combinations of cream and fruit deliver on flavor for vapers looking to explore the creamy side. “

All the liquids I received are 0mg nicotine, mixed at 70VG/30PG in a 60ml short-fill (50ml in a 60ml bottle).

Therefore you can add your 10ml (18mg) nic shot to make it 60ml of 3mg liquid. Also they are all clear, so hopefully they won’t be coil killers.

The bottles are clear glass tincture bottles. Although Naked 100 are currently making the switch to the plastic Chubby Gorilla bottles.

As all glass tincture bottles should be, the bottles are sealed with an easy rip plastic heat wrap to ensure the liquid hasn’t been tampered with.

OK.. On to the review.. These were sent to us by, thank you, as always our views are our own.

Naked 100 E Liquid – Video Review

All Melon

Naked 100 All Melon review

Naked 100 Say:

From the Original range with a flavour profile of Watermelon, Honeydew melon and Cantaloupe

I say:

So if you open the bottle and take a smell, you will be greeted by an awesomely prominent, sweet, refreshing melon smell.

I suppose that built my hopes up a little bit too much, as the flavour doesn’t come through as much as the smell would suggest.

Truth be told, I don’t know what cantaloupe tastes or smells like, however watermelon and melon are among my favour things on earth.

The flavour is more honeydew than it is watermelon. If it was put down to a blind taste test I’m sure all the participants would say melon.

Although the overall flavour isn’t prominent in the way that the flavour floods your mouth, it is prominent enough to taste and in my opinion the honeydew massively over powers the other flavours.

I’ve tried a few melon/honeydew flavours over the years and I have to say, it has the potential to be one of the best, but to achieve that, it needs have a bit more oomph.

The flavour doesn’t really last all that long. It doesn’t stay in the mouth after vaping and like all not so prominent flavours, it becomes a victim to “vapers tongue” (not being able to taste the flavour) after about half an hour.

Amazing Mango

Naked 100 Amazing Mango review

Naked 100 Say:

From the Original range with a flavour profile of Mango, Peach and Cream.

I say:

It smells so perfect! They have nailed it, it smells like a Mango and Peach Yogurt. So far so good.

The flavour is great but it’s a little hard to explain how the flavours fuse together. I’ve vaped half the bottle sat here thinking how best to explain it (Not literally).

So here we go, I expected it to be really fruity with a creamy undertone. That’s not what you get.

It’s more like a mango and peach flavoured cream or yogurt.

The flavours seem equally matched and the flavours fuse together brilliantly. It works really well but more importantly it is prominent!

It doesn’t really leave the taste in your mouth but after vaping it for over an hour you can still taste the flavour well.

Naked Unicorn

Naked 100 Naked Unicorn review

Naked 100 Say:

From the Cream range with a flavour profile of strawberries and cream.

I say:

It smells like strawberries and cream. Simple.

Cream doesn’t have a smell? Yes it does, that subtle fresh smell.

Sometimes it smelled like fresh strawberries and cream, other times it smelled like a strawberry cake, how strange.

I should probably state, when it comes to strawberries, I’m a bit funny, I love strawberries but I don’t like strawberry sweets.

Like the smell, sometimes it tastes quite fruity with a nice creamy undertone. Other times it tastes like a typical custard flavour with a hint of strawberry. I should state, I have tried shaking the bottle to ensure it’s fully mixed together.

Having said that, for the most part, it tastes like strawberries with a cream undertone. Yum!

Either way, it tastes quite nice, it’s prominent, and leaves a nice creamy strawberry taste in the mouth.

Coil Killers?

There is one more thing that might be important to you. Are the flavours coil killers?

Often if vape juice is too think and/or have too much sugar, they can destroy coils a lot quicker.

Well incredibly, so far the most I’ve had from one liquid is 40ml and the wick and coils still look brand new. That’s pretty impressive.Coils after vaping Naked 100 e juice

Final Review Verdict

There’s two main things I look for in liquid, taste and (you guessed it) prominence. Now taste can be vary from person to person, but how prominent the flavour is, is pretty standard.

All in all I think the flavours are strong. OK, the All Melon could and should be
more prominent but it wasn’t tasteless.

As for the other two flavours? I couldn’t tell you have to improve them, they’re pretty impressive and unique.

So.. back to the quotes at the beginning. Do they ring true?

“Striving to deliver only the best flavors”, that effort shows, well done.

“expertly blended fruit flavors” I can’t argue with that.

“Cream collection pairs delicious fruit flavors with bold helpings of rich, smooth cream”, Spot on. Based on these it would be great to try some other flavours in the range.

Do you buy Naked 100 vape juice on a regular basis? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

All Melon
Amazing Mango
Naked Unicorn
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  1. I am new at vaping. I got the naked 100 tobacco flavor but looking on the back of the glass bottle it says careful could expose you to formaldehyde?? That’s scary why would it say that? Is this chemical in the e-juice?

    • Government agency’s are making the juice companies put warnings like this on their labels be it true or not. Being a juice maker myself, I’ve never seen this in any ingredient of juice. How this helps ease your mind. If the thousands of toxic ingredients there are in cigarettes, vaping is still a healthier alternative hands down.


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