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Netherlands Ready To Get ‘Tough’ On Vaping

Now it’s the Netherlands vapers under threat as a ‘junior’ politician considers tough new legislation, which as you’ll see is based on a myth and total bollocks.

Hot on the heels of Denmark pushing for a flavour ban, vapers in Holland look set for a fight on their hands.

Paul Blokhuis Netherlands Vapers Under Threat
Paul Blokhuis, getting tough on Netherlands vapers

Junior health minister Paul Blokhuis has vaping in his sights and says research he’s read suggests e-cigarettes are a ‘gateway‘ to youngsters becoming smokers…

Yes really…

*bangs head on desk once again*

To say this old argument is outdated and goes against the facts is an understatement – read just one of my articles debunking this BS: Studies Show Vaping Does Not Lead to Kids Smoking

But it seems politicians looking for media soundbites and their 15 minutes of fame don’t really care for the facts – as we’ve repeatedly witnessed.

Blokhuis says much of his concerns comes from a ‘fact sheet‘ produced by the Trimbos addiction clinic, which was commissioned by the government.

I’ve tried to find this so called ‘fact sheet’ but I can’t – so I can only speculate that like many others it’s full of unsubstantiated scaremongering and fake facts…

If any of you have any links to it, I’d be glad to take a look 🙂

Any updates on the Netherlands vapers under threat story, and I shall of course let you know.

Worrying times in Europe as these attacks on vaping appear to be growing momentum…something the chair of the New Nicotine Alliance, Martin Cullip, warned about in our Christmas interview.

Stop the California State Flavour Ban!!

Bill SB 793 if passed will mean the ban of all flavoured vape products, possibly including ingredients used in making your own e-liquid!

There’s a public meeting today at 9am California time – 4pm GMT.


The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association [CASAA] is calling on as many vapers as possible to get to the meeting and voice their opposition to yet more lunacy in the USA.

CASAA says:

B 793 goes one step further by prohibiting the sale of what it refers to as “tobacco product flavor enhancers”*, which might be sold separately to be added by the consumer after purchase.

While the bill is obviously a ban on sales of flavors other than tobacco, the prohibition arguably extends to DIY flavors as well.

Check out the details and submit messages to Senators HERE.

The hearing is also to be live streamed – the link above has the details.

Yet more madness from over the pond – will it ever end?

Nova Scotia Caps Nicotine Levels

They’re calling it the ‘stiffest’ set of vape regulations in Canada with e-liquid nicotine levels capped at 20mg.

This new legislation comes on the back of the flavour ban which was implemented on April 1st [no loss of irony there] and from what I can gather, only tobacco and menthol flavours are now ‘legal’.

Canada vaping

The nicotine cap is something we’ve been used to here in the UK and Europe, and the The Canadian Vaping Association has actually welcomed the law…

I find that a little odd – but then again they did push for it…which again I find a little odd…pushing for a cap or ban can never be a good idea surely?

The news of both the ban and cap has been welcomed by anti-vaping groups, including the Canadian Cancer Society that said it was ‘excited..’

Probably ‘excited’ to be getting all those new cancer sufferers…given many Canadian smokers will carry on scared to death that e-cigs are more dangerous than lit tobacco and flavours…

Hey, that might sound incredibly cynical – but multi million dollar ‘charities’ especially those around cancer – need smokers and lung deaths to keep afloat…sad but true.

Anyway I digress…

Darryl Tempest, Executive Director of the CVA, said:

If the Government of Nova Scotia truly wants to implement effective vaping policy, the flavour ban needs to be amended and the current taxation model needs to be restructured.

We vehemently agree that the sale of vape products should be limited to regulated adult-only specialty vape shops.

However, as we have repeatedly warned the Government of Nova Scotia, banning flavours is putting independent and regulated age restricted retailers out of business and forcing many vapers in their province either to the black market or back to smoking.

Under the current polices, the odds of additional smokers switching to vaping, a far less harmful alternative, is extremely unlikely.

Once again a Government has put its people at risk of ill health and death to “protect the children’ – which is absolutely shameful…

Taiwan Says THC Is A “Human Right”

Advocacy groups in Taiwan say Tobacco Harm Control [THC] is a human right and wants that fact recognized by the government.

As it stands now the Taiwanese Government has the same views on THC as that of Denmark.

Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates

And as you know, that country is currently trying to get flavour bans and believes in the ‘cold turkey’ approach to quitting.

The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates [CAPHRA] has a tough job given the government follows the WHO’s recommendations.

However they point out the World Health Organization has declared that:

…health is a fundamental human right and that individuals should be given the right to determine their right to advance and protect their own well-being

Sadly when it comes to e-cigarettes the WHO is blinkered to say the least.

Nancy Loucas, the executive coordinator of CAPHRA, said:

…the refusal of the government of Taiwan to recognize the concept of tobacco harm reduction, including the use of ENDS in the fight against tobacco harm, goes against both of these declarations by WHO and puts the people of Taiwan at a disadvantage in making self-determination decisions around their health.

I wish them well, however knowing the way the WHO responds to any suggestion that e-cigarettes are the best alternative to smoking, I fear they will not get what they want.

Hope I’m wrong…

Incidentally, CAPHRA is being helped in its quest by other advocacy groups including ETHRA.

Half A Million Menthol Smokers May Just Quit!

A survey carried out by Vape Club reckons 500,000 menthol flavoured lit tobacco users plan to just quit when the ban comes in later this month.

However, here in the UK the results show that around 18% of menthol users will be switching to vaping.

mentho flavoured tobacco ban what are the alternatives

Meanwhile others have ‘stockpiled’ packets of menthol fags – but hey they won’t last forever lol.

Despite conflicting reports as to if smoking actually helps fight COVID-19 or makes the symptoms more serious, UK smokers don’t seem to care with 67% or around 6.4 million carrying on and refusing to quit!

BTW, if you’re a menthol flavoured lit tobacco smoker and looking to quit, we’ve got a couple of articles to help:

The ban comes into force on May 20th

and finally…Is Netflix Now Anti-Vaping?

If it wasn’t such fake BS it would be quite funny…

Nope, not the new Netflix show Upload – not my sort of thing at all – but the almost subliminal anti-vape messages they’ve placed into a few scenes.

Apparently one of the characters dad is dying of ‘vape lung‘ and in one scene inside a hospital, there appears to be a sign saying ‘Vape Ward‘…

WTF is Vape Lung???

And Vape ward??? That’s simply outrageous!!!

I know it’s a fictional TV show…but come on for chrissakes!

anti vape scene upload netflix

Like I said if it wasn’t so serious – it would be laughable.

Thanks to the NNA’s Sarah Jakes for spotting this outrageous bull crap.

Sadly this disinformation will remain planted in many people’s minds.

Sarah asks in the tweet if Bloomberg had anything to do with this…

I’ve had a look at the production company but can’t see any obvious links…but who knows…

These anti-vaping groups are full of dark arts – skullduggery and lies.


More Vape News on Sunday…

A reminder that if you have any vape related news please let me know!

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  1. I would advise getting in contact with

    In a nutshell, In the early days, the Trimbos even suggested there is tar in e-cigs. So that sets the tone.
    They basically collected a bunch of literature and gave it there conclusion/spin. They say that Public health England and the RCP are full of shit making claims without any science backing them up while being paid by the vaping industry, that flavours cause popcorn lung because there is diacetyl in it and that there is formaldehyde emitted from the vapour. Also, kids like sweet flavours more than tobacco while adults “start”with tobacco. They suggest that it might be a gateway, but they do cover their ass by also saying there is not enough proof of that (but the clickbait sound bit is out), excetra.
    In the end they do conclude vaping is less harmful than smoking, but out of the
    the precautionary principle the government should ban these products till more science has been completed.

    As an inside, the politician in question, Blokhuis, is member of the left wing Christian Union party (weird combo right XD). They are very small but fill up a bit in the coalition to give the government the majority it needs. They are extremely prohibitionist, responsible for the original smoking bans and now having vaping banned where smoking is banned, denormalising alcohol and removing promotions like happyhours, forcing restaurants to serve more healthy food instead of unhealthy food.

    • Thanks for that mate – I have been looking at the background and shall indeed contact who you suggested – thanks again much appreciated 🙂

    • thanks so much 🙂 every time I tried the Timbos site I got lost in the Dutch! I’ll have a look and sort something out for Sunday’s news 🙂


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