Vapers are celebrating Australia’s nicotine ban win but it’s only a temporary measure.

Meanwhile vapers in California have a massive fight on their hands and closer to home the government of the Netherlands is ready to impose a flavour ban from July 1st 2020.

vaping bans australia's nicotine ban win

6 months into the year and the 2020 half way vaping status report should read ‘in turmoil‘ as around the world anti-vaping measures and all out bans are popping up like whack-a-mole.

We said in our forecast for the year ahead, vaping was going to be under threat in 2020 like never before, and this is proving the case.

Read my article: 2020 Vaping Vision – Tough Times Ahead For Vapers Across the Globe for more…

New Nicotine Alliance chair, Martin Cullip, said back at the turn of the year:

2020 will require a lot of input from vapers as there are very real threats coming.

We will be encouraging vapers to write to politicians, non-governmental organizations, their government and others.

It is not an option to just duck out.

Prophetic words to say the least…

Apart from the countries just mentioned, Denmark is facing an all out attack on vaping with flavours under threat, whilst Mexico has banned all e-cigarettes and flavours, so vapers heading to the beaches of Cancun could have their vape gear ‘confiscated‘.

It’s a crazy criminal state of affairs, what the hell is going on here?

Vaping is proven to be at least 95% safer than smoking – yet still Governments – towns and cities around the world are attacking it like some kind of existential threat!

For every bit of good news – there’s a whole raft of bad, and trying to keep up is dizzying and at times incredibly depressing – especially for those vapers affected.

So let’s look at a piece of good news…

Australia’s Nicotine Ban Win – 6 Month Reprieve

With just days to go before the total nicotine ban hit Australia, vapers and advocates were celebrating after the July 2020 deadline was pushed back until January 1st 2021.

Sounds a long way away, but it really isn’t, and vape advocates from down-under are urging vapers to NOT become complacent.

australia nicotine ban win

The embarrassing climb down by Health Minister Greg “Not On My Watch” Hunt, came after a ‘revolt‘ from his fellow MPs and a concentrated effort from Aussie vapers and advocacy groups.

I linked to the petition to reverse the proposed ban in the article: Australia’s Nicotine Ban – A “Death Sentence” For Vapers and Smokers

It appears that coverage of the call to action by Australia’s vaping advocacy groups from in particular the ‘vape media‘, saw vapers act – and act they did!

Hundreds of thousands signed the petition, whilst many more contacted MPs and demanded they act and stop the nicotine ban.

In a statement on the climb down, Hunt said the reversal would give nicotine consumers ‘time to talk with their doctors about their options‘ adding there was:

…strong evidence of non-smokers being introduced to nicotine through vaping for the first time.

However, there is a second group of people who have been using these e-cigarettes with nicotine as a means to ending their cigarette smoking.

In order to assist this group in continuing to end that addiction we will therefore provide further time for implementation of the change by establishing a streamlined process for patients obtaining prescriptions through their GP.

He’s talking complete bollocks of course…there’s NO proven science that none smokers turn to vaping and if they do the percentage is so small it does not register on any studies or research.

legalize vaping australia nicotine ban win

On hearing the ban would be lifted for 6 months, Legalize Vaping Australia tweeted:

GregHunt’s Vaping ban has been postponed!

We could not have done it without the support of thousands of vapers like you.

The fight is far from over, but this is a HUGE win!

A huge win indeed – celebrate and take a breather for sure – but this fight has only just begun…

To get involved in the fight to save vaping in Australia sign up and support:

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