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Recently, we received an email from an anonymous user containing two mysterious images.

There are several leather materials in the picture. Although they are different in color and the pattern on the leather, the leather is impressively printed with the same words DRAG Q, which immediately sparked the interest of us.
Drag Q Leather
As we all know, the Drag series products are the star products of VOOPOO. In 2017, Drag was the first generation of VOOPOO to set a record of 0.025s ignition in the industry. It helped VOOPOO quickly became the head of the electronic atomization field; and continued to increase its market share. Therefore, the Drag series has always been the star product of VOOPOO.
Voopoo spark your life
We learned from VOOPOO’s official website that there is no similar pattern or material in VOOPOO’s currently listed in Drag series, let alone any product called Drag Q. It can be assumed that the exposed material will be used in VOOPOO’s upcoming product, which will most likely be named Drag Q.
New Voopoo Drag Q
Judging from the products released by VOOPOO in the past, there are indeed products named after “Q” – Vinci Q. This is a POD, and we assume that this product will also be a Pod product. In addition, several leather models have the ∞ symbol on them, a design language not seen on any of VOOPOO’s products in the past.

Recently, VOOPOO’s big moves have been continuous, what does this mysterious symbol ∞ mean?

Our reporters got in touch with the VOOPOO PR team, but they didn’t give any specific application scenarios of the symbol, they just told us to keep an eye on the recent developments of VOOPOO. Whether this means that VOOPOO will brew a big event soon is worth looking forward to. According to the official disclosure, VOOPOO will launch a variety of products soon.

We will also keep an eye on the next developments of VOOPOO in the future and bringing the latest industry news to e-atomization enthusiasts and Vapers.

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