The Governor of New York has used an “Emergency Executive Order” to ban all flavoured e-liquids from the state.

Andrew M. Cuomo says he’s taken the action due to the ‘crisis’ of young Americans taking up vaping and becoming hooked on nicotine.

new york flavour ban

He made no mention of the spate of respiratory illnesses and possible 6 deaths resulting from young and old vaping on illegal contaminated street bought THC cartridges and instead went for the throats of e-liquid companies he states are:

…intentionally and recklessly targeting young people.

The guy’s obviously ill-informed and ‘virtue-signalling’ in a bid to bump his ratings.

I mean let’s face it – the anti-vaping soccer moms vote – and don’t forget billionaire anti-vape campaigner Michael Bloomberg just dropped $160 million into a fighting fund to rid America of flavours and pretty much 99% of all vape products.

You can’t help wondering if they are linked.

His ban order came just after President Donald Trump backtracked on his call to ‘ban all flavours’ in a tweet that suggested he had meant ‘counterfeit’ cannabis cartridges rather than ‘legal’ e-liquids and pods.

Confused? I know I am lol.

OK, let’s dig into this a little deeper.

E-liquid Flavours Are A “Public Health Emergency”!

New York tried to ban flavours a while ago but failed – but those rumblings have not gone away.

Now the Governor has circumvented democracy and gone ahead any way.

Announcing the ban order and flanked by Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker, the Governor laid out his grand ban plan.

He wants law enforcement to ‘immediately’ ramp up its efforts of targeting retailers that sell vape products to youth – tackle what he calls ‘deceptive marketing practices’ by e-liquid companies and finally to hold an emergency meeting later this week where the topic of banning all flavours will be discussed.

That meeting will be key and given vaping is hardly the flavour if the month so to speak – there’s little doubt the ban order will go through – let’s hope I’m wrong.

The Governor said:

New York is confronting this crisis head-on and today we are taking another nation-leading step to combat a public health emergency.

Manufacturers of fruit and candy-flavored e-cigarettes are intentionally and recklessly targeting young people, and today we’re taking action to put an end to it.

At the same time, unscrupulous stores are knowingly selling vaping products to underage youth – those retailers are now on notice that we are ramping up enforcement and they will be caught and prosecuted.

fda e-liquid flavour ban

I’m going to say it – “adults like flavours too!” But hey no-one seems to be listening.

As part of the ban order tobacco and menthol flavoured e-liquids will remain on sale and any retailer caught selling to minors will now face criminal as well as civil prosecution.

State Police Superintendent Keith M. Corlett said:

Retailers who sell E-cigarettes and vaping products must ensure they are checking IDs and only selling to those who are old enough to purchase.

State Troopers will partner with the Department of Health to crack down on those who sell to minors and will hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Despite being a high ranking cop – Corlett seemed oblivious to the link to street bought THC cartridges and the deaths and illnesses adding:

With respect to the recent illnesses reported as a result of vaping, patients using vape products reported a variety of symptoms.

…There is concern regarding human exposure to nicotine, as users are often unaware of how much nicotine they are consuming from these liquids.

The newest and most popular e-cigarettes deliver high levels of nicotine, the addictive component in all tobacco products.

While it is too soon to understand the long-term health effects of a lifetime of e-cigarette use, research is beginning to accumulate about certain health effects related to cardiovascular conditions and respiratory conditions.

Like I said, the cop is ignoring the obvious and attacking e-cigarettes in general.

Dangerously ignorant if you ask me.

WTF Is Going On In America?

It seems Federal entities such as the FDA and local politicians are at loggerheads and frankly confused as to how to tackle what they wrongly perceive as a ‘teen vaping epidemic’.

That ship has long sailed with the true numbers showing yes there was a spike in under 18s trying a vape ONCE – but like all teenage rebellious fads – that is now dipping significantly.

us vaping rates among teens facts

We’ve seen Michigan move to pull all flavours following San Francisco’s lead and now New York – where this ends no one knows.

One thing is for sure the threat to vaping in the USA is most definitely a clear and present danger.

Trump as usual went in all guns blazing without knowing the true facts with his ‘ban all the flavours’ outburst and no tweet – no matter how many read it – can repair that damage.

Indeed most local politicos will ignore that and jump on it as an excuse to rid the country of all flavours and with the PMTA deadline getting closer – rid America of vaping full stop – as big a criminal act by any local or federal government you’re ever likely to see.

Hugely popular New York based YouTube reviewer Mike Vapes tweeted:

Meanwhile vape advocacy group the Vaping Legion urged all vapers to get involved to save the vape:

The problem is there are so many large and small battles going on over the pond, from town councils to the state legislature, there’s no single enemy to fight!

The country is fragmented with a hungry media sexing up and outright lying about vaping leaving the wider public confused to say the least – but as we know from experience, the drip drip drip of the media tends to stick.

I’m afraid to say things are looking even more bleak for vaping in America as we know it, and without putting to much light on a terrifyingly dark time in vaping – this meme I found sums it all up.

vaping 2019

I honestly don’t think anyone knows where all this will end, but one thing’s for sure it’s not gonna end well 🙁

BTW – a spokesman for JUUL says it will respect the ban…imagine my shock!

Read my article from back in October 2018 for a bit of ‘background’ as to how we’ve got to this current state of affairs: US Advocacy Groups Fiddle Whilst the American Vaping Industry Burns.

Here’s a quote from what I wrote:

…no-one in vaping apart from a couple of vape famous reviewers and a few industry insiders and influencers are circling the wagons and preparing to fight the devastation that if left unchecked the FDA will reap on vaping in the largest democracy in the world.

Not trying to be a big head – but if an old fart like me sitting across the pond could see what was about to happen – then why not the so called ‘vaping advocacy groups of America?’

Asleep at the wheel or just inept?

Let me know 😉

So what are your thoughts on the New York flavour ban and indeed the state of the vape in America in general?

Can anything be done to save vaping in the USA?

Let us know in the comments below

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