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Sacked For Using Nicotine – San Fran Vape Ban “Gross Overreaction” – E-Cig Sales Soar – Professor Green On Vape Tour and Big Brother JUUL Is Watching You!

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Vaping In Your Own Time Could Get You Sacked!

Just when you think things couldn’t get any more crazy over in the states along comes the threat of the sack if you test positive for nicotine!

Filing this one under ‘bat shit crazy‘ is an understatement!

Officials in Dayton Ohio say any employee taken on from July 15th this year will be tested and if any trace of nicotine is found in their system, they’ll be offered ‘cessation treatment‘ – fail that and they face the sack!

Nicotine and vaping

Like I said bat shit crazy!

Local media says the city council defines the ban as:

…inhaling, exhaling, burning, vaping, any lighted cigar, cigarette, and e-cigarette or pipe, chewing or any other type of tobacco use.

Honest this is not a really early April Fool post…

City Manager Shelley Dickstein said:

It is the policy of the City to provide a safe, healthy, smoke-free and tobacco-free work environment for all employees and citizens visiting our facilities.

The City of Dayton (City) has a vital interest in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for its employees and visitors, while respecting an employee’s individual choice.

Consistent with these concerns and with Ohio law, the following policy has been established to foster a healthier workplace and environment by encouraging employees to promote a healthy lifestyle.

All together now: vaping is CONSIDERABLY safer than smoking and nicotine is none carcinogenic and is pretty much the same chemical make-up as caffeine!

However there may be a ‘cop out‘ clause as the local police union isn’t happy!

Police union spokesman, Jerome Dix, says this new policy might violate union contracts adding:

We understand why they’re doing this, to curb the detrimental cost smoking has on health care, and we understand their mentality.

But it’s going to really hurt our recruiting efforts.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier over the pond!


San Fran Vape Ban “Gross Overreaction

Pro vaping UK Professor John Britton reckons the San Francisco total vape ban is due to a “moral panic” and says flavour bans in general are wrong.

Professor Britton is head of the UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies at the University of Nottingham, and was talking to the BBC’s science website Science Focus.

prof john britton

On the San Fran Vape ban he said:

It’s not something that’s happening anywhere else in the world. I think the USA generally and San Francisco particularly is getting into something of a moral panic.

What they have had, over the last year, is a big increase in the use of a particular product which delivers very high amounts of nicotine. It looks like a USB stick and you charge it like a USB stick. So, quite a novelty product.

And that hasn’t been a problem until last year’s data came out, because smoking prevalence rates have been falling in children in America just as they have in the UK, but the 2018 figures had a slight uptake with a big increase in vaping, and so that has been interpreted as a sign that vaping is producing a whole new generation of nicotine addicts.

And on that basis they’ve banned it.

As to the threat to flavoured e-liquids not only in the USA but in some places around the world he said:

…the flavour makes all the difference for many vapers between being able to use the product.

So, again, it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

You can ban flavours, and protect children, but then you stop hundreds and thousands of smokers from successfully transitioning to something that’s going to prolong their life.

When asked of the possible ‘dangers’ of vaping, Professor Britton said:

They aren’t new. They’ve been around for 15 years; they’ve been in widespread use in the UK for about seven years.

There’s been no appreciable reported adverse effects, with use by millions of people.

So, if that was a drug, you’d be pretty confident that there are no major adverse short-term effects.

Wise words indeed and it’s a great interview and one to send to the politicians across the pond for sure.

Read the full interview: The Truth About E-cigarettes

E-cig Sales Soar in South Korea

Vaping in South Korea is now big business as smokers turn to the healthier vape products.

In the first half of this year sales of heat not burn products, in particular, rose by almost a quarter whilst smoking rates dropped by close to a third.

Figures show there was 24% more sales of all kinds of vape gear and the number of smokers has dropped by a whopping 27%.


Vape sales in general were up to 11.6% a rise of 1% from this time last year and the upward trend looks likely to continue with significant rises.

Figures show that over 6million e-liquid pods were sold in the country in the first half of this year.

Big business indeed – especially when you see revenue from lit tobacco tax has fallen by 8% – no wonder Big Tobacco is pushing alternatives!


Pop Into VPZ For a Tupac Of Coils and Raps

Pro vaping rapper Professor Green will be in Kent this week promoting his own line of e-liquids.

He’ll be appearing in the VPZ vape shop in Maidstone offering freebies and allowing customers to test out his wares.

professor green vaping
pic via: Kent Online

There will also be games and competitions – with a chance of winning free starter kits – and the Prof will of course be more than happy to take a few selfies.

It all kicks of on Thursday August 8th from noon.


Every Puff You Take…JUUL Is watching You!

Every breath you make…every puff you take…every single day…JUUL is watching you…

Hopefully you sang a long with that [vape] Police hit lol.

It seems not content with being the world’s largest vape company, JUUL now wants to be the largest vaping data collector.


The new device, the JUUL CL, contains a chip that monitors your every puff and sends the data to the company’s HQ.

JUUL says rather than being snooping software, it’s designed to help individual vapers monitor their usage.

The JUUL is linked via a Bluetooth app which also shows users location!

Dan Thomson, Juul’s UK managing director, said the data would never be sold adding:

Ultimately, we want to get more people off cigarettes.


So, is this an invasion of privacy from Big Vaping?

Time will tell.


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