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More Vaping Fake News Re-Buffed!

Here we go again!

Just when you think the mainstream media has begun to look a little more positively at e-cigarettes and vaping they pounce like rabid starved hyenas on a ‘news’ story that barely holds up to scrutiny BUT does indeed scare the bejeesus out of smokers thinking about the switch.

In other words the shamestream media still doesn’t get it.

Every single time they gleefully re-write a fake vape news press release without checking the full facts they quite literally condemn smokers considering a switch to vaping to staying on the fags ‘because the news says e-cigs are just as dangerous‘.

OK so what’s the latest vaping scare story?

It’s not actually anything new – despite the media making it sound as if it is!

In a nutshell ‘scientists’ in Sweden based at the Karolinska Institute which is a medical university – warned this week that e-cigarettes containing nicotine can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Nothing new there but surely this is been accepted by pro-vaping scientists BUT and this is important – it’s been put into a real perspective.

In my piece written almost a year ago to the day How Dangerous is E-liquid? I tackled the tricky subject of ‘arterial stiffness’ – the issue the Swedish scientists have pinpointed – by quoting from a study that shows nicotine has the same effect on the body as coffee!!!

You can read the full study for yourselves – Acute Effect of Caffeine on Arterial Stiffness and Aortic Pressure Waveform.

Nicotine Has the Same Effect on the Body as Coffee

So just to be clear here vaping with nicotine infused e-liquid has the same effect on the body as drinking coffee – getting stressed or even watching an exciting football match.

But hey I would say that being a pro-vaping pen pusher wouldn’t I!

So let’s hear from an expert.


How about Dr Tim Chico – Reader in Cardiovascular Medicine & consultant cardiologist – University of Sheffield, who said:

Electronic cigarettes are certain to have some health effects, and it is very important that non-smokers do not start using them erroneously thinking that they are harmless.

However, the key question is whether they are as harmful as conventional cigarettes, and this seems very unlikely, particularly if they are used as a bridge to quitting all cigarettes completely.

Although it is important to understand the effects of electronic cigarettes, this should not detract from the fact that smoking conventional cigarettes reduces life expectancy by ten years and causes chronic diseases that devastate quality of life.

However it wasn’t just the risk of heart disease and strokes the Swedes targeted.

The study used 15 subjects – none of whom had ever vaped before and were described as ‘healthy’.

Lead boffin Dr Magnus Lundback said:

The industry markets their product as a way to reduce harm and to help people to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

However, the safety of e-cigarettes is debated, and a growing body of evidence is suggesting several adverse health effects. The results are preliminary, but in this study we found there was a significant increase in heart rate and blood pressure in the volunteers who were exposed to e-cigarettes containing nicotine.

Arterial stiffness increased around threefold in those who were exposed to nicotine-containing e-cigarettes compared with the nicotine-free group.

What he hasn’t mentioned is the readings from the test subjects was temporary – you know a bit like when you drink a strong cup of coffee or one of those energy booster drinks – but hey don’t let that get in the way of a good news story!

I’ll leave the excellent Prof. Peter Hajek – Director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit – Queen Mary University of London to have the final word on issues Lundback and his team found.

He said:

All three findings are likely to be presented as generating concerns about vaping, but none provides a cause for alarm.

Arterial stiffness is a well-known stimulant effect of nicotine that has little relevance for health. Drinking coffee has the same effect, only greater and longer lasting (as does watching a dramatic football match).

I hope that’s helped you breathe a little easily as you enjoy your vape today!

Just remember pretty much every negative thing you see associated with e-cigs and vaping in the mainstream news is 9.9999 times out of ten ‘sexed up‘ to paint e-cigarettes in a bad light.

Given the The Royal College of Physicians is urging people to use e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking I know who’d I’d rather listen to.

Vape On!

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