Introduction To The OBS Engine RTA

For many people the OBS Crius tank has been a reliable, great performing go-to RTA and I’ve been tempted myself although my partner may have given me a long stare for spending more money!

So, when I got the email to tell me the OBS Engine RTA was on the way I was interested to see how it would fare.

Whereas the Crius was top fill/bottom airflow the Engine has shifted the airflow to the top as well.OBS Engine RTA reviewed

The packaging for the Engine is smart and business-like, with clean looking graphics on a white background with yellow highlights.

Front shows the Engine itself and the OBS logo, the sides a QR code and product name.

On the rear, we have a product description (I’m not sure OBS employed a native English speaker to check the translation), contents, authenticity scratch panel and a mark to show if it’s the stainless or black version.

In our case, it’s the latter.

Inside The Box

Opening the box, we’re presented with

  • The OBS Engine RTA
  • Spare tank glass
  • Decent sized black screwdriver.
  • OBS Engine user Manual
  • Parts including: cotton, spare grub screws, replacement seals and a pair of twisted stainless steel coils. Yes, the Engine has been designed for TC from the get-go!OBS Engine RTA Kit Contents

Design & Build Quality

The OBS Engine is quite distinctive.

It sits 25mm in diameter yet only 54.5 mm high, the top airflow altering the proportions and making it appear even shorter.
obs engine rta closed airflow
Despite its diminutive appearance, the tank boasts a liquid capacity of 5.2ml.

The body is made from 304 Stainless Steel, in this case externally black coated, with a quartz glass tank.

On top, we have a short, sloped base POM drip tip that fits into a standard fit 510 socket.

The very smoothly machined top cap is a busy place, holding the top airflow as it does. The airflow control ring has three good sized openings and is smooth without being too loose.

Helpfully, the ring is just slightly recessed to help prevent accidental movement.

Below this we have the fill ring, with the distinctive machining of the OBS logo.
OBS Engine RTA side fill
Pulling this ring upwards reveals the side fill port which is easily big enough to take a large dropper or bottle tip.

The position of the fill port is helpfully marked with a drip symbol.

Below the quartz glass tank, we find the base, helpfully knurled to aid removal.

On the bottom, we have a fixed gold plated 510 pin sitting nicely proud of the threads. The base reads “Designed by OBS” and has the Engine name and regulatory marks.

A nice touch is that the main of the base is recessed to prevent the coating and wording from being rubbed away.
OBS Engine RTA Base

Unscrewing the base reveals the velocity styled deck with its PEEK insulator.

The deck is 17mm across, giving plenty of room for thicker builds although the wire holes are not particularly big.OBS Engine Dual post deck
The deck has two lugs that engage with the chimney to ensure the airflow is aligned correctly onto the coils. Simple but clever.

The airflow passes from the inlets down the outer tube of the chimney and down over the coils, the resulting vapour being drawn up the centre tube. OBS Engine RTA airflow

This not only helps prevent leaks but it also reduces the amount of heat energy that would normally be wasted heating the e liquid and tank, instead pre-heating the air destined for the coils.

How Deos The OBS Engine RTA Perform?

I must say straight off, I really like the OBS Engine.

It looks just that little bit different and the engraving is slightly retro, almost art deco styled. OBS Engine RTA blown up

The quality of the materials and machining is excellent, all the threads are tight yet smooth and there were no leaks around the seals.

The airflow is easy to adjust but doesn’t tend to be accidentally shifted, even when it’s been in my pocket.

Fitting the supplied coils was a breeze and wicking was simple, it doesn’t need masses of cotton to reach and tuck into the juice flow holes on the deck. OBS Engine RTA Coil build

There is a slight knack to re-fitting the deck, you need to turn the base and very gently press in until the lugs align, then screw home.

Filling The OBS Engine

Filling was also easy; the fill port can take quite a sizeable spout.

As with most side fill tanks you do need to take your time or it will spill but no worse than any other.

My only gripe would be that when you close the fill port you do tend to get a drip down the side of the tank.

In my pocket, I haven’t had one issue with the fill ring being accidentally lifted.

Use In Temp Control and VW mode

In use the OBS Engine RTA is a real star.

In TC mode, the experience was flawless, a good amount of vapour and flavour, smooth with no spitting.

The dual stainless coils came out at 0.15Ohm and I’ve got it set to 230C, 50W with a slow ramp.

In power mode, you do need to be conservative with the power, this tank is designed with TC in mind not high wattage.

With the supplied coils, you are good to about 60W before you start to get a hot vape.

Swapping the coils for SS316 claptons improved this a little but again, high power is not what this is about.

The other obvious bonus is that reduction in heat transfer to the tank and eliquid.

Even with my browsing on the vape for quite a while the tank doesn’t get any more than slightly warm, a definite plus for the top airflow.

Final Review Verdict

The OBS Engine RTA has been a real pleasure to use.

It’s well designed, well-built, well presented and fits its brief to a T.

Anyone who’s looking for a rebuildable temperature control tank should seriously consider the Engine, as should anyone looking for a lower power range tank.

Vaping with it has been a pleasurable, leak free experience.

To get to the end of a review period and only have a drip on the fill ring as a real gripe is a rarity.

OBS have done an excellent job here, it’s executed perfectly.

Would I replace this? Hell yes, OBS have executed this design flawlessly. A must for any TC vaper.


  • Great build quality
  • Clear deck
  • Cooler than many tanks in use
  • Easy fill
  • No leaks


  • No adjustable 510 pin
  • Slight drip on filling
  • Limited wire diameter
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged (Just The Mod)
I'm an IT/science/technology geek and I smoked around 30 a day for about 17 years. 8 years ago I started vaping to try and quit tobacco. 6 years ago with the advent of the newer tank devices, I unexpectedly switched entirely! I still vape now and, when I have the time between my family and my work, act as an Independent Vaping Advocate. I support the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) and do work with Stop Smoking Services to help ensure people get the right, unbiased information.


  1. And I have to completely agree with Rixsta. I have alien coils with 3mm ID and have anything from 80 -120 watts going through em. No problems whatsoever.

  2. I have to disagree on a few things here.

    I have fitted some framed staple Clapton coils in here, this is very thick wire and the post holes are more than big enough.

    Further to this, Im vaping at 100w with these coils which are 3mm ID and 6 wraps, it’s a warm vape but not hot, that goes for the tank too.

    This can take high wattage and chunky coils and the wicking keeps up. It’s not designed just for TC at all.

    Its the best RTA on the market with the Troll RTA in second place.


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