1. People will tell you it’ll taste disgusting, you won’t believe it…but it will taste disgusting.

smoked a cig after vaping awful 

2. You think vaping saves you money? How soon will it be before you are lusting after a bit of metal tube that is apparently woven from the wings of elves?

my-tube is better than your tube

3. Not technically a meme when the cartoonist created it but quickly struck a chord with every vaper using a computer.

How I Vape

4. In the land of online forums some would have you believe that the length of time you’ve been vaping is important. Mock them.

I Vaped before vaping was cool

5. At some point everyone tries it. Some stay with it while others return to sensible coils…just make sure your battery is up to it.

You want Sub Ohms - You can't handle Sub Ohms

6. It’s not smoking. I am vaping, not smoking. No, this isn’t smoke, it’s vape – that’s why…and so on. You’ll find dyed in the wool vapers get quite shirty about this!

Vaping Is Not Smoking

7. Some people have no problem with buying cloned equipment. Some people have no problem with those people. Some people are just, well, you get the picture.

Buy a mod from Fasttech - Claims it's the real deal

8. But, despite being warned about the service and quality you can expect from China people go ahead and do it anyway.You ordered from Fasttech? Hows that going for you?

9. And then they’ll complain about the time their order takes and fill up a forum with new threads complaining about their problem.Waiting for my fasttech order

10. Competitions. Yep it’s great to get free stuff – but winning an Ego starter kit isn’t the same as discovering a cure for cancer and winning the Nobel prize.

I Just won a Vaporizer!

11. It speaks for itself – smokers don’t do it although I do have one friend who takes a picture of every meal she eats and every drink.

Vaper picture on facebook

12. You hunted on the internet, you found what you want. It took a while to save up and told the kids that mealtimes just softened them up so they should hunt their own food. And you learn the word ‘vapemail’.

I Got Vapemail!

13. Some people find coils and coil discussions fascinating. Some people would far rather just vape juice.

What if I told You no one cares about your coils

14. Vooping is another word yet to make the Oxford English dictionary, but it can’t be long now until they recognise it.Did someone just vape?

15. Tubes have a small surface area at the base, a high centre of gravity and an unerring knack of falling over just when you don’t want them to.

Dropped my e cig and it didn't break

16. For reasons known only to themselves, some people will act offended and feign a lung infection when you vape.See you vaping and coughs

17. When you discover dripping all the female members of your house will know it. And soon you’ll be paying three times more for higher quality cotton balls than the rest of them use.

Honey... Where are all the cotton balls?

18. Not only do you learn new words while vaping – you’ll teach them to everyone you meet.My postman knows what vapemail is

19. Has no one told you yet? Always have a back-up to your back-up to your back-up. In fact, fill all available bag space with back-ups.The moment your battery dies and I don't have a backup

20. At some point someone, somewhere, will make a reference to Dr. Who or Star Trek/Wars. Give them a withering smile and pretend they’ve been original.

I'm a doctor.... Not a modder

21. Including 22 and 23. Anti-freeze. Someone will also tell you that you shouldn’t vape because it has anti-freeze in it. It doesn’t.Brace Yourselves, here comes another antifreeze argument

22. Here it comes…

You shouldn't use e cigs... Don't they have antifreeze in them?

23. And will result in you feeling distinctly like this…

Say anti-freeze one more time

24. If you find a fantastic juice then keep it to yourself or tell people your post office has been the victim of an arson attack…

So you have good e-liquid? Send me a sample

25. We finish our Meme journey here: for those who vanish down the route of high-end, expensive mods – manufactured and hidden in dark regions of the universe.

The feeling when your name is on the new MOD list

What’s your favourite e cig meme? Let us know in the comments below!

Dave is a freelance writer for companies associated with tobacco harm reduction. He provides daily news coverage to Planet of the Vapes. He has been widely published in a number of print magazines focusing on vaping and tobacco harm reduction. A physicist that holds degrees and post-grad qualifications in business, physics, education, computer science and fine art.


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