IPV4 – The First Temp Control Mod From Pioneer 4 You

The IPV4 is the next hugely anticipated release from Pioneer4You, who always have high demand for what they produce, but none of their previous work has generated as much anticipation as the IPV4, which is the first Pioneer4You release to have temperature control.

Featuring a Yihi chip, similar to the one raved about in the SX Mini M Class, with the aforementioned temperature control, 100 watts of power and dual 18650 batteries for longer battery life, the IPV4 has generated an unprecedented amount of pre orders and interest. On paper, Pioneer4You have a huge hit on their hands already.IPV4S Screen

It’s the latest release from Pioneer4You, who have an excellent track record with their previous releases, and one that everyone is currently talking about, but is it the greatest release yet from them?

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In The Box

Nice packaging here, a black cardboard box with IPV4 written in a futuristic font, inside the box you will find-

  • IPV4
  • Micro USB cable (for software updating ONLY, not for charging the unit)
  • Instruction manual

I cannot stress enough that the micro USB cable is solely there for future firmware updates to the IPV4 chip software. Do not under any circumstances attempt to use this to charge the IPV4 unit itself, to do so may result in serious damage to your batteries and potentially yourself.

Battery / Body & Build

The IPV4 requires two 18650 batteries to operate, these are placed into the battery compartment in a series configuration (one battery positive side down, one battery positive side up). You must ensure your batteries are bought from a reputable vape supplier, are at least rated to 30A each, and ideally you would want them to be a matched manufacturer pair and charged as such.

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To keep your batteries lasting longer rotate their position in the mod (as one battery will always draw charge from the weaker battery) when replacing them.IPV4 S Battery Cover

It’s very weighty, yet one of the most solidly built box mods you are ever likely to have held. The battery compartment is held on with small magnetic ball bearings and getting to your batteries is incredibly easy, the compartment slides off with little force used, yet is held on tight when replaced.

I have never had it come away from the box itself when in use! The edge of the IPV4 is rounded and feels very comfortable in your hand when holding it, the cover is rubberised and feels very smooth.

Underneath the IPV4 you find the micro USB port for firmware updates, you can plug your IPV4 into your computer to download the latest chip software to take advantage of potential upgrades to power and performance as and when these are released.

There are a generous amount of vent holes at the bottom of the mod, the up and down buttons are found to the side along with the power button and large OLED screen on the polished display.IPV4 s Base

Key Features

  • Yihi Chip
  • Temperature control, in Joules, up to 50J
  • Temperature range of 200F to 580F
  • 100W of power
  • Dual 18650 batteries in series
  • Resistance range of 0.1-3ohm
  • Magnetic battery door cover
  • Firmware upgradeable via micro USB connection to your computer

Temperature Control With The IPV4

In a first for Pioneer4You the IPV4 features Temperature Control, handled by the SX330 v4S chip present in the IPV4.

This will help you to avoid dry hits when used correctly and provide a cleaner taste to your vape. You will also find that you get a lot more lifespan from your coils and wicks, as less gunk is present on your coils, and the temperature will be regulated before it can scorch or burn your wick.

You can vape your tank completely dry too, I have done it myself on a number of occasions, with the resistance correctly set you get a ‘dry coil no liquid’ message when your wick has dried out and you will no longer be able to fire the IPV4, prompting you to refill your tank.IPV4 s Temp Control

You must use an atomiser with a compatible Ni200 coil installed to take advantage of the temperature control feature. You will need to set your IPV4 device from Power mode to Joules mode through the option in the menu, and make sure the resistance is set correctly by pressing the up and down buttons at the same time until your coil resistance is displayed on screen.

I have found that setting this every morning makes sure the resistance is always accurate.

After setting your resistance you next need to set your temperature limit in either fahrenheit or celsius, the option to display the temperature in either fahrenheit or celsius is found through the menu system.

Next you want to set your Joule output, which is done through the normal power screen and this regulated how much power your IPV4 is outputting to your device.

I have found the temperature control function works amazingly well, it’s a really impressive feature, I am new to temperature control myself and it’s definitely a great feature, the IPV4 has the best temperature control feature I have used yet.

How Does The IPV4 Perform?

To sum up the performance of the IPV4, in a word it is incredible. I have never come across a device before that performs so well, and offers the ability to switch between temperature control and normal wattage power output so easily on the fly.

The menu system is pretty simple to use, but I can see this being a little confusing for beginners. The IPV4 is turned on with 5 clicks of the power button, a further 5 clicks will take you into the menu system. Pressing the power button will scroll through the various options available within the IPV4 menu system, and the options can be changed with the up or down buttons.Black Pioneer 4 You IPV4 S

You can switch from Power mode to Joule mode to select temperature control, if you have selected Joule mode you will be able to adjust the temperature limit through the menu system, and change it from celsius to fahrenheit. You can choose to turn the device off or exit the menu system through here also. You can also access 5 preset power settings by pressing up, adjusting these is done by first pressing down then adjusting the power.

Pressing the up and down buttons will set the resistance of your atomiser when in temperature control mode. You can do this in power mode as well but it makes no difference.

Temperature control has been excellent, I have gone into it in more detail above, but to sum it up it has been my favourite feature of the IPV4 device, I haven’t had any issues with it at all. Power mode is superb, resistance is supported down to 0.1ohm and you can use up to 100W of power at your disposal, the IPV4 is a really powerful device!

Battery life is excellent with two 18650 batteries, I can easily get a full day’s vaping from the IPV4 regardless of it being in temperature control or power mode, and recharging the batteries is easy with the excellent magnetic battery cover system giving me easy access. It’s definitely a mod I have come to rely on for out and about!

Final Thoughts

Overnight the IPV4 has become my all time favourite device, and the best one that I have ever laid hands on.

Ergonomically it is perfect, the chip is outstanding and best of all, it is priced excellently, currently it is available at around half the price of a lot of other similar performing temperature control mods. Unless you are running it at over 70W constantly, having dual 18650 batteries means that you are going to get at least a full day’s heavy vaping from the IPV4.

If you are looking for a new temperature control mod, or even just a high power mod and have no interest in the temperature control functions, I can’t recommend the IPV4 enough. It’s absolutely nigh on perfect.

The Good

  • Excellent temperature control feature
  • 100w of power in standard power mode
  • Great price
  • Build quality feels great
  • Dual 18650’s mean long battery life
  • Firmware can be upgraded
  • Very reliable
  • Magnetic battery cover gives quick and easy access to the batteries

The Not So Good

  • Temperature control is confusing for beginners to get to grips with
  • Mirrored screen is unreadable in daylight
  • Little on the large side

Check Out Another View With This IPV4-S Video Review By Phil Bursado

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Been vaping full time for three and a half years, started on cigalikes for a fair while then curiosity got the better of me and I moved onto an ego/ce5 set up after, a month or two later I was seeing people walking around with these interesting shiny tubes and I thought 'I gotta get one of those'. Before I knew it a trip down to my local B&M got me my first VW mod, an Innokin SVD, paired with an iClear 30, and I was hooked. Soon after that I was jumping to VW mods both box and tube shaped, before I then made the jump to rebuilding and thus sub ohming, with my first RDA and mech mod. These days I'm still preferring mechanical mods, but using VW mods with both RDA's and tanks alike whilst on the move, most importantly I am still loving vaping!


  1. I always come back to this mod as the one that really got me into the hobby side of vaping. Before I had the ipv4(s) I had a couple vw mods with built in batteries like the istick 50 but once i got the ipv4 and bought 18650s for it my vaping life completely changed.

    I think I was using a subtank on it than a tfv4 and that combination was great. The mod had temp control and I could use the .15ohm kanger nickel coils then the tfv4 titanium and nickel coils.

    I remember some ppl had issues with the reflective screen and charge port but I never had any problems. I think the only thing I didn’t like was that it was 22mm and I got a 25mm rda and it had an overhang but back then 25mm attys weren’t that common. All in all it was a great mod and lasted a long time.

  2. Even though there have been almost a zillion (it seems) new mods put out on the market after the IPV4 came out (I’ve purchased quite a few), this mod STILL holds it’s own against the newest mods! Pioneer 4 You puts out quality products, period. Although there are many mods that look “cooler”, the functionality of this mod is absolutely superb. I don’t really use the TC mode so much, I don’t like to vape below 0.5 ohms. I do, some flavors taste better with SS, NiChrome, etc & it’s really not worth it to use TC unless you’re using a very low ohm build. This mod can do it all. It’s worth every penny! Great battery life too! Another win for P4Y!

  3. Ive been vapin since around the MVP v2 came out, i know this as it was my first battery, wanted something that could go the distance and give my MP3 player a couple mah on the trail as i hike and backpack a lot.
    Amazing starting batt of its time, but i needed more power so i got the ipv2 on release day, with my budget it would be that or a DNA clone and i liked the idea of supporting OG design even if its foreign.
    loved that IPV so i bought the IPV4 at release too needing a mod with 2 batteries and TC this fit the bill perfectly and i was already happy with P4Y. the yihi chips really know how to give evolve a run for there money and compare this chip to the DNA my friend bought around the same time i would take this anyday. it now has a really easy to install update that gives 120Ws and the algorithms to do TC on Ti, so no guess work like on other mods like the snow wolf.
    The only faults i’ve found in this is the built in charger is not a safe way to charge, dont use it! (these kinda batteries cant even be charged when socketed this way not to mention the lack of proper regulators making it quite the fire hazard) due to this DC socket being thrown in at the last second its not really in a good place or wired well so i know some users have had issues with it being a fire hazard without even using it due to creating shorts and giving a hole for liquids to get in.
    some users have removed it and plugged the hole to be extra safe i haven’t and haven’t had any issues. one last con is that the battery rack is a bit tight (witch is a good thing for use as the batteries have 0 wiggle) but with that pull string and the tightness when u use that string your peel the wrappers off your batts, to the point where i shorted one out tell i cut that string out and just take each battery out by pressing down on it to compress the spring.
    no wrapper peeling since. but this has the best battery cover ive ever seen so the time saved with that well make up for not being able to just rip your batts out. 4/5 would recommend even today with newer products out.


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