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QUAQ Neo is a multi-dimensional, game changing product revolution, that brings consumer surprises with development and create an extraordinary user experience with innovation!quauq-vape-coils​In the past four years, QUAQ team has been committed to the research and development of atomisation technology.

Over thousands of experiments and hundreds of technical iterations, QUAQ have helped ELFBAR successfully grow into a worldwide E-cigarette brand, enjoying a global reputation, sold to 89 countries around the world and have 8 million users.quaq-elf-bar

Adhering to the concept of providing customers with the best quality E-cigarette equipment, the team, through continuous efforts and research, has joined hands with the latest scientific research results, QUAQ Neo, a coil system, to bring consumers an ultimate experience.

QUAQ team has never stopped moving forward. QUAQ committed to bringing the best innovative atomisation technology to users and integrating with users’ needs, just like the spirit of QUAQ: Towards infinity.towards infinity

For QUAQ, the ultimate user experience comes from the user and for the benefit of the
users. ​

We Can Describe QUAQ With 4 Words:

Real Taste: Flavour Reproduction: 45%

flavour-reproductionThe use of high-precision technology to make MESH coil increases the wire diameter fineness of MESH by 23% and the heat concentration by 17.5%.high-precision

Using environmentally antibacterial non-woven fabrics and polymer food-grade oil-conducting fibres, the high temperature resistance of the material is increased by 22%, and the penetration rate of e-liquid is increased by 8.2%.

Especially in the high reducing ability of sweetness, aroma and compound taste, the reducing ability of these tastes is increased by 35%.antibacterial

Longer Lasting: Puffs Promotion:30%​

The MESH coil is made of innovative material – high-precision heating wire, and the power consumption is reduced by 24%. At the same time, the TPM value is reduced, and the utilisation rate of e-liquid is increased by 8.5%, which means the profit is increased.puffs-promo

More Stable: Consistency Improvement: 500%​

Using high-precision instruments of the medical industry to manufacture MESH coil, the wire diameter has high precision, the tolerance is reduced to 0.02Ω (the tolerance of other atomising coil is 0.1Ω), and the accuracy is increased to 500%. The original taste and joy is run through from the first puff to the last.consistencey-of-coil-improved.20

It’s Safer: Food-grade Material

Adopting German food-grade SUS304 & food-grade silicone,a safer material provide consumer a more comfortable experience. ​healthier-better

QUAQ Neo, as QUAQ brand’s first coil system, will bring you a multi-dimensional, game changing product revolution to meet up with the consumers taste and we hope to bring you the latest and best consumer experience you can get!

QUAQ Neo online press conference has been held on June, 24th,2022. For more launch details, please check QUAQ conference playback to know more:



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