Red Vape pitches itself as a luxury e-liquid brand for the more ‘discerning vaper’ and supply, among others, high end retailer Selfridges no less.

Based in Nottingham they’ve been around for three years now and believe they’ve found the perfect blend of e-juice production, steeping and of course flavours.

A Closer Look at Red Vape E-Liquids

The e-juices are split into three categories:

  • Red Vape Premium
  • Red Vape Reserva
  • Red Vape Gran Reserva.

As you can see even the names Red Vape has chosen sends a message these e-liquids are ‘high end’.

Placing yourself at the luxury end of the tobacco flavoured e-liquid market means you’d better be good if not perfect because vapers know a good e-liquid when they taste one – particularly the tobacco varieties.

red vape e-liquid review

Red Vape has certainly invested a considerable amount of time and energy into creating their brand with nice little touches such as steeping their tobacco flavours in oak barrels once the home of Bourbon, Whisky and Sherry.

So with impressive blending – steeping methods and luxurious sounding names is this the e-liquid collection the vaping connoisseur has been waiting for.

Or is it merely just a masterly marketing ploy to add a couple of quid to each bottle?

I was using my new found favourite MTL device – the K2 from Aspire with fresh coils for each e juice flavour.

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Update: Red Vape has brought out two new flavours – Medwakh and Mapacho – both from the Reserva range – and these have just been added to this original review.

Red Vape Reserva Blends

Red Vape Medwakh


Red Vape Say:

Tobacco flavouring derived from the middle-eastern Dokha tobacco variety.

A rich, powerful and multi-layered flavour profile with spicy, earthy undertones.

A satisfying, smooth and decadent experience the tobacco enthusiast will love.

I Say:

The description sounds promising and bang on my preferred tobacco flavoured e-liquid profile.

Its a very sweet and heady aroma with the tiniest hint of maybe rum or that could just be my longing for a Mojito – but there’s definitely a dash of alcohol in there somewhere.

The inhale carries on the sweet vibes, but natural and rich immediately tamed by that deep earthy richness.

I tried the strongest nicotine level and really did get a lovely throat hit – not harsh – but smooth and warming.

The exhale is quite the thing with the sweetness holding on before that warming spice/alcohol tingles on your taste buds.

Absolutely delicious and then some – WOW!

Red Vape Mapacho


Red Vape Says:

Red Vape’s Mapacho e-liquid uses naturally extracted Mapacho tobacco which grows wild in the jungles of Peru.

A rich tobacco variety offering a subtle sweetness and creamy flavour.

Mapacho is a decadent vape for the tobacco aficionado.

I Say:

From the smell alone I knew this one was gonna be tasty!

It smells exactly like rich tobacco and really gives your nose a tingle!

That first hit and I was in love with this one to say the least.

Thick, rich and dark but with the harshness nowhere to be seen as a creaminess calms it all down.

On the exhale the natural tobacco sweetness comes through without being at all over powering.

It seems to start deliciously dry before that creaminess coats it giving a fantastic full bodied yet smooth vape.

One of the very best tobacco flavoured e-liquids Ive ever tried – BRAVO!


They say:

“Natural tobacco flavouring derived from the Perique tobacco variety grown in Louisiana. The liquid is matured in barrels made from white oak previously used for maturing Bourbon whisky. This gives the liquid a vanilla-caramel note.”

Red Vape Reserva Perique reviewI say:

OK as soon as I opened the very nice glass bottle I got smell of a kind of sweet toffee with an almost peppery tobacco.

To be honest it wasn’t that pleasant at first – however after a couple of minutes it seemed to settle down and whilst filling my device I was getting a real odour of Bourbon.

I’m more of a straight up single malt man but I think the JD and coke lovers out there will like this e-liquid – a lot.

It tasted absolutely gorgeous with a lovely gentle sweetness washing the sharp pepper like inhale away on the exhale.

The vapour was great too with the K2 delivering a very satisfying throat hit.


They say:

“Natural tobacco flavouring derived from the Cuban Corojo tobacco with the added crisp green apple extract.

The liquid is matured in sherry oak barrels to enhance the flavour. The sweet fresh green apple and the steeping in the oak barrel takes Cuban tobacco to very enjoyable new vaping heights.”

Red Vape Reserva Appleleaf reviewI say:

Despite being a fruit vape juice lover – I’m yet to find an apple one that works.

However the Red Vape AppleLeaf has filled that gap and then some – this is a stunning e-liquid.

I still enjoy the odd cigar [I know I know lol] and have smoked some reasonably priced Cuban cigars in my time.

This e-liquid is as close to tasting an expensive cigar as I’ve tried it is fabulous!

On the inhale I get that rich smoky tobacco taste that lingers on your taste buds whilst on the exhale the crisp green apple cleanses the palate with the merest sourness before a clean fresh apple makes your mouth water.

The throat hit was indeed gentle – but still with enough of a kick to satisfy.

Once again the K2 produced a very pleasing amount of vapour and I can imagine this being a perfect after dinner vape – wondrous!


They say:

“Natural tobacco flavouring derived from the Dominican Republic tobacco leaf with smooth vanilla bean, ripe cherries and the slightest hint of black cherry.

The liquid is matured in oak barrels previously used for maturing sherry to enhance the flavour. A delicious cherry vanilla vape.”

Red vape reserva cheer leaf reviewI say:

The colour of this e-liquid through the glass bottle really does give the impression this is one of those fancy cherry liquors that seem to appear at Christmas – smells just like one too.

I was expecting a far too sweet vape but was pleasantly surprised – there’s just enough sweetness and the warmth of the sherry mixed with a sharpness of the tobacco is a wonderful exhale.

For once the vanilla doesn’t overpower everything else which for me shows just how good at blending the Red Vape guys are – this is a delicious rich e-liquid that should satisfy former cigarette – pipe and indeed cigar smokers.


They say:

“Natural tobacco flavouring derived from the Brightleaf Virginian tobacco variety grown in Suffolk USA.

The liquid is matured in barrels made of North American Oak previously used for maturing sherry. A smooth and satisfying vape with a medium bodied throat hit.”

Red Vape Reserva Honeywood reviewI say:

Winnie the Pooh would absolutely die for this e-liquid and come to that so will dessert flavour aficionados – this is sweet as syrup or rather as sweet as honey.

Opening the bottle is the same as opening a jar of Winnie’s favourite runny stuff and the golden colour only adds to the effect.

Sadly for me it was a case of honey overpowering everything else – this e-liquid is extremely sweet to say the least.

As most of us know sherry is a very sweet drink and whilst you get a hint that’s about it.

Sweet e-liquid lovers will adore HoneyWood but for me it was a case of too much honey out of the jar.


They Say:

“The Shade e-Liquid uses naturally derived North American Shade Tobacco flavourings.

The liquid is then steeped in matured oak barrels for a month which creates a crisp, medium strength tobacco vape which is pleasantly smooth on inhale and exhale.”

red vape shade reserva e-liquid

I Say:

Back in my days as a smoker one of my most guilty pleasures was to chomp down and enjoy a good cigar.

Shade is part of the Reserva tobacco collection and if you’re a cigar buff then this full bodied e-liquid is a must taste.

A very smooth tasting draw had my tongue reaching around the vapour enjoying the myriad of tastes from pure tobacco to an earthy sweetness.

Not in the slightest harsh, this reminded me of a very expensive Cuban cigar I smoked on my 50th birthday – gentle on the inhale and a thick whack of premium tobacco on the exhale.

Red Vape Premium Blends

Havana Gold

havana gold e-liquid tobacco flavour

They Say:

“The Shade e-Liquid uses naturally derived North American Shade Tobacco flavourings.

The liquid is then steeped in matured oak barrels for a month which creates a crisp, medium strength tobacco vape which is pleasantly smooth on inhale and exhale.”

I Say:

Nothing can beat a good shag my pipe smoking granddad used to say – for the younger ones among us in this case, a ‘shag’ is a form of tobacco lol.

Havana Gold is so reminiscent of a good pipe tobacco I have a feeling my grandad would have definitely took a pinch or two.

You get a really good throat hit with this one so much so with three years of none smoking behind me – it made my eyes water!

It’s not harsh in any way, it just packs a very powerful punch.

If you’re giving up smoking and struggling for an excellent tobacco flavour – this is one for you.

Angel Berry

They Say:

“We expertly blend together natural raspberry, dewberry and blueberries along with Granny Smith variety apple extract and then add a dash of the naturally sweet Mentha Aquatica also known as water mint.”

angel berry e-liquid

I Say:

Raspberry, dewberry, blueberries and Granny Smith apples makes this e-liquid one of the most moorish I’ve ever had the pleasure to vape.

Your taste-buds go into absolute overload as each crisp, rich fruit explodes on your tongue.

With a the perfect hint of citrus to balance the sweetness this is an all day vape to die for.

On the exhale lies a pleasant surprise with an extremely gentle hint of mint that cleans your palate beautifully.

Ooops – given this is a premium e-liquid the mint is actually a plant from the Baltic Region called Mentha Aquatica – either way it’s stunning.

Trinity Creme

They Say:

“A dessert blend with few rivals and a real ‘Must Try’. Trinity crème is an indulgent vape of rich vanilla custard and reduced caramel.

To this we add just a delicate hint of nutmeg which creates a delicious flavour and a silky smooth throat hit. “

custard flavour e-liquidI Say:

I could quite happily live on custard – I mean eat nothing else but custard.

I’ve tried very many custard flavoured e-liquids and every single one has left a nasty chemical after taste in my mouth.

So I wasn’t too hopeful when it came to trying Red Vape’s Trinity Creme.

It smelled good – looked good and by golly it tasted good!

On the inhale you’re getting a thick glug of home made vanilla custard that is an absolute joy.

Not to sweet but just enough vanilla to get your brain wondering where the apple pie is.

The exhale is an absolute joy as the sweetness intensifies to be washed away by the gentlest hint of sweet spicy nutmeg.

Strawberry Fusion

They Say:

“Delivering the luscious and fresh, fruity taste of perfectly ripe, hand-picked strawberries.

We then blend this with the lightest hint of vanilla bean extract which adds a rich and indulgent creamy aftertaste.”

strawberry flavour e-liquid

I Say:

Strawberries and cream is the epitome and indeed taste of a British summer.

And I can’t think of a better tasting strawberry e-liquid than this one.

Red Vape has absolutely nailed the mix and blending – it is absolutely bloody gorgeous.

The slight sharpness of fresh picked strawberries washed over with cream and the merest hint of a vanilla pod is a sheer delight.

Being the greedy sod that I am I got through my 15ml bottle in just over a day – my next order is in the post!

Throat Hit

With a 50-50 mix of PG and VG the throat hit on the whole was extremely smooth.

Red Vape offers 0mg to 24mg pharmaceutical grade nicotine so those looking for more of a kick can of course up the ante with a higher nicotine level.

Vapour Volume

I found the tobacco flavours created pretty much the same amount of vapour you’d get from smoke off a cigarette.

This will definitely suit those new to vaping and looking for a similar if not exact experience.

As for the fruit and dessert vape juices even at the 50/50 mix there’s a decent amount of clouds generated – but you ain’t gonna win any chasing competitions.

Red Vape are in the business of perfecting the taste and quality of their e-juices rather than helping you create a fog.

Production Details

Red Vapes Say:

We are passionate about the purity and quality of all our e-Liquids.
This means you will never find any artificial ingredients, flavourings or colourings in any Red Vape product.

Red Vape E-Liquids The Final Verdict

From the packaging – the classy bottles and indeed the blending and taste the Red Vape Reserva and Premium collection really does justify the ‘premium’ label.

Aiming for the luxury end of the vaping market is I guess a bold move.

Sure there’s market out there for so-called premium e-liquids and Red Vape are certainly pushing to grab the top spot in the niche.

The tobacco flavours in particular, show a genius blending method that are head and shoulders above any other tobacco flavour I’ve tasted so far.

They really do taste of what they say they do. That is the simplest way of explaining things!

Cloud chasers should look away now because the overall impression I got from these e-juices was taste is everything and I couldn’t agree more.

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Havana Gold
Angel Berry
Trinity Creme
Strawberry Fusion
I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.
red-vape-e-liquid-reviewThe Red Vape Reserva and Premium e liquid range are quite simply superb.


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