The RELX Infinity pod system is the latest from what is turning out to be one of the fastest growing vape brands of the moment.

A quick browse of their website shows how serious they are when it comes to research and product creation.RELX Infinity Pod System review

It wasn’t long ago that we reviewed their flagship RELX Classic pod system and it impressed on all fronts, so looking forward to see how they have progressed since then.

What to Expect from the RELX Infinity Pod System

First mention is their recent Reddot Award for product design. A good start.

The Infinity is named as such as it is designed to offer infinite taste, utility and convenience. It has a host of features for what looks on the outside to be a basic pod system.

The kit comes with 1.9ml pre-filled pods, a 380mAh battery, type C fast charging and what RELX call SuperSmooth technology. This is said to provide a smooth, velvety vape that will be similar to smoking.

They have also released a charging case, so you can charge you vape on the go, which I think personally is a great addition. While not included in the kit itself we will cover that below.Charge case for the Infinity pod mod

So a little overview.. Let’s see if the RELX Infinity pod system delivers.

This device was sent to us for the purposes of review. As always, my views are my own.

This product is not available in the USA. Please refer to RELX’s official website (link below) or your local vape retail store for purchase information for your country.

In The Box

Very tidy packaging, very Apple esque. Inside:

  • RELX Infinity Mod (Battery)
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 X User Manual

RELX Infinity kit contents


  • 380mAh Battery
  • Fast Charging
  • 1.9ml Tank Capacity
  • SuperSmooth Technology
  • Automatic (Draw activated)
  • Magnetic pod/battery connection
  • Leak Resistant with Maze technology
  • Portable charge case – Available to purchase separately
  • Available in 3 colours – Red | Silver | Black

Design and Build Quality

The RELX Infinity fits into the light weight pod category with an Aluminum Unibody construction.

It has definitely been designed to be portable without feeling like you have a small rock in your pocket. A good start.relx infinity review

It’s all rounded edges, smooth to touch and houses the USB-C port on the base as well as 2 inset charging connectors either side that allow the pod mod to click into the charging case.USB Port

We have the RELX branding on one side, a couple of small airflow holes on either edge of the body and a small round light on one side. This lights up as you vape and indicates your battery level.

  • White LED – Regular Use
  • Red Slow Flash – Low power
  • Red light flashes 10 times – No power

RELX Pro Pods

Now the kit doesn’t come with a pod included so you will have to add these to your order. Not ideal but the good news is the actual Infinity pod system is well priced.Leak resistant RELX Infinity pods

Although I do always like to see at least one pod included to get you going. At least this way you can choose your flavour from the get go and not be tied to a tobacco or menthol if that’s not your thing.

The Pro pods come foil sealed, in a sleeve with plugs in the mouthpiece end and the base as well. Just be sure to remove both plugs before vaping or you will be wondering why nothings happening.RELX infinity Pro pod sleeve

There is even a small QR code on the side of each pod. Scan this and it takes you to their website to let you know you have an authentic product.RELX infinity pod and battery

When placing the pods in the battery you will get a little buzz (in the device) unless of course the small things in life excite you.

The only downside I can find is that the pods, when connected, do have a bit of side to side movement to them. Not a deal breaker for me personally but if this sort of thing annoys you then something to keep in mind.


From the marketing blurb the pods are feature packed to provide a smooth, full flavoured performance. The SuperSmooth technology sure sounds impressive, if a little over my head, but it all comes down to whether it actually delivers, which we will come to soon!

Here is some info for those that like to know what makes a replacement pod tick so to speak.RELX infinity Supersmooth technology in pods

Slim Fit Charging Case – Click & Charge

It’s not often we see this type of accessory for pod mods but it’s a welcome addition.

With small devices comes smaller battery capacities so the option to ‘plug’ your pod into charge while it’s in your bag or pocket is great.RELX Infinity Slim Fit Charge Case

You just need to be sure the case is fully charged before you leave the house!

The charging case has a 1500mAh battery and looks great. Rounded edges and a black transparent flip lid enables you to see the battery indicator light status without opening up.infinity pod in charge case

The pod mod just slides in and connects to the pogo pin. It is an additional purchase but an excellent addition to the kit.

How Does The RELX Infinity Perform?

This is one of those kits that is plug and play simple to use. Once you have removed all the plugs from the pod simply pop it in the battery/body, you will feel a small buzz of the device and you are ready to go.pod and battery top view

This is an ‘automatic’ device, meaning no buttons to press. Just inhale to vape, yeah stating the obvious right!

The reaction time is very quick, no delay at all for me on the inhale which is a good thing.

Nic Strength

For the EU market the flavours come in 18mg nic salt which is a good level for pod systems and for smokers looking to make the switch.

Throughout all the testing I found it really satisfied on that front without having to suck the pod dry in 10 minutes to get that hit.

Outside the EU then you have the option of a head spinning 50mg nic pod.


The Infinity Pod is paired with the RELX Pro pods. They have a good selection to choose from so should be a little something for everyone.

Although the flavour descriptions aren’t very helpful. In other words they don’t tell you what the flavour is, at least not on all the options..RELX Infinity pod flavour options

We received a selection to review, so a brief thought on each.

RELX Pro Menthol Plus

RELX Menthol Plus flavour

Described as – A Breath of Fresh Mountain Air

I was expecting a serious bit of cooling going on with this but the levels are actually quite subtle, for my tastes anyway.

As menthols go this is definitely not a blow your socks of menthol. A subtle menthol that leaves a slight after cooling in the mouth after exhaling.

If you don’t like your menthols too strong then this should fit you well. If you like that strong icy hit then you may be a bit disappointed.

Decent for me though overall.

RELX Pro Dark Sparkle

RELX Dark Sparkle flavour

Described as – Quench Your First

Now I did mention the flavour descriptions are kind of left t your imagination. This one is pretty easy to decipher though. Any guesses?

No, OK.. So this is a Cola vape. And a very nice one at that.

The inhale brings the familiar Cola flavour, this is accompanied by a slight fizz and an icy shot. I mean no one likes warm Coke do they..

It’s not too sweet either, so maybe more of a Coke Zero.

I’ve really enjoyed vaping this, very refreshing and leaves a nice cooling effect in the mouth after vaping. Definitely one I could vape all day.

RELX Pro Ludou Ice

RELX Ludou Ice flavour

Described as – Dive Into An Asian Summer

Lodou is based on on an authentic Asian dessert, Mung Bean ice cream. Which I have to say I don’t remember ever trying.

I for one love South East Asia and more so the food.. They do sometimes, to Westerners at least, have some strange favourites when it comes to flavours.

This is the case with Ludou Ice.

On first taste I didn’t like it at all. Almost like an icy, earthy flavour for want of a better description.

It did grow on me just a touch and is quite a refreshing vape for sure. It’s the after taste just isn’t for me.

I think this is going to be a love it or hate it type of juice. Would love to know your thoughts if you’ve tried it. Comments below!

RELX Pro Raspy Ruby

RELX Raspy Ruby

Described as – Bursting With Wonder

With Raspberries at the core this is another cooling vape that is perfect for summer.

The fruit is lovely on the inhale, not too sweet, maybe a touch too subtle but still very nice.

This is one of those flavours that is simple but done very well. An easy all day vape for me.

RELX Pro Tangy Purple

RELX Tangy Purple flavour

Described as – Bursting With Sophistication

I love my grapes but never been the biggest fan when it comes to vaping them.

This is a strange one. You do get the grape coming through but it’s almost as if they have included the bitter pips in the flavour profile as well. If it was on purpose then very clever mixing! haha

There is also a slight floral element coming through. It all makes for what I’d call ‘an interesting vape’ but not necessarily one that has me reaching for the buy now button.

For the grape vapers amongst us it may well just hit the spot. This grape vape wasn’t a great vape for me.

RELX Pro Fresh Red

RELX Fresh Red flavour

Described as – Mellow Out For The Summer

Another cooling vape and as it says on the tim definitely one for the summer. This time around with a bit of watermelon. Nothing better than a big wedge of the stuff on the beach,

This is another that does deliver the flavour albeit on the subtle side. The coolant is strong and refreshing so you just get a waft of the watermelon flowing through your mouth on the inhale and exhale.

Very nice indeed. Would have personally liked just a touch more on the watermelon but nonetheless this is a flavour I could sit and vape right through a long summers day.

Back To The SuperSmooth Technology

Despite it all sounding very technical if the vape is anything to go off then it definitely works. The pods are a pleasure to vape in terms of smoothness, no harshness on the throat.


Along with SuperSmooth RELX go a long way in ensuring there are no leaks from their pods with their Maze technology. Nothing worse than getting e-liquid residue all over the place.

They have done a great job here. Zero leaks from the pods when vaping, not even a drop of moisture in the packaging. Top marks.

How To Charge The RELX Infinity Pod

Plug the USB cable in the base of the battery. The light will show you the charging status.

  • Flashing white light – Charge in process
  • Solid white light – Charging finished

I found that the charging took around 40-50 minutes from flat to full.

If you opt for the charge case then the charging method is the same although due to the larger 1500mAh battery it will of course take that bit longer.

Battery Life

The battery life is on par with other pod systems. When paired with nic salts I don’t find myself chain vaping so it sees me nicely through the day. Depending on your vaping habits it could of course be more or less.

If you have the charge case (recommended) then you have no worries that you’ll run out of power for a couple of days.


  • Very lightweight device
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Smooth but satisfying vape
  • Perfect for smokers making the switch
  • Available with a portable charging case – Big plus


  • Slight pod wobble when attached to the battery
  • No pod included in the kit

Final Review Verdict

I’ve gone through a lot of pod systems personally and we have reviewed a lot here on Eciglcick.

While many of the JUUL style pods can start to look the same, I’ve found the addition of the charging case means RELX have just found that ‘thing’ that helps the Infinity stand out from its competitors.

I enjoyed some of the flavours and while not all of them were for me RELX have to be applauded for offering something on the alternative side in the flavour department.

Would I Recommend This Kit

Even without the charge case it would be a yes, especially for new vapers making the switch from smoking. It ticks a lot of boxes that makes a solid pod system.

If you were to add that accessory to the setup then you really can’t go too far wrong. A great addition.

Have you used the RELX Infinity pod? Would love to hear your comments below.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Charge Case
Replace if Lost
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