The Origo CVB by RocVape – Introduction

I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to ‘All in One’ vape kits, so when RocVape contacted me and asked if I would like to review their latest starter kit, the Rocvape Origo CVB (Complete Vape Box) I just couldn’t refuse.

The Origo CVB is designed predominantly to be as simple and as easy to use as possible, while maintain a low stealthy profile that’s very pocket friendly and leakproof.

So, does the RocVape Origo CVB have the lead over other starter kits currently on the market…..lets take a look and see!!

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Origo CVB MOD
  • 2 x Coils
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x User manual


  • 1600mAh built in battery
  • USB recharging
  • Simple one button operation
  • 2ml tank capacity
  • 63mm x 40.5mm x 21mm dimensions
  • Fixed 18 watts output
  • 0.5 ohm replaceable coil heads
  • CUP leak proof embedded tank
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Aluminum alloy and stainless steel construction
  • Glass tank section
  • Four different colours available (Black, Pink, Silver & Blue)
  • Top fire button
  • Small ergonomic design
  • Delrin insulated drip tip
  • Spitback protection

Build Quality & Design

The Origo CVB is RocVape’s first ‘All in One’ starter kit and is design to be as simple and straightforward as possible, while incorporating a very low profile to make it an incredibly stealthy and pocket friendly vape mod.

Let’s start at the top with the driptip! This comprises of a standard 510 tip held securely in place by two o-rings.

The driptip itself is constructed from two pieces, an inner delrin section which connects to the top of the device and an outer stainless steel sleeve which provide a good overall aesthetic appearance.

The delrin inner section is a nice feature as it restricts any heat transfer that can be generated while the device is in use. So no hot lips J

The top section of the Origo CVB comprises of a drip-tip connection port and an adjustable air flow control ring.

The AFC has two opposing air-holes on the ring, each measuring approximately 10mm x 2mm.

The AFC ring is easily operated by rotating it either clockwise or anticlockwise and has a maximum travel distance of 180 °.

If you continue to rotate the AFC ring anticlockwise this will unscrew the top section of the device allowing access to the vape tank and stock coil.

Next to the AFC ring on the top section of the Origo we have a firing button.

The button is also used to turn the device ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ and incorporates an LED outer ring which provides the user with a visual indication of the devices status during firing and when turning the unit ON/OFF.

Turn ON                –        5 Clicks of fire button                                                                 Turn OFF               –        5 Clicks of fire button                                                   Charging               –        Red LED illuminated                                                                   Fully Charged        –        Green LED illuminated                                                               Low Battery           –        Red LED blinks 8 times

Charging the device is done via the micro USB port which is located on the side of the Origo, at the top just below the fire button.

Below the AFC ring, on the side of the device, there is an ample sized view port which provides a good view of both the juice level in the tank and also the stock coil.

On either side of the window we have two markers indicating a ‘MAX’ level. This is your guide for when filling the tank with your favourite e-liquid.

The tank has a 2ml maximum capacity and although there seems like there’s a lot more space in the tank for a few extra milli’s don’t be tempted. Filling the Rocvape Origo CVB

If you do, then you will be wasting your precious e-liquid and wasting time cleaning up the mess.

On each side of the device we have RocVape’s logo and the device name etched into the outer casing. Not too brash but tastefully done.

On the base of the Origo there are several small holes which presumably are for venting and general airflow to the printed circuit board.

Heading back up to the AFC ring, as mentioned earlier, access to the tank and stock coil is achieved by rotating the AFC ring anti-clockwise until the entire top section of the device can be removed.

Attached to the underside of the top section is the Origo’s stock coil.

Installation your chosen coil is relatively simple and straight forward as they all screw directly onto the chimney section of the device and make direct contact with the bottom plate of the tank section to obtain power.

How Does The RocVape Origo CVB Perform?

Overall, the performance of the Origo CVB was pretty impressive!

Baring in mind the Origo only pushes out a maximum of 18watts, RocVape have done an excellent job matching up the device with the 0.5 ohm stainless steel coil as the flavour production is extremely good.

I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a great lover of stock coils as I’ve personally found that the can mute the flavour of your e-liquid.

But the RocVape coils really did perform well during testing.

There’s nothing really to go wrong with the Origo CVB! Charge it, fill it, prime your coil and vape it, simple!!

What I Liked

The absolute sheer simplicity of this kit makes it a sheer joy to use.

It’s incredibly pocket friendly so really great if you’re popping out and don’t want to lug a large mod and tank with you.

I used the Origo CVB on several evenings out and also on my daily commute and found battery life to be excellent, lasting me a good 4-5 hours of regular vaping and provided a good consistent vape for those 4-5 hours without any noticeable signs of dropping in performance as the internal battery depleted.

As I mentioned earlier, the flavour produced from the stainless steel stock coils was excellent!

What I Disliked

I’m surprising myself by saying that I do have two issues with the Origo CVB. Firstly, the drip-tip!

While it was possible to ‘Mouth To Lung’ vape on the device the drip-tip wasn’t really suited to this style of vaping.

I would have liked to have seen an additional reduced bore tip included with the kit.

However, as the device has a standard 510 drip-tip connection you can swap out the included drip-tip for your own personal favourite.

My second issue was with the position of the ‘Fire’ button.

I really do feel this would be better positioned on the side of the device and not on the top.

It just feels awkward when firing the mod and it only really suited to thumb firing. Finger firing, as I discovered was a little cumbersome but doable!!

Other than that I had no problems setting up and using the device.

Final Review Verdict

The Rocvape Origo is a greater little kit which I personally would recommend.

Suitable for newcomers who don’t want to get bogged down in the technical side of vaping and also seasoned vaper who may be looking for a simple stealthy setup or emergency backup device.


  • Easy to setup and use
  • Excellent battery life for a 1600mAh device


  • Drip Tip not suited to Mouth To Lung vaping (Subjective)
  • Position of the Firing button (Subjective)
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Vapour Production
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
Smoker for 25 years but now a seasoned vaper of four years. Started my vape journey on Cig-a-likes before moving very swiftly onto CE4's and Ego’s, which were to remain my preferred vaping hardware for a considerable length of time. When the infamous Nautilus clearomizer was released I move completely away from my beloved CE4 and also dumped my Ego for a tube type variable wattage device. Shortly after this I was on to RTA’s, RDA’s, VW mods and rebuilding. Recently I discovered the joys of Squonking and have become completely hooked.



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