The new Sense Herakles Pod kit is a 40W hybrid AIO system combining together the portability of a pod device with the flexible power of a box mod.

Sense Technology Co Ltd is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong China and have some interesting products listed on their webpage.
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We’ve reviewed a number of the company’s vape devices including: the Orbit Baby, Orbit Pod System, the Arrow kit, and the Screen Tank.

Sense are also known for its three generations of Herakles sub ohm tanks.

What Can We Expect From the Sense Herakles Pod Mod?

To be honest when I opened the box I thought I was looking at the Smok RPM40 they are basically twins with the exception of the branding and sidelights of the Herakles, their appearances are remarkably similar.Sense Herakles Pod Kit Herakles and RPM

Both kits have in built batteries of 1500mAh – both offer a maximum 40W output.

The pods are slightly different with the Herakles pod being much larger at 6ml and comes with coils with antibacterial cotton which is supposed to increase the flavour.Sense Herakles Pod Kit check hand

Sense have released the Herakles Pod Mod in 5 colours, with flashing sidelights can we say that this pod system is unique enough to get attention?Sense Herakles Pod Kit 2 header

Let’s take an up and close and detailed look at it and find out!

This product was sent to me for the purpose of review.

As always my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period.

FYI: Herakles is from Greek mythology or Hercules in Roman, he was represented as an enormously strong man of moderate height, a huge eater and drinker, very amorous, and generally kindly but with occasional outbursts of brutal rage!

So did this one turn me into Mr Angry Vaper?

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Inside The Box

  • 1 x Herakles Pod mod
  • 1 x Spare extra pod
  • 2 x 0.4ohm mesh coils
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty CardSense Herakles Pod Kit complete

Key Features

  • Size: 27 x 25.2 x 104.5mm
  • Capacity: 6ml
  • Battery: 1500mAh
  • Output wattage: 5-40W
  • Compatible with Smok RPM Coils & RBA Head
  • Colours available: Gunmetal, Prism Grey, Prism Red, Rainbow, Rose Gold

Design and Build Quality

The Kit comes nicely displayed in a cardboard box with an over sleeve and a foam tray inner.

As you can see I have been sent the rainbow Herakles Pod mod.Sense Herakles Pod Kit content

Herakles Pod Mod

Like the Smok RPM the Herakles has a cubic shape, the mod has the appearance of being slightly taller than the RPM, this is down to the larger mouth piece.

Measuring in with a body diameter of 27mm, the pod bay measures at 25.2mm and the device has an overall length of 104.5mm with the pod in place.

Just like the RPM the device feels very comfortable in the hand and overall, I would say that the design has been done well with a good quality of manufacture.Sense Herakles Pod Kit kit

From the Top

Looking into the pod bay, you will see 2 gold plated spring loaded contact points, and 4 strong magnets that hold the pod in position with no movement.Sense Herakles Pod Kit bay

To each side of the mod you will note carbon fibre stickers, along with LED lights – more about those later.Sense Herakles Pod Kit sticker led

On the back of the device you will see branding as well as the Herakles logo.Sense Herakles Pod Kit advert

There’s a colourful screen with all information you would expect to see from this type of device.Sense Herakles Pod Kit screen

Along with the usual fire and adjustment buttons: a 3rd adjustment button has been included, and this is for the operating the LED lights.Sense Herakles Pod Kit charge

On the bottom of the device you will find the micro USB charging port and the obligatory CE and recycle marks printed in white, and unlike the RPM the base is more of a square.Sense Herakles Pod Kit port

6ml Pod and Coils

You get 2 square pods with the kit, both of which take replaceable PnP coils.

The pods are is made of plastic and fit really well into the Herakles body, with no movement of the magnets.

Whilst the colour of the pod is dark, you are able to see the remaining liquid quite easily by removing it.Sense Herakles Pod Kit pod empiy

The pod has 4 magnets at its base that hold firmly to those within the body, and a large space for the insertion of a plug n play coil.Sense Herakles Pod Kit bottom and top

On one side of the body of the pod you will see a black silicone plug with an arrow, this is to cover your fill port.Sense Herakles Pod Kit open port

The mouth piece of the pod is black, and as I said earlier it is slightly taller than the RPM, the slot is however the same size, the mouth piece and pod are made as one complete unit.Sense Herakles Pod Kit mouth piece

Included with the kit are 2 plug n play coils and both are 0.4Ω single mesh with a recommended wattage of 15 to 30w.Sense Herakles Pod Kit pod coils

As a bonus Smok RPM 0.4Ω replacement stock coils do fit and work well with this unit as does the Smok RBA coil head even better the Reewape RBA also fits and works well.Sense Herakles Pod Kit coil diff

The Pod is constructed well – the design is very good, though as far as the quality goes I say it feels on the cheaper side!
Sense Herakles Pod Kit plastic pod

How Does the Sense Herakles Pod Kit Perform?

For this example I will be using one of the supplied 0.4Ω coils.

The liquid I will be using is Coastal Clouds Lemon Meringue hand

Basic Quick Start Guide

  • Prep your coil by dripping a few drops of liquid into the top of the coil.coil prep
  • Place the coil into the pod by simply pushing it into the pod from the bottom.port plug tight
  • To fill the pod with E-liquid, flip open the silicone bung and fill through the fill port.pod fill
  • Replace the bung tightly.closed port
  • Place the pod into the body of the Herakles, and leave the kit standing for 2 or 3 minutes before use, this is to allow the cotton within the coil to soak up more liquid; Sense say 5 to 8 minutes but in my experience as long as you prep the coil 2 or 3 minutes will be enough.

When it comes time to change out the coil for a new one, I would suggest that you empty the pod or risk a flood.coil pod

Sense Herakles Pod Kit Battery

Make sure your battery is fully charged before using this device for the first time, I say this because mine came to me with less than a ¼ charge!Kit charge

Sense Herakles Pod Mod – Fire Button

  • 5 times will turn the device on and off.
  • 1 press will fire the device.
  • 3 presses will switch on the power lock function to unlock 3 presses again; you cannot vape while the power is locked!

Adjustment Buttons

  • Holding both will lock the wattage, repeat to unlock again; you can still vape when the wattage is locked.
  • The device will adjust from 5 to 40w.

Sense Herakles Pod Kit LED lights

By pressing the 3rd adjustment button for 3 seconds you will be able to change the function of the side LEDs

  • Flash
  • Display
  • Off

Sense Herakles Pod Mod Functions

  • 8 second puff.
  • Down button and LED adjustment button to clear the puff count.

Sense Herakles Pod Kit Flavour and Vapour Production

20 to 32W

Starting with 20W the vapour production was impressive!Pod Kit toot

Flavour wise, I was not impressed with the antibacterial cotton in the coils.

Maybe because the cotton is unfamiliar to me, but I got what I can only describe as a musty taste not pleasant for me at all.Pod Kit face

Although Sense say these coil can only vape up to 30W I have been vaping them at 32W with no problem!

Again the vapour production was good, the flavour again for me was yuck – I changed the coil out for an RPM 0.4Ω coil (much better lol).

Talking about the RPM coils, they have a slightly more squared base to them compared to the Sense coils so they are a tighter fit but work wonderfully.coil push pod

The draw for both coils was a little on the loose side, much more of a direct to lung than a mouth to lung draw!check toot

Sense Herakles Pod Kit Battery Life and Performance

Battery life for this kit is quite acceptable – from a full charge I am able to get 3.5 hours at 32W.

Filling the pod is easy, I will recommended however that you make sure the bung is in tightly as I found one time I didn’t check it well enough and the silicone bung popped out and flooded the pod bay on me lol, apart from that I have had no leaks from around whatever coils I have tested.

Because this pod is a large pod (6ml) the kit it is not available for purchase in the EU at the moment.

I have heard that there will be a 2ml version released but when that will be I don’t know.plastic pod

Like all pod devices in my tests I did shake the device to see if the pod came loose, it doesn’t even with very violent shaking!


  • Good Quality
  • Fair Design
  • Good flavour with Smok coils
  • More than adequate vapour production


  • Antibacterial Cotton (subjective)
  • Very familiar design (subjective)

Final Review Verdict

To answer my own question at the start of this review – is this kit unique enough to get attention?

For my own personal tastes No I wouldn’t call it unique, in most respects they have just copied an existing design and added led lights to it!

Regarding the sidelights, in my mind are just gimmicks that we have seen with other mods but at least with these they can be turned off so they don’t annoy.

I don’t personally like the taste of the antibacterial cotton Sense have used in the coils so I will give Sense credit for making the Herakles pods compatible with the Smoke RPM coils and RBA heads as this make the kit much more versatile for me use the kit alongside the RPM.

Would I recommend the Sense Herakles Pod Mod?

“Yes” if for no other reason than the large 6ml pod and replaceable coils!

The mod itself is very easily understood with no learning curve to the operation.

Would I buy this Mod again due loss or damage?

I will say maybe!

While I said in the review the Herakles is basically a twin of the Smok RPM – Sense has not quite captured the quality of the RPM although it is very close.

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build quality
Ease of use
Flavour production
Vapour production
Replace if lost or damaged
Hi my name is Kevin, I started vaping back in 2009 mainly because my little boy at 3 years old was starting to copy the way daddy smoked a cigarette! Over the years I have gained a good amount of experience with different types of vaping hardware but I'm just a normal guy who enjoys sharing my experiences. This is why I started my Youtube vape review channel in 2014. To date the channel has had over 500,000 views. Being disabled, vaping has given me a gateway to meeting people from all different walks of life, many of those I would not have met under other circumstances. The way I look at my reviews is, if I can convince just one person to give up the stinky’s my job is done. I class myself as a tinkerer as I like to take things apart to see how they work and put them back together, yes that includes e-cigarette mods! One day I would like to be able to design my own mod. I am a dedicated father, and husband to my sweetheart of nearly 30 years! Family to me comes before anything else.


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