Introduction – The ShanLaan Pod Starter Kit by Laan Tech

THe ShanLaan Pod kit follows on the recent growth in pod mod system kits have started to become more popular amongst the starter community and the more more advanced vaper looking for something pocket friendly.shanlaan pod tank

The ease of use is one thing I think that makes it more appealing to people. The ShanLaan pod kit is no different here. The only thing holding this kit back is simply how expensive it is, definitely not going to fit in everyone’s budget.

At the time of this review the price is $109. This converts to £82.48 for what is essentially a starter kit.

Whats In The Box

  • 1 x Shanlaan device
  • 2 x refillable Laan pods.
  • USB charging cable.
  • User manual

laan pod mod e cgarette


  • 5-40 watts of power.
  • TC Capable 90-310°C
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatible
  • USB chargeable up to 1A.
  • 1300mAh battery

Build Quality and Design

The Shanlaan Laan pod device is very well built and feels nice in the hand. The leather is a nice addition that makes it feel more premium than the normal starter kits currently available on the market.shanlaan pod mod kit contents

There is an indicator light on the side of the device, this lights up when when vaping or charging to indicate remaining battery

On the base of the device is a pop up USB port for charging. Nice little feature that helps keep the aesthetics of the mod looking good.shanlaan vape usb charge

Laan Tank

The tank has a 2ml juice capacity and is super easy to install simply remove the mouthpiece cap. Then drop the tank in and reconnect the mouthpiece cap and twist to lock in place.shanlaan pod kit parts

The spare tanks online come in 0.2Ohm and 0.5Ohm resistances but the tank I received had no indication as to which it was? An oversight on the sample I was sent? Not sure but would be nice to have that info showing.

When your flavour starts to go this indicates the coil is dying, a new tank is then needed as the coils cannot be changed.

Filing the tank is simple:

  • Remove the rubber seal on top of the tank
  • Fill tank with e-liquid vai topfill holes
  • Remove the tab on the base of the tank
  • Drop onto battery
  • Wait 5-10 minutes for the e-liquid to soak up into the coilshow to fill shanlaan tank

How Does The Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit Perform?

I like that Laan have implemented the “Pull to fire” system with this kit. It makes it less daunting for a starter to have to start pressing buttons as they fire it. Simply hold the device to the mouth and begin to inhale.

The device fires up nice and quick and delivers a satisfying vaping experience.shanlaan pod connection

One thing I did have a problem with though is when chain vaping (a few drags in a row) I did get a dry hit.

Bluetooth/App Connection Options

The Laan pod can be paired with an application for smartphones. This enables the user to switch between TC and VW modes plus other functions.

When connected to the app via Bluetooth you have other control the device giving you the following functions:

  • Battery life – Shown as a percentage
  • Heat Control (wattage)
  • Temperature control
  • Child lock – Turn this on to turn the device off
  • Stealth mode – Turns the battery indicator light off

I personally do not see the need for this as the market it is designed for is looking for something to stop them smoking not play with various pieces of technology.

The more advanced vaper may find a use for this. Personally I do not see why it is needed.

Battery Life

Battery life is a big thing for people purchasing a new piece of hardware lately. I have put the Laan pod through its paces and it performed very well. The battery only died on me once whilst I was out but this was after a long 10 hour day in work before venturing out with friends for the night.shanlaan pod kit parts

The Laan Pod recharges very quickly due to it supporting 1A charging. It takes around 1 hour from fully flat to charge to 100%. You can check the charge status by the colour glow from the bottom of the device when a USB cable is connected.

What I Like

It is a very attractive looking piece of kit. A few friends said it looked a bit like a large cigar and could see it being favoured by businessmen types. I can agree to an extent is does look a bit like a cigar.

The experience I had whilst using this kit was a pleasant one. It does deliver a very nice vaping experience and kept me happy throughout the day.

The packaging the Laan Pod arrives in is very “Apple” All white with all white accessories. Well packaged in a small pebble shaped box.

What I Dislike

It has to be the price! How they can expect somebody wanting to start vaping or just give it a try. They cannot expect people to pay close to £85.00 to see what they think. This is going to put people off easily.

The Shanlaan Laan Pod kit, as nice as it looks, I would not say is worth this price at all.

The vaping industry is a very aggressive one and there is so much choice for a lot less than what they are asking for when it comes to the Laan Pod Kit. I would have liked to have seen this at around the £40-£50 mark for the full kit.

I also dislike the fact you will get a nasty dry hit off the pod if you do try and vape a few times in succession. This kit does not like chain vaping. The pod will give you a nasty hot, dry and burnt hit if you hit it a few times in a row.

Final Review Verdict

After spending a good few weeks with this kit, I did enjoy using it. I just feel the amount of choice out there on the market for a considerable amount less, the Laan Pod is going to get overlooked by most people. I will be very surprised if an average starter wants to purchase one of these kits.

It is a shame as it’s such a nice looking kit, it performs really well but sadly it is just too expensive.


  • Good build quality & hand feel
  • Decent vape experience
  • Simple to use for new vapers


  • Very expensive
  • Dry hits occurred when chain vaping
Build Quality
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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