Today we are looking at the Smok G-Priv 2 Kit, which comprises of the G-Priv 2 Mod and the TFV8 X-Baby Tank. It is currently available in 7 different colours and I have seen it priced at around £70-100 here in the UK.
SMOK need little introduction. They are back on the ball with some great recent releasse such as the SMOK Nord, the SMOK Morph and the SMOK TFV16 sub ohm tank.

The SMOK G Priv 2

The mod is a dual 18650, touch screen device with functions including Variable Wattage and Temperature Control Options.

The TFV8 X-Baby tank comes in two versions, the 2ml TPD compliant version and the 4ml version for anywhere outside the EU. This tank is top-fill and also has top airflow which is different to what Smok usually does to their tanks. I have the 4ml version in for review.

As always my opinions are honest and my own. Lets see if this can push for a place on our best box mods list!

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My Video Review Of The SMOK G Priv 2 Kit

What’s In The Box

  • Smok G-Priv 2 Box Mod
  • TFV8 X-Baby Tank
  • Q2 0.4Ω Dual Coil (pre-installed)
  • TFV8 V8 X-Baby T6 0.2Ω Sextuple Coil
  • Replacement Glass Tube
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Bag Of Spare PartsGPriv2-Accessories


G-Priv 2 Mod:

  • 85 x 52 x 27.3mm
  • 181g Weight
  • Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Output Power Range: 1W – 230W
  • Voltage RangeL 0.5V – 9.0V
  • Resistance Range:
    – 0.1Ω – 2.5Ω (VW Mode)
    – 0.05Ω – 2Ω (TC Mode)
  • Temperature Range:
    – 200°F – 600°F / 100°C – 315°C
  • IPS 200PPI Screen
  • Intuitive Menu
  • Multiple Built-In Protection Systems

TFV8 X-Baby Tank:

  • 2ml/4ml Capacity
  • 24.5mm Diameter
  • 57mm/59mm Height
  • 58.5g Weight
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 510 Threaded Connector
  • Dual Adjustable Top Airflow

Build Quality & Design

The TFV8 X-Baby Tank

Appearance & Build Quality

Straight out of the box, this looks like your usual Smok-type tank. Except for one major difference. It has top airflow! (quite possibly to combat the leaking that you got from previous TFV8 tanks)XBaby1

The tank is mostly made of painted stainless steel, along with the glass section of the tank and a removable 810 delrin drip tip. Overall, the tank looks pretty good and looks to be well made without any sharp edges or bad threading.XBaby-Driptip

Ease of Filling:

As with most other Smok tanks, the TFV8 X-Baby is extremely easy to fill.XBaby-FillingPort

Just push back the top cap assembly and fill using the hole provided. Depending on what version you have, the capacity of the tank will be either 2ml or 4ml.XBaby-Filling

The Airflow Control:

The airflow on this tank is at the top in the from of two wide slots, which is different to what Smok usually churns out. As said previously, this is probably to combat any leakage that the TFV8 series of tanks usually has.XBaby-Side

Throughout using this tank, I haven’t experienced any problems whatsoever with adjusting the airflow.

The G-Priv 2 Mod

Appearance & Build Quality:

The G-Priv 2 is made from a zinc alloy and weighs in at 181g which is 14% smaller and 10% lighter than the original G-Priv device. It also has a 20% sharper screen as compared to the original version.GPriv2-1

And then the buttons… Well, there is only one and the fire bar. The fire bar is perfectly placed and has a nice responsive feel to it. The screen lock button on the other hand, I feel is in the wrong place. I’m not sure where I would place it, but to me, it seems slightly out of place.

There aren’t any battery door or button rattles when rigorously shaking the device which is a good thing!GPriv2-2

The 510 connector looks to be made of stainless steel and the threads are nice and clean. The positive centre pin has a good amount of throw in it to accommodate atomisers with larger protruding positive pins.GPriv2-510

At the base of the device, we have venting and cooling for the chipset and battery compartment as well as a Micro USB port for updating the firmware. You can charge via this port, but I personally do not recommend it. Always use an appropriate external charger.GPriv2-Venting

The battery door is located at the back of the device and is covered in the usual tacky carbon fiber sticker with the usual Smok branding. I’m really not a fan of fake carbon fiber. Do it properly, or not at all. Overall, the battery compartment is extremely tidy and the battery polarity is well labelled. GPriv2-BatteryCompartmentGPriv2-DoorLogo

The Screen & Menus:

At the front of the device you have a large, 2.0″ IPS 200PPI Touch Screen. It is extremely easy to use and navigate and very responsive.

I will be running through what the different menus show as well as providing pictures. You can access the menu by clicking the Menu icon in the top left of the screen

As with most regulated devices, the Smok G-Priv 2 Kit is your usual 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off device.

The main screen displays your wattage, vape time and power mode in the centre. The wattage is adjustable by clicking to the left or the right of the circle. Below that you have your puff counter, Amperage, Voltage and Resistance readings. At the top you have your two battery level indicators.GPriv2-MainScreen

Clicking the MENU logo in the top right brings up the menu screen which consists of the VW Mode, TC Mode, Screen and Puffs icons.GPriv2-MenuScreen

Clicking on the VW Mode Icon brings up the switch to turn VW on or off, as well as the different Preheat modes. These are Soft, Normal, Hard and Max.GPriv2-VWScreen

Selecting the TC (temperature control) Mode icon lets you select what material you wish to use, it has presets for Ti, Ni200 and SS. Below that you can adjust the wattage preheat as well as inputting your own TCR Values.GPriv2-TCScreen

Then there’s the Screen Icon. Pressing this lets you change the colour of the icons to six different presets as well as changing what length of time you have the screen on for. This is preset to 60 seconds.GPriv2-ScreenColour

And finally we have the Puffs option. This allows you to select a maximum amount of puffs, to clear your current puffs and below that, it shows how many puffs you have taken. (pic was taken soon after unboxing)GPriv2-PuffScreen

Feel in the Hand:

Overall, the Smok G-Priv 2 feels great in the hand. Yes, it’s slightly weighty, but it’s a good weight. The screen is easily accessible with your thumb and is perfect for left or right handed vapers as all you need to do is squeeze the mod for it to fire. This means that you won’t be covering the screen with your hand!GPriv2-Hand2

How Does the G-Priv 2 Kit Perform?

For this review I was using Apollo Smoozie e liquid.

The 0.4Ω Q2 Coil:

The 0.4Ω coil is rated at 40-70w and is recommended to be best at 50-60w. I personally think that it offers mediocre flavour and bigger clouds when compared to the 0.2Ω coil. Anything over 55w and you start to get poor flavour and semi-dry hits.XBaby-Q2-1

It lasted me about a week before it was un-vapeable after that. But overall, the flavour was good for about a day. Not good at all.XBaby-Q2-2

The 0.2Ω T6 Coil:

The 0.25Ω coil is rated at 40-110w and is recommended to be best at 70-90w. I have been vaping this at around 60w. At this wattage, the flavour yet again was poor. But the clouds on this coil were quite impressive!XBaby-T6-1

Throughout vaping this coil, it again is all clouds and no flavour. Once again, an incredibly poor coil from Smok.XBaby-T6-2

Battery Life:

As most of you know, I’m not the heaviest of vapers, but I always judge things by a single 18650 device usually lasts me a day, and a dual 18650 device lasts me around two days.GPriv2-Batteries

And the Smok G-Priv 2 Kit lasted me around a day using either of the coils. This isn’t great for me, but considering the wattage used and the resistance, this is about average

What I Like

  • Good feel in the had, albeit slightly square.
  • Lovely colour
  • Nice clicky fire button
  • Great screen layout – easy to navigate
  • Tidy battery compartment
  • Good for clouds
  • Easy fill
  • Top airflow

What I Dislike

  • Puffs stop at 999
  • The TFV8 X-Baby Tank – Flavour is extremely poor.
  • No auto-lock function
  • Battery discharge uneven
  • Tank colour didn’t match the device perfectly
  • Lack of customisability/brightness settings.

Final Review Verdict


Overall, a nice kit, the mod is perfect, easy to use and navigate screens and functions very well. It could do with an auto lock feature though.


My main cons for the Smok G-Priv 2 Kit as a whole is the disappointment that is the TFV8 X-Baby tank. Lacking in flavour and coil longevity, which is no surprise from Smok, I would not recommend buying this tank whatsoever!

If I Lost or Broke the Smok G-Priv 2 Kit, would I replace it?

Yes and no. I would possibly buy the G-Priv 2 mod again, but not the tank. That was the major let down for this kit as a whole, so I would recommend only to buy the mod itself.

Have you used, or would you buy the Smok G-Priv 2 Kit? Let us know in the comments below!

Build Quality
Battery Life
Hi, my name is Dean and I have been vaping since April 2014. I decided to start reviewing back in mid 2015 as my friends kept asking me about different e-liquids I had tried and whether they were worth buying. So I thought I'd start on Instagram writing written reviews for them to read. Then several months later, I saw that people were publishing reviews on YouTube, so in late 2015 'TheDevilVaper' was born! And since then, I have built a following across social media and I'm reviewing anything from starter kits to mech mods. Budget e-liquids to premium flavours and prebuilt coils to carry cases. To me, vaping is more than just a way to quit smoking. It is now a hobby. And a hobby that I have great pleasure in doing! And if my reviews help people ditch the cigarettes, then it's a job well done. TheDevilVaper


  1. EErrr … As you say The MOD is Very “Usable” it IS the Tank that lets it down … I have tried the Following -:

    TFV8 Baby …..4 outta 10
    Ijoy Captain …8 outta 10
    TFV12 Prince ..9 outta 10 (A tad large with a bit of “Hang-over”
    TFV8 Baby Beast.. 10 outta 10 (Same as the TFV12 but Without the “Hang-over”)

    My (Humble) opinion ?? … Mod gert a Solid 9 outta 10 Tank ?? just BIN IT & fit either a TFV12 (If you can cope with the “Hang-Over”) or a TFV8 Baby BEAST !! … THIS “COMBO” Gets a solid 9.5 outta 10.

  2. I agree with your opinion. About G Priv 2, this is a great device, but the flavor quality of the TFV8 X Baby tank is worse than the previous tank (the others TFV8 families). I prefer to use the old tank instead of the new tank and it disappointed me to have bought a tank with such a bad taste quality.


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