The Smok Magneto 3 is the latest mechanical mod release from Smok. Following on from the success they had with the original Smok Magneto and the Smok Magneto V2.

Both were very popular with mech users owing to their excellent build quality, minimal voltage drop and great price for a genuine mechanical mod.

What Can We Expect From The SMOK Magneto 3 Telescopic Mech Mod

The original Smok Magneto was one of my first ever mechanical mods, and one that I got great enjoyment from, so I couldn’t wait to take a look at the Smok Magneto 3 and see if there were any upgrades and improvements!

This was bought from JAC Vapour for the purposes of this review.

SMOK Magneto 3 review from Jacvapour

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Smok Magneto 3 mod

That is it; it’s a mech mod so all about simplicity! No spare kit required here! It also comes in a very small box which should easily fit through your letterbox.

Magneto 3 Specs

  • Adjustable centre pin
  • 510 compatible
  • Vent holes at the top and bottom
  • 316L Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
  • Magnetic Switch
  • Reverse threaded locking ring for ease of use
  • 22mm width
  • Telescopic mod- supports 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries
  • 73mm height in 18350 mode rising to 104mm height in 18650 mode

Main Body, Functionality & Ergonomics

Looks wise, I love the Smok Magneto 3’s appearance.

At 73mm height in 18350 mode it’s quite small, it measures 104mm high in 18650 mode which is still smaller than a lot of other mods out there and with the width being 22mm then most popular atomisers these days sit perfectly flush on the Smok Magneto 3 with no visible gaps.

SMOK Magneto 3 with aspire nautilus mini

The mod itself is machined from 316L grade stainless steel and comes in a brushed finish. Airflow holes are hidden within the mod and the vent holes are located at the top and the bottom of the unit.

At the side of the mod you have the ‘SMOK’ logo vertically, at the bottom of the mod you will find ‘MAGNETO III’ and ‘1939’ horizontally. Your unique serial number is found on the top cap ring.

It is a telescoping mod, which means that you do not need any extra extension tubes in order to use it with 18350, 18500 or 18650 batteries. Simply unscrew the main tube and lengthen or shorten the device in order to accommodate your selected battery.Magneto 3 Extended

The top cap is 510 threaded with a copper adjustable centre pin to increase conductivity and reduce voltage drop, and thus how hard the mod hits. The Smok Magneto 3 definitely hits very hard, a lot harder than I remember the original Magneto to!

Ergonomically the Smok Magneto 3 slots into your hand perfectly. No matter whether you have it in 18350, 18500 or 18650 mode it still feels small, and great to hold.

It doesn’t feel too heavy either which can be an issue with a lot of magnetic mods, the Smok Magneto 3 still feels very light to me. You do feel like you have a really premium, expensive bit of kit in your hands, it feels exceptionally well made.Magneto short in hand


Improvements to the switch have been made to the Smok Magneto 3, the throw on the switch feels shorter and smoother, and the locking ring is now reverse threaded to lock and unlock with ease.

It’s really responsive. There is no chance of you depressing the switch accidentally once you have locked it. The locking ring is extremely smooth and locking and unlocking your mod is easily done.Magneto 3 mech mod parts

The switch itself remains magnetic, with two magnets (the original Smok Magneto was one of the first mechanical mods to be bundled with a magnetic switch rather than a spring), which appeals to me greatly as I prefer the reliability and smoothness of a magnetic switch over a spring switch.

For those who haven’t used a magnetic switch in a mechanical mod before, you tend to get a much smoother throw, longevity from your switch as it is much less likely to wear out or break unlike a spring switch and there is less chance of the switch being accidentally activated.

And also great news- the Spiderman logo from the Smok Magneto V1 is back on the switch! Marvel fans will absolutely love this!

How Does The SMOK Magneto 3 Performance?

Now, there is only one way really to measure how a mechanical mod performs and that is by measuring how hard it hits.

The Smok Magneto 3 does not fail to disappoint! This is a very hard hitting mechanical mod, and that is down to the combination of great machining, the copper contacts and the brilliant switch combining to minimize voltage drop to increase the conductivity of the mod and the hard hit it provides.

This has performed much better than a lot of the more expensive mechanical mods that I own at a fraction of the price.Magneto 3 compact mech mod


The Smok Magneto 3 is an unregulated mechanical mod, and as such should only be used if you have a good understanding of battery safety and ohm’s law.

You need to ensure the battery you use in your Smok Magneto 3 is capable of handling the amp draw that comes from your build.

There are no electronics here to protect you if anything goes wrong!SMOK-Magneto 3 with gimlet giant


  • The looks – it’s a stunning looking mech mod!
  • The price – excellent for such a well-made genuine mechanical mod.
  • The versatility – you can switch between 18350, 18500 and 18650 modes with ease due to the telescoping body
  • The hit – absolutely minimal voltage drop ensures you have a hard hitting vaping experience
  • Reliability – does everything you ask from it first time- you can just pick up the Smok Magneto 3 and go.


  • It’s a mech – mechanical mods are not for everyone’s tastes
  • The mod will depress and autofire if you leave it standing up with the switch unlocked

Overall – Final Thoughts

I still use primarily mechanical mods on a daily basis as I love the simplicity and reliability of them and the Smok Magneto 3 has to be one of the hardest hitting mech mods I have ever used, and an absolute snip at the price for a genuine mechanical mod.

A well-made mechanical mod will never let you down and potentially last forever if well maintained, and the Smok Magneto 3 definitely is one of those mods you can rely on time and time again.

It’s a great looker as well, and very well made, as mentioned before it really feels like you a holding a luxury item in your hand that you paid a lot of money for!

This is now going to be one of my main mods of choice; I have found very few negatives with the Smok Magneto 3 and a lot of positives from using it. Highly recommended.

Build Quality
Been vaping full time for three and a half years, started on cigalikes for a fair while then curiosity got the better of me and I moved onto an ego/ce5 set up after, a month or two later I was seeing people walking around with these interesting shiny tubes and I thought 'I gotta get one of those'. Before I knew it a trip down to my local B&M got me my first VW mod, an Innokin SVD, paired with an iClear 30, and I was hooked. Soon after that I was jumping to VW mods both box and tube shaped, before I then made the jump to rebuilding and thus sub ohming, with my first RDA and mech mod. These days I'm still preferring mechanical mods, but using VW mods with both RDA's and tanks alike whilst on the move, most importantly I am still loving vaping!


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