Introduction – The Q Box Kit by Smoktech

The SMOK Q Box follows a myriad of amazing products from SMOK recently, ever since the release of SMOK Alien, they have been targeting both advanced vapers and starters.SMOK Q Box Vape Kit

Today, we’re looking at the starter category, and the amazing Q-Box Kit in particular.

The SMOK Q-Box is the direct competitor of Smok AL85 and Stick V8 – products within SMOK family. Or devices such as Wismec RX Mini or Artery Nugget V2 Nano – tiny devices with internal battery.

Chances are, that the size of the kit caught your attention, but this device goes a long way in terms of its performance!



In the box

  • Q-BOX Mod
  • TFV8 Baby Beast 2ml EU (3ml Standard)
  • 2 * V8-M2 (0.25ohm) coils
  • Bag of spares



Q-Box features

  • 55mm tall
  • 33mm width
  • 25mm thick
  • 50W max output
  • Internal 1600mah battery
  • 1A Charging



Design and Build Quality

The SMOK Q Box itself is astonishingly small, so small in fact that even the TFV8 Baby Tank doesn’t do it justice.



It is in fact exactly as tall as the 3ml version of the tank. Don’t be fooled by the size though, with the coils provided (0.25ohm V8-M2 coils) it’s quite a performer!

The vape is very smooth and flavourful at 35W, and this can be pushed to 50W – the maximum output, for bigger vapour production.



How Does The SMOK Q Box Perform?

The power ranges from 6W to 50W, to accommodate for your needs.



There isn’t a coil for the SMOK TFV8 that can be run as low as 6W, but you can always opt in for a high resistance coil in a different tank, or the RBA section that can be bought separately, for ultimate battery and e-liquid saving experience.

If you are a mouth to lung vaper then a tank such as the Aspire Nautilus 2 would sit nicely and give you a lot more battery life.



The chip inside Q-Box supports Temperature control, but ultimately it faces some knows issues – the resistance reading isn’t accurate enough to calculate the resistance with confidence.

Having said that, it’s decent enough and sufficient to give you a taste of TC.

I consider TC completely secondary and not a real downside to this device for a few reasons – the TFV8 Baby Beast doesn’t have TC suitable coils; and chips that do provide accurate TC are very costly and are more or less a niche category.
SMOK Q Box review
There’s a curious feature that allows you to control the number of puffs for a day. I find it great, especially knowing myself to vape endlessly.

You can set the desired number of puffs, which as a result will limit the amount of nicotine you consume.

It would be especially great if you could set the limit of puffs for short intervals, say 15 puffs for an hour, for people who just quit smoking cigarettes and are used to the fact that you only smoke while the cigarette lasts.



The SMOK Q Box can be paired with most RDAs due to the positioning of the 510 connection – 24mm RDAs will sit flush with it, while 25mm RDAs will have just a millimeter overhang from one side.

The nano mod becomes even more compact with some low profile atomisers, and it works great with low mass, higher resistance coils.

TFV8 Baby Beast



I won’t get into too many details about the Baby Beast tank, I’ll do a short summary and if you want to know more, I’ve already covered it in the review of Stick V8 Baby.

The Baby Beast is my favourite tank out of the TFV8 family, it gives pretty good flavour for the stock coils and clouds are very decent.



It’s great combined with Q-Box, the V8-M2 coils work fabulously at 30-50W and last me about a week.

TFV8 coils can be a hit or miss in terms of the time they last, but I got 2 very good quality coils with the Q-Box.

The pre-installed coils lasted me 2 weeks of regular vaping in the evenings, much longer than they usually do.

This time around I though TFV8 was absolutely perfect, this is why I’m giving it 5 stars for the flavour.

SMOK either improved the production process of these coils, or I got extremely lucky.

What I Dislike

An obvious inconvenience with such a device, is a trade off for the tiny size – the battery is internal, and hence you can’t (or shouldn’t) use the device while it’s plugged in and charging.

At times, the 1600mah battery doesn’t feel like it’s enough, especially considering that SMOK Stick V8 Baby has 2000mah battery.

I ran out of battery towards the evening a few times, until I started using 6mg e-liquid and lowered wattage to 35W.

The charging port is on the bottom of the device, I like it because this means juice is unlikely to find its way to the internals of the mod and damage it, but this means that you need to lay the mod down for charging, and some tanks may be prone to leaking this way.

Thankfully Baby Beast doesn’t really leak.

Final Review Verdict

I’m a big fan of SMOK Q-Box, I really think that it’s one of the best, if not the best starter kit out there.

It’s definitely the best out of everything that I’ve used. I prefer the Q-Box to Stick V8 because of it’s form factor.

I’ve never been a big fan of pen style devices, I’ve knocked my Stick V8 down far too many times.

The Q-Box is also a little bit easier to carry around, even in a back pocket of jeans. And in my opinion the Q-Box easily beats any of the AIO devices.

And.. Would I replace Q-Box if I lost/broke the device? Abso-lutely!


  • Size, should I even state this?
  • Simple, yet there’s room for learning
  • TFV8 Baby Beast is great


  • Battery capacity is on the lower end
Build Quality
Ease of use
Vapour Volume
My first electronic cigarette was a little eGo-c vape pen by Joyetech. That was around 5 years ago. Back then I didn't realise how much vaping would take off, or how much I'd be interested in it. Skip to today, I'm writing this vaping on my Lost Vape Triade and Twisted Messes RDA, with fused Clapton build sitting in in. I have a good dozen different atties laying around and a collection of regulated and unregulated devices that I still own. I've made quite some progress since my first days and I'm quite proud of the fact that having started using cartomisers I am comfortable building intricate coils myself.


  1. I’d like to by this kit but I’m having some trouble finding it. Do you have it for sale? Black color or silver. Thanks.

    • I’m sorry we don’t actually sell products – we link to them 🙂 It’s a fair few years old now so second hand might be your best bet – try social media 🙂

  2. Wow that thing is tiny!
    Love the video clips too as I dont always have my speakers plugged in so I dont usually watch talking review videos.

  3. Looking for a pocket friendly vape. I normally use the cloud beast king on the evic primo but it’s not exactly portable. Any solid recommendations? Considering the Smok qbox or AL85 – how does battery life compare? Or is there something else you’d recommend over either of these? Any advice gratefully received! Nic

    • Hey Nicola, both are very good devices. The Q Box is a fair bit smaller, it’s tiny!

      Both, considering the size, have decent battery life but if using a sub ohm tank it will reduce the life a fair bit for obvious reasons.

      The SMOK Al85 is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery so this would offer an improved battery life as you can carry spares with you, in a plastic box or silicon sleeve of course! 🙂

      So.. Can’t go wrong with either, I guess it depends how long you would be using your device when out and about.



      • Hey,

        Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated. I came across the Vaparesso Tarot Mini and Nano this afternoon. Do you have any experience with either? I’ve never used the brand before. Can’t quite put my finger on why it appeals to me, think it might be that it’s nothing like what i have.

        Thanks again for getting back to me. Nic x

        • Vaporesso is one brand we haven’t had chance to cover much here unfortunately! I’ve seen a fair bit of them though and I personally really like the look of them. The Nano looks to have a good 2500 mAh battery as well.

          Be worth checking out these videos though to see how they are! Sorry can’t be much more help on that!


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